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Article: Bags which every woman needs in her closet

Zouk Guide

Bags which every woman needs in her closet

With a plethora of options available, you must be wondering how many bags you should have. Zouk believes in the seven basic bags that your wardrobe should have, based on various moods, must-haves, and muses.

Wardrobe staples differ from woman to woman. A teen may want more slings and backpacks, somebody just eighteen may be wanting to explore clutches, slings, and handbags. Office goers want more of office bags, having the space for their laptop. Travel souls need compartmented bags for carrying the essentials. Totes are loved by women who love to carry their mini portable world whenever they step out. The classic bags for ladies are something that never goes out of trend, always add to your comfort, are super practical, and are immensely stylish. 

Why bags are your wardrobe staples?

To carry your mini portable world around, a woman needs different kinds of bags. The classic bags for ladies are the ones that never leave your wardrobe, no matter what. The timeless look, the fashionable feel, and the functional aspect of a bag always remind you to go back to it. The idea of having too many bags might be cool but having bags for woman that are versatile is cooler. 

Declutter and organizing is a new way to lead a litter-free life. You will always find something in your closet that you don’t need or can get rid of. When we say the term “wardrobe staples”, we strictly mean the things that are just the minimal essentials. This way, it is a better approach to sustainability and affordability. 

The minimalistic approach and the concept of “having and buying just what you need” is something that is in trend, is practical, and always helps you to gain clarity. Zouk suggests that your bag should have such a hue, tone, texture, and look that you can use it for various purposes, with many dresses and uncountable moods. 

There are many types of bags for ladies that go well with a variety of occasions - office, party, trips, dates, meet-ups, daily running errands, lazy walks, and busy days. 

If we dig into the wardrobe essentials, Zouk says that there are seven bags that every woman should have in her closet.

Seven bags that every woman needs in her closet

Having a bag with minimal design and maximum utility is something that is in-trend, adds to your convenience and comfort. But Zouk also believes that the functionality of the bags should never overshadow the style aspect they have. The classic bags for ladies should be a good mix of durability, practicality, style, affordability, eco-friendliness, and spaciousness. 

The bags from Zouk are the perfect example of this. The bags are 100% Vegan & Proudly Indian made with vegan leather and handicraft fabric. The look and feel of the bags are so earthy, heart-warming, and elegant that it instantly clicks with your mood, attire, and purpose. 

Here is a list of seven bags that every woman needs in her closet -

1. The must-have wallet

Whether you are going to school, college, office, or gym, you need a basic wallet to store your cash, cards, and keys. While running errands, you can opt for a wallet that is spacious enough to hold your mobile. With respect to the current scenario, you should also carry sanitizer and an extra mask. You may be in a hurry to pick your kids up from school, going to the most-awaited date, or running to a friend’s house nearby. You should have a wallet that is durable, classy, and functional. FloMotif Chain Wallet would be our suggestion. 

2. The one for party & cocktails

The type of purse that you need for partying - be it cocktail or house parties, pizza parties on the terrace, or gossip parties at your best friend’s place, you need a clutch that is elegant, roomy, and goes with your relaxed mood, and happy outfit. Classic Zipper Wallet - Royal Indian Peacock Motif can be your party-friend.

3. You can call it “carry-all”

Carry your essentials and anything beyond that in Mughal Garden Print Tote Bag that has a water-resistant lining to protect your valuables from liquid spillages and unpredictable rain. The various compartments help you to keep your things separate, organized, and safe. The handbag types are plenty but a tote will always be your everyday friend because of its utility, immense capacity, and versatility. 

4. The one for Monday blues

On Mondays, you tend to drag yourself through the office gates. Mondays are still the least likable day even on work-from-home days. As the world is healing and people are slowly going back to offices, the types of bags for ladies that should be carried to the offices must be practical, stylish, and durable. To make it better, you need to put on a comfortable fabric, have a good hair day and always carry your sanitizer. WavBeach Women's Office Bag is something that we recommend because the stylish wave patterns with soothing colors always keep you in the best mood. 

5. The one for Friday hues

Fridays are synonymous with parties, fun, alone-time, friends catch-up, coffee meet-ups, and coffee binge with your favorite show at your best friend's place. African Art Two Fold Wallet with Detachable Sling goes best with your purpose, attire, and mood. Stuff it with keys, cash, cards, tissue, lipstick, and sanitizer. 

6. This one is for the traveling soul

We suggest Mughal Art Multicolor Structured Shoulder Bag for women who love to travel - be it weekend getaways, short trips, excursions, treks, or long vacations. You need to have your phone, cash, card, documents, bills, tickets, soap paper, sanitizer, lip balm, and eye mask in one place.

7. A bag for everyone

You can read many blogs that center around “types of bags every girl should have” but if you ask us, there should be one bag that you can take to many places. That bag should not be too heavy or over the top bulky. It can be a sturdy and lightweight bag that won’t cause any backache or shoulder pain. Yes! A lot of different kinds of bags are on your mind but we are talking about Space Chakra Handbag. It is timelessly elegant, incredibly functional and immensely stylish. Made of vegan leather, this handbag is eco-friendly and cruelty free, contributing to a better Earth. 

    Bags suggestion for Monday to Sunday - Special tips by Zouk

    All of the bags from Zouk have a chic exterior, applicable interior and radiates a voguish vibe. We understand your busy schedule, relaxing day outs, rapid dine-outs, blind dates, and what not. You should always look great, be comfortable, and never forget to carry your essentials. Zouk has many types of bags for ladies that you can rely on, roam around, and relax with. 

    Have a look at the bag suggestions from Monday to Sunday -




    Monday - Blue Mood

    Lattice Lace Women's Office Bag

    Rs. 1,499

    Tuesday - Just The 2nd-Day

    FloLov Women's Office Bag

    Rs. 1,499

    Wednesday - Mid Week Teal

    Mughal Garden Print Hobo Bag

    Rs. 1,499

    Thursday - Weekend Is Near

    Jaipur Fresco Blue Three Fold Wallet

    Rs. 1,099

    Friday - Pink Smiles

    Space Chakra Envelope Wallet with Detachable Sling

    Rs. 999

    Saturday - Party Hard

    Ikat African Wave Two Fold Wallet with Detachable Sling

    Rs. 999

    Sunday - Relax With Coffee

    SeaShell Motif White Structured Shoulder Bag

    Rs. 1,299

    Carry a bag that reflects your style!

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