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Article: 4 ways to stay home and still enjoy Holi

Zouk Guide

4 ways to stay home and still enjoy Holi

Corona virus, Stock market dip, world cup finals upset - they are gloomy events.

Don't let these stop you from adding some colour to your lives.

Our four point remedy below:

  1. Sweets: If ordering online seems scary (suddenly), make them at home. Experimenting is always fun! Alternatively, ask a pro to make them for everyone.
  2. Selfie + Photoshop: If applying colours is not an option, it is going to be worth trying your Photoshop skills to your selfie. Post it on social media and see the reaction.
  3. Holi Playlist: Build your Holi music playlist and play them in full volume. Then revert back to your usual favourite songs.
  4. Retail Therapy: Add some colour to your lives. This is guaranteed to have positive results. Check out the colourful bags and travel accessories from our collection. 

Colourful travel accessories

Check out our Abstract Amaze collection and our GeoOptics collection for a more colourful range. 

Stay Safe. Stay Happy. Happy Holi!

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