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Article: Women Power Series: Anagha - Product Manager and culinary expert

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Women Power Series: Anagha - Product Manager and culinary expert

Anagha Godbole (@saffrontouch on Instagram) had a very unique profile. TRAVEL. TASTE. CREATE. INSPIRE. That's what dreams are made of.

Zouk Women Power Series 2020

So, we had to feature her as someone who stood for #WomenPower and would inspire others to believe #eachforequal. 

Here are her answers to our three questions:

Question 1: What do you do for a living?

Answer: Work as a technical product manager (part time), Food Photography (part time) and Menu Development (part time)

Question 2: Which is that one thing about being a woman which has helped you achieve success in your life?

Answer: Self Confidence and compassion. While being confident if you are compassionate towards others, you can work objectively and collaboratively. 

Question 3: Zouk’s theme this Women’s day is #eachforequal. What is that one thing which you feel should be equal for everyone, but is not for women?

Answer: Social norms like what one should wear, moral ethical laws or expectations.


When we make products, we typically make them to match someone's answers to these three questions. So, the three products that we felt mirrored these were:

  1. Our Backpacks that inspire to be creative and also urge you to travel, to see the world more. See Space Chakra Office Backpack, for instance
  2. Our Female Wallets with wavy patterns, that signify a fine balance of confidence and compassion. Check out our Ikat Wave Chain Wallet
  3. Our Tote Bags that go well with everything. For instance, check out the Ikat Black Dash Tote Bag

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Featured Customer

Women Power Series 2020 - Each for Equal

This series celebrates women who have achieved success. We share their thoughts. We also map these thoughts with select Zouk products.

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