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Article: Laptop Bag for Women - Zouk Guide to buying the best online in 2019

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Laptop Bag for Women - Zouk Guide to buying the best online in 2019

A Laptop Bag is now an essential for every Indian woman office goer. Gone are the days of the dull black leather unisex bags. We all want ladies bags for laptops, that makes a statement as well as serves its purpose.

We often get a interesting queries from customers regarding an online laptop bag purchase. So we thought, let's help everyone by putting together this quick guide.

  1. Size of your laptop - this should be your first consideration. Is it a 15 inch HP laptop or a Lenovo 14 inch laptop. Or is it that sleek MacBook Air that you wish to carry in your laptop. That determines what you should buy. For example, our FloMotif Laptop Bag easily fits a 15.6 inch laptop while our Ikat Print Messenger Laptop Bag fits anything from a MacBook Pro to a Lenovo 15.6 inch. Also ensure it comes with a padding for protecting your laptop!
  2. Shoulder strap included - While the handle is convenient to carry it from your Ola or Uber ride, you often want the shoulder strap, with padding, for your airport trips. Always insist for one! 
  3. Fits my charger, keys, wallet, a book etc. - Our laptop bag must carry everything. After all, that's what the bag is meant to do. Make sure you check if it can fit everything together. Don't forget to ensure that the bag fits all this with the laptop!
  4. Chain compartment for easy access - There is always that office access card that needs to be handy. Or for that matter, a small hand towel. Make sure the laptop bag has a outside chain compartment to store small items!
  5. Style statement - The laptop bag must go with most of your outfits. After all, we are making a shift from the boring bag to something quirky and different. For example, all Zouk Laptop Bags are 100% Vegan and Proudly Indian. We intentionally pick Ikat, Jute and Khadi printed laptop bags. We don't use leather and use vegan leather only. It's always a good feeling to know that no animals were killed to make what you carry. We also want to differentiate between a guy's laptop bag and a girl's laptop bag. So, ensure it matches your style and beliefs!

We hope this guide helps you pick your next laptop bag online - whether you are buying a Zouk laptop bag online or maybe looking for a laptop bag on amazon or flipkart. 

If you have any additional suggestions to add to the list, email us at

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