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Article: How to accessorize your sarees with the right handbags?

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How to accessorize your sarees with the right handbags?


11 yard of gracefulness they say. Draped in an ornate way, adorned and cherished by multiple Indian cultures, the saree has always meant “to stay”. It is a trump card for fashion designers and trendsetters as the scope of experimentation with a saree is vast. Be it a season of torrential rain, or a hot sultry afternoon, a saree is almost an answer to every weather-changing circumstance. The saree is so popular, even among foreigners, that it is the choice of dress code for many five-star hotels, airlines, and corporate places.

A saree will complement any accessory you adorn; be it a belt, bag, blazer, shoe, scarf, or even your junkies in the closet, nothing can go “wrong” with them if you have sarees to the rescue.


  • The Neat Pleater:

If you are finicky about getting that perfect pleat pinned into the perfect point so that your saree looks par excellence at all times, then the universal saree draping is ideal for you. Sarees like Japanese embossed ones, georgette, and chiffons can be pleated up pretty quickly and made to give a contemporary twist with a chiffon scarf, a sleeveless designer blouse, flat sandals, and of course a bag! Minimalistic bags like sling bag with saree such as  Jaipur Fresco Blue Sling or Kovil Blue Two Fold Wallet can be an added charm to your sarees.

    However, ladies inclined more towards traditional prints can opt for bags like Mughal Garden Print Handbag or FloMotif Structured Shoulder Bag.

  • The Daily Commuter:

If you are a woman who is up before the crack of dawn and is a night owl, or you know women who have to hustle through the public transports before they can reach their workplace, draping is a rare luxury for you. A loose pleat, dark kohl, a tinted lip shade, and a loosely pleated hairdo are usually a choice of dressing up on most days. A Carat lane coupled with a zouk bag like Floral Blue Pottery Tote or Mughal Motif Tote is a head-turner. You could also have clutches with saree for short commutes like Jaipur Fresco Blue Chain Wallet.

  • Break the Mold:

You have always been inclined towards quirky fashion and want to experiment with sarees to the maximum. For women who get inspired by Swastika’s dhoti saree and Kurti look, or have a saree with pockets kept in their closets, keep a Karur Aquamarine Floral Motif Hobo Bag. You can also try out the  WavBeach Envelope Wallet sling bag. You can further revolutionize your look with a short haircut like an asymmetric pixie or a classy template undercut. 

  • True to One’s Roots:

If you are more into dhakai jamdanis, kasavus, bandhnis, and sambalpuris, then Zouk is an option for you. Bags that go with saree are FloMotif Structured Shoulder Bag, etc. You can opt for saree clutch like FloMotif Chain Wallet or an ethnic purse like Seashell Motif White 


Well, a significant part of our year goes away in celebrating weddings and receptions. Out comes the kanjeevarams and benarasis from the closet. Apart from statement jewelry and make-ups, we become extremely sensitive as to which designer handbags for saree should be taken out or that perfect ethnic purse that will blend well. However, occasions like Haldi demands a simpler outfit which would demand traditional Indian bags like a potli, or Santiniketan printed leather bags.

 However, in this contemporary world, a little bit of zouk-styled vegan leather bags would spice things up definitely.  Sling bag with saree such as Paisley Print Sling Bag is a definite yes. Bags that go with sarees like Ikat Wave Sling Bag or  Classic Zipper Wallet - FloMotif can also be carried during such special occasions.


The internet is teeming with options, suggestions, or videos on different types of sarees and how to drape them in various ways, but there is hardly a talk on how to take care of them. Each type of saree is made with a different type of textile and requires special attention. Here are a few pointers that will make you a pro when it comes to handling sarees:

  • When it comes to blue, pink, and black cotton tie-dye and even some linens tend to “bleed”. Make sure you are washing them separately. Also, it is advisable to wash them immediately instead of letting them linger in detergent water.
  • Bright-colored sarees should always be dried under indirect sunlight otherwise it may lead to color burn.
  • Sarees like cotton, jamdanis, or sambalpuris tend to lose their structured appeal after a couple of washes. Using natural starch from rice water can help them stiffen up while maintaining a soft feel.
  • Silk sarees need to be periodically unfolded and the folding patterns should be changed to avoid tearing along folding lines. Store them in a dry, cool place.
  • While daily wear sarees are always recommended to be put on a hanger. Embroidered and embellished sarees should never be hung. Fold them in such a way that embellishments are inside to avoid tearing and damage to zari or embellished works.
  • Always put naphthalene to keep away moths and other fiber insects. 
  • Use an iron that has different heat settings for different textiles. You would not want your silk sarees to be ironed with heat. For sarees with heavy thread work, iron it on the reverse side with a thin cotton sheet to prevent damage to any thread.
  • Wringing silk sarees after a wash is a strict no-no. Let them dry out in low sunlight.
  • Zari sarees or Kanjeevarams should never be washed unless required. You can opt for dry cleaning and occasional polishing helps them maintain their luster and shine.



 Gone are the days when the only choice of bags you had was either leather bags or wallets or bags made of fabrics; but with the recent boom in the bag, industry women love to take their fashion sense to the next level with various types of bags added to their closet.

 Having a Chanel or a Steve Madden in your closet is okay but our Indian traditions require a more subtle blending of tradition and westernization and that is where promising bands Zouk comes into the limelight. Made with 100% PETA-approved vegan leather and incorporated with handicraft fabrics, these bags have unique prints and a vintage vibe with a pinch of tradition. From wallets to laptop bags. You name it and Zouk has it, so grab a Zouk bag now and incorporate it into your closet!


If you want to highlight your jewellery go with monochrome sarees. It accentuates your accessories while making you look elegant.

Silk satins and organza always demand high heels with minimalistic sling bags. So choose them well!

Embellished sarees require designer clutches and embellished shoes so be careful while choosing and make sure to buy from a reputed brand.

Linens and other ethnic sarees go well with chappals and jutis and require handbags and shoulder bags.

Last but not the least, A kohl is a lifesaver regardless of any saree you adorn; learn to make buns of different styles and keep an assortment of hairpins; it’s the talk of the town these days!

Here’s a list of Zouk bags that will go with almost all your sarees in your wardrobe:

List of Bags  that go with sarees


Ikat GreRe Laptop Bag 


Mughal Garden Print Hobo Bag 

Lunch date

Ikat Jet Blue Tote Bag 


Abstract Amaze Three Fold Wallet 

Haldi ceremony

Karur Aquamarine Floral Motif Handbag 

Casual hangouts

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