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Article: Fashionable & Stylish Handbags in 2022 to Create your Style Statement

Zouk Guide

Fashionable & Stylish Handbags in 2022 to Create your Style Statement

A new year hints at better resolutions and wardrobe makeovers, doesn't it? Go to your room and have a look at your bag collection. Do you like all of them? If not, then this blog is just for you.


You can be wearing a Brocade mulberry saree or a Leather jacket or Bell sleeves Ajrakh kurta, bags will always be an important thing in your Instagram-worthy or self-love centering outfit. With the rise of cold shoulders, bell-bottoms, and asymmetric dresses, you need an upgrade in the bag collection you have. The fashion stylish handbags are not only utility-based but radiate your inner mystique and outer chic. A spicy addition to your wardrobe is always a great way to stay in a great mood. Remember the last time you adorned yourself in your favourite dress? You felt confident and debonair. The same goes with a smart and stylish trendy hand bag that gives you the flexibility to move around freely. It takes care of your essentials, and always becomes the significant half to your attires and moods. 

If you are pondering upon how to upgrade the bag collection by not upsetting your pockets, Zouk has got your back. The affordability of the premium quality vegan leather bags will leave you wonderstruck. The fashion stylist handbags from Zouk have a classy design, stylish texture, and functional structure with the right kind and amount of zippers, and compartments that never let things get tangled. You can keep your earphones separate from your comb, your office laptop away from the water bottle, and travel toiletries segregated from your documents. Sounds cool, right?

Here are a few tips to follow -

1. Declutter your wardrobe - 

It always helps you identify what you need in recent times and what can be thrown away or donated.

 2. Organize the shelves -

You should keep your office wear, regular wear, party wear, and special functions and dates wear on different shelves.

3. Identify which occasion needs which bag -

Office needs Women's Office Bags, daily running errands need Handbags, parties need Sling Wallets and special functions and dates need Hobo Bags


The most popular styles of handbags to try in 2022 will not be something over the top or something costly. The styles of handbags that are going to be in-trend will take you back in time, to the ancient motifs, unmatched prints, and rich patterns. We are so much into glittery, embellished, and frenzied bags that we have forgotten the touch of handicraft fabrics that feel like the goodness of fresh earth after a monsoon. 

Here is a list of different body styles of handbags to buy and try in 2022 -

1. The one for the woman who loves to party -

These handbags need to have fun and quirky silhouettes that are different from the regular shapes but remind you of the long-lost Indian roots. How about this Mughal Garden Print Hobo Bag? It has this classic combination of blue and green with a burnt brown color vegan leather handle, perfect to uplift your party mood but in a sober way. 

2. The one for the woman who loves to slay -

There can be many stylish trendy hand bag that can be used for this but the best one has to be timelessly classic. What is better than this Royal Indian Peacock Motif Handbag? Carrying the rejuvenation vibes of the peacock motifs along with the royal look, this bag is sure to make the heads turn wherever you go. 

3. The one for the woman who manages the home -

Amongst the various styles of handbags, Floral Blue Pottery Structured Shoulder Bag should be something that we recommend for the doting homemakers. Inspired by the traditional craft of Jaipur, this cobalt blue bag will become their friend while making the rounds to the market or rushing to their kid's school. 

4. The one for the woman who manages the office -

As you juggle between motherhood and office or your profession and passion, you need to stay focussed, confident and organized. Among the most popular styles of handbags, Ikat Magenta Needle Women's Office Bag is your sturdy option that can get through a tough and busy day but in style.

5. The one for the woman who goes Zumba and all -

For carrying your sweaty things and your towel, water bottle, and wallet, you need a bag that is spacious, compartmented, and durable. Ikat Brown Multi Wave Tote Bag is something that will be your friend in regular classes, coaching, and everything that needs to be attended almost daily.

6. The one for the woman who is a minimalist -

Mughal Art Multicolor Envelope Wallet with Detachable Sling can be a great choice if you just want to carry your cash, cards, tissue, comb, and lipstick, and anything that is just basic and minimum - vegan leather sling bags from Zouk can be something to rely on. 


    Sometimes, what we are searching for is found at home, or a place which we call our own. If we stop obsessing over the fact that the grass is greener on the other side, we will end up noticing that the grass at our side is timelessly classic.

    Style but do it with a purpose is what Zouk believes in - a vegan brand that creates a fashionable concoction of bags that are sturdy, elegant, functional, has an Indian twist and International look. The eco-friendly way with which the bags are manufactured will contribute to a better environment, making the buyers more responsible.

    We, at Zouk, believe that to be in trend, a bag must be two things - comfortable and convenient. Rest can follow. Whenever you are in your comfort zone, you tend to radiate confidence like never before. Zouk believes that it can be the reason for your smiles and shines!

    Have a look at the pocket-friendly prices and quirky designs -



    FloMotif Women's Office Bag

    Rs. 1,899

    Multicolor Mandala Print Hobo Bag

    Rs. 1,599

    Mughal Art Multicolor Handbag

    Rs. 1,899

    Royal Indian Peacock Motif Sling Bag

    Rs. 1,199

    Tidal Wave Structured Shoulder Bag

    Rs. 1,299

    Paisley Print Tote Bag

    Rs. 1,499

    Classic Zipper Wallet - Morbi Floral Motif

    Rs. 1,099

    Carry a bag that defines you!

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