Women Power Series 2020 - Each for Equal

International Women's Day stands for equality. It aims to bring oneness in society. It celebrates women! Zouk's theme this year is #eachforequal. 

With this spirit, we set out to interact with Indian women from different walks of life. We did not pick a famous TV star or a businesswoman. They are already leading the path for all women and setting an example of excellence. 

We strongly believe that are a lot more women around the world, who are champions in their own right. They are women who are great in their field. They are great in thought and are walking the path of achieving yet another tall mission, with hard work and talent, while still making it look so easy.  

We call this series the #WomenPower series. 

These are women who have inspired us to continue building products that women will love. In fact, we asked them three questions. Why these questions? Because each time we make a product, we try to mimic some emotions based on glimpses of these questions and answers. So, our team went back and recalled some products that matched these answers. 

We hope this series further inspires you to do big things. We also hope we continue making products that inspire you to achieve the same. 

Here are our #WomenPower 2020 members: