Zouk is now PeTA approved Vegan

When we started in 2016, we just had 3 things in mind - 

  1. We will make bags, wallets and related accessories
  2. Our products will scream Proudly Indian
  3. No animals must be harmed when making our products

We fought off multiple temptations to use leather. People said - they last longer, look shinier, consumers pay a premium etc. However, we said that it's not worth it. Interestingly, we soon found out that none of it was true. Vegan materials last equally longer, can look great with Indian fabric and while they cost us slightly more, we just felt better. This was the brand we wanted to build. 

We always wanted to be 100% Vegan.

In early 2019, we sought help from PeTA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) to understand further if we were truly Vegan. PeTA has been on the forefront of fighting this battle across the world. 

We were elated when they studied us and said that we were indeed 100% Vegan. 

Here is our badge of honour! We wear it and sport it with pride. 

Zouk is PeTA approved Vegan

We thank the thousands of customers who backed us and beat their own temptations to buy a Vegan bag or a Vegan wallet. Some reassuring messages like the below really helped us beat that temptation. 

Zouk Ikat Laptop Bag - feedback on Vegan


Zouk Chain Wallet - feedback on Vegan


So, thank you to all our lovely customers, who continue to back us and ensure we make our products responsibly.