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Article: Common Types of Sandals That You Should Know

Common Types of Sandals That You Should Know

Gone are the times when sandals meant what we wore in the rainy season. The typical open-toe basic design and two to three supportive straps. That’s not the definition of sandals anymore. There are so many different types of sandals available in the market today. There’s much more to them when it comes to design, pattern, the material used to make it, and the various occasions that it can be worn. It is surprising how many people still have that one particular image popping in their head every time someone mentions the word sandal to them. Well, if you’re one of them, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of different types of sandals you must know about and at least have a few of these in your closet.


These are the easiest breeziest styles of sandals. Slides are basically sandals that have a single strap that goes horizontally across the shoe and is directly attached to the sole. The most low maintenance, easy to carry, and easy to glide in sandals is slides. You can wear these at home, at the beach, or even at a casual brunch party. Zouk has it all! ranging from single strap slides to cross sliders, v sliders and for the fancier events embellished sliders.

Gladiator sandals

Another one of the most famous members of the sandal family is the gladiator sandals. These ages all the way back to the ancient roman style, originally designed for soldiers and gladiators with leather wrapped all around the foot, heel, and ankle. Today these generally have a complicated and fancy wrapping pattern till the ankle, sometimes even going all the way up to one’s calves. Having one of these in your closet is a must-have as they can go from simple to dressy very quickly throughout the day. Especially if you’re someone who has a little bit of a boho kinda personal style, gladiators are for you!

Flip Flops

I don’t even think these need an introduction. We all have a pair of flip-flops to wear at home, to quickly run down your building, or on a train journey. These are the most underrated when it comes to how important these are in your closet but trust me fancy sandals are all fun and games until you just need some comfort to run into! And don’t forget these are especially important to have if you wanna survive this summer season without killing your feet in sweat and heavy socks and boots.

Heels or Wedges

There are varieties of sandals in the market and can miss any footwear but I can’t miss the heels. These are the crowd pleaser, every girl’s favorite, as hot and as fancy as it gets! Heels are basically sandals that have an elevated bottom around the area of the heel of the footwear. These come in various shapes, heights, sizes, and patterns. Heels that aren’t very tall in height are called kitten heels whereas extremely tall and thin heels are called stilettos. Another subpart of the heels family is the wedges. These are basically thicker and cover the entire area of the sole with the height rather than just one part. Sometimes with consistent height throughout and other times \ the tallest at the end sloping downwards with height towards the toe, wedges are one of the most comfortable kinds of heels (with plenty of support).

Peep Toes

As the name suggests peep toes are sandals that are not entirely but have a little bit of the toes peeping out of the footwear. These aren’t designed like traditional sandals; they have a small opening at the start of the foot and the rest covered in fabric.

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