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Article: How to Choose a Practical Handbag

How to Choose a Practical Handbag

Bags are a very important part of any lady’s closet, and you can’t deny it. How much ever perfect your whole look is, it is incomplete without the right bag. Be it office or running errands or a red carpet having a bag is a must. Don’t we watch our favorite celebrities’ “what’s in my bag”, and “what I carry in my bag” videos all the time? Because clearly, a lady can’t ever be outside without carrying her entire world in her bag which is why it is extremely crucial to choose the right bag for yourself. What do I mean by ‘The right bag’ you ask?  The right bag could mean a lot of things, right for a particular occasion, right for your personal style, right for your usage and in the end right for you overall. There are a lot of things to take into consideration when you’re new to the bag world and looking for the right fit for your style and usage. If you’re confused, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a set of guidelines that could help you choose the right and most practical handbag for you.

Durability and comfort

Any bag you buy whether a big tote bag or small sling bag, casual or formal, western or ethnic one thing that you cannot compromise on is the durability of the bag. No matter how good-looking the bag is, how high fashion it looks and how well it goes with your outfit, if the bag isn’t durable and isn’t going to last long, you’ll regret that investment, doesn’t matter if it was cheap or expensive. If you’re someone who wants a bag that would last long, and wouldn’t get spoilt with a little bit of rough everyday usage, it is crucial that you invest in a bag that is of all things extremely durable. Durable meaning made with premium quality material like our Zouk bags that are vegan, handcrafted and have been made sturdy and durable for long shelf life. Another thing that is non-negotiable is the comfort of the bag. Comfort means how the bag feels on your skin, how heavy or light the bag is, and how the cushioning of the handbag is around the strap. If a bag is too heavy, you would naturally avoid using it as after you’d stuff it with things it would be heavier which is more uncomfortable than a lighter bag. Hence comfort comes first.


How is a bag practical if it does not have the right number of compartments in it? A bag without zipping is like a house without furniture, incomplete. If every time you put your hand in your duffel bag it gets lost in finding the thing that you were looking for, it’s a sign to change your bag. You can’t get lost every time you’re looking for something inside of your bag. Having the right organization compartments is a must when you’re looking for a practical bag. Here are the three things that you must look for in your big office bag. A small zip compartment for your small belongings like clips, house keys, and air pods; a divider compartment to divide the bag into two or three big units, and one compulsory zip compartment on the outside for keeping your handy cash, tickets, id, etc.

Your body-type

This is an underrated one! Not a lot of people understand the importance of choosing the right bag according to your body type. This basically means that you identify your body type, and choose a bag accordingly that would accentuate your flattering features and hide your not-so-favorite features. For someone who is rectangular body type, who wants to create the illusion of curves in their body must go for a classic tote bag; whereas for small and petite women, medium-length sling bags would be ideal as a big hobo or tote bags would make them look even smaller than they already appear to be. When it comes to women who are on the curvier side like the apple shape structured handle bags that are not very rigid maybe even an oversized bag would be the right choice, for a pear-shaped girl a duffle bag or a handbag that is up to your chest would be optimum as it would add definition to their upper half and make their overall body shape look flattering, for inverted triangle shaped girls sling bags that go below your waist up to your hips would look the most flattering as it adds some structure to your lower half, and lastly the crowd favorite the hourglass-shaped girls must go for a structured rectangular handbag or tote bag or even a hobo bag and try to avoid bags that are a little too slouchy or take the shape of their body as that would make them appear slightly bulkier than it would look flattering. Gahhhh! Who knew choosing the bag according to your body shape could be so integral in forming an overall look for you?


You can’t just invest in a super expensive bag and just use it once at a wedding or for an office party. Sure, having a statement bag or two is always nice in a closet, but the rest must be versatile. Something that you can wear to multiple occasions, style in different ways, and carry to various places, that’s when it’s a good investment. Having a backpack that you could carry to your office and to a holiday trip could be a good start!

Your requirement and personal style

Last but one of the most important is knowing what is your requirement. Ask yourself all the wh- questions possible. What will be the bag used for, where will you carry the bag, when will it be most used, and when you have a common answer for all these questions you’ll know the right bag for you. If you’re someone who knows you’ll have to travel on the train with the bag and you need to carry a tiffin laptop water bottle and books in your bag, you’ll naturally go for a big durable office bag.

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