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Article: Best Footwear for the Beach

Best Footwear for the Beach

We have all the best outfits planned for almost every event, the right shirt the right footwear the right hair only until you have to get ready to go to the beach. The second the plan is made to go to the beach, everything goes for a toss. You can’t wear half of your favorite clothes because if you wear black, you’ll be too hot under the sun if you wear full pants up to your ankles you’re going to be drenched in water if you wear something too tight, you’re going to be all itchy with the salty water and sand and lastly, if you wear something too lose, you’re going to end up looking like a hot air balloon in the pictures. So, for all my modest girls who don’t wear a bikini at the beach, finding the right outfit is a major concern.

Imagine this was just about the clothes that you’ll wear. What about your hair, the beach is windy, and airy sunny which means you can’t keep it open because if you do, you’re going to end up with frizzy salty, and greasy hair 20 minutes into being on the beach. But you also don’t wanna tie your hair either or how else will you get your wanderlust pictures right? And amongst all this chaos are you telling me now you have to worry about what footwear you’re going to wear? Gurl no! take a break here's a list of things to keep in mind while selecting the best footwear for the beach and now at least you can cross one thing off the list.


Be it any footwear if it is not functional there’s no point in investing in footwear that isn’t functional in its usage. For example, if you’re playing sports you need to have shoes that are made for sports, something with good material, good cloth, durable, good grip something that can be worn on rough surfaces similarly if you’re planning to wear a certain shoe at the beach it must be functional for being on the beach. So ideally in that case best footwear for beach walking would be something that’s open and airy so that all the water and sand doesn’t get collected inside of it. Therefore, regular Single Strap Sliders or Cross Sliders would be the most suitable footwear.


Adding to the functionality rather a part of it is the material of the footwear. Naturally, if you’re a water baby you know you can’t be wearing leather or embroidered footwear to a beach. Selecting the shoe with a material that is compatible with the environment around saves you lots of post-shoe care. Hence, for a place like a beach, the ideal material would be something that can easily be cleaned, and dried and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Plastic, rubber, or anything that has an open and wide toe would be the most practical choice to make.


After the functional aspect of selecting the right shoe comes the design aspect of the footwear. A design that would compliment the environment you are in, compliment your outfit but at the same time also be practical from the maintenance point of view would be the three things you should be looking for when you are trying to find your design for beach shopping. And our zouk footwear checks all three boxes. Designs like Andaman Marine are inspired by the beach, the abstract blue design is literally made for all you water babies!


Now that all the practical aspects are covered, your personal design doesn’t have to take a backseat. There is no hard and fast rule to fashion. If sliders aren’t your go-to and you prefer investing in a pair of comfy beach sandals so, be it. As long as you like what you wear at the same time it isn’t a pain for you after 15 mins into being on the beach or being home get yourself a Hooghly Marine Chappals and flaunt your way onto the beach. Who said just because you’re on the beach you’re supposed to be wearing boring footwear?

Your comfort

Last but extremely important is your comfort. In the end, if you end up selecting the best material, the best design perfectly according to your style but they don’t feel soft on your feet; comfortable and breezy on your feet, you are going to regret buying those or just throw them on the rack and never take it out again. This is why trying out the shoe, and checking your perfect size is extremely crucial. Hacks like maybe going a size down because slides are generally loose if you buy your regular feet size as it is more open and less secure than our regular footwear it tends to slip off and is super useful when you’re beach shopping.

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