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Article: How to look fashionable with hobo bags?

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How to look fashionable with hobo bags?


You are window shopping on your favorite online shopping apps like Myntra, Amazon, or Flipkart and suddenly you stumble open Zouk bags, you are scrolling down and seeping in on all the amazing bags and their styles when your eyes get stuck on a zouk bag termed as Hobo bag. Your brain is in all-question mode. What’s a hobo bag ? What is the difference between a hobo bag and a handbag? Well, well don't whizz out, we are here to fill up on all that you need to know about trendy hobo bags.

The stylish hobo bags were originally inspired by immigrant workers in America around the 19th century, who were called hobos. They carried their belongings in a sack tied like a bundle and hung them on a stick; they would even carry these bundles on their shoulders and that is how the Fashion industry got their idea of creating fashion hobo bags. The first crude version of the hobo bag was launched way back around 1936 under the name Gilda. 

Hobos are usually made of soft flexible fabrics that tend to slouch when kept down or taken over the shoulder. Roughly shaped like a crescent and resembling a bindle on a stick these bags were largely popularized by celebrities like Mary Kate, Paris Hilton, Ashley Olsen, etc especially because the hobo culture was very sought after at that time.

 The hobos came back again around 2017 under the name of Gabrielle, but this hobo had a firm base with a pure leather appeal, and since then many established brands around the world followed Karl Lagerfeld’s footsteps and the hobos have stayed in fashion ever since.

 Zouk has beautifully amalgamated the very authentic version of hobos with Gabrielle’s structured appeal and has produced a beautiful structured hobo bag and has a whole new collection of cool hobo bags.


The first thing that women fall in love with hobo bags when they type and search what’s a hobo bag is the quirky shape with a long sling. This bag is definitely not for the faint-hearted and is a wonderful addition for someone trying to experiment with her outfits. There has been a lot of experimentation with hobo bags breaking off from the traditional slouch look to a firm base and even a structured appeal. These bags have gained so much popularity they have been accepted as a type of designer handbags and the ladies are using it to oomph up even their work outfits.


  • Let the Boho Chick inside you come out:

Hobo bags need a bit of free will and a cool chick look so do not be afraid to embrace how you are as a woman and let the confidence be thrown about with the help of your trendy hobo bags. Colorful tribal patterns will usually help in accentuating your quirky and stylish hobo bags.

  • A Kohl and some dark tints:

If you want to give off a bold appeal without bothering too much with heavy makeup, then never forget to add a Colossal or an Eyeconic in your makeup kit coupled with some dark tints of sugar mattes or Maybelline super stay if you have to be outdoors for long hours.

  • A junkie to the core:

Junk jewellery is a must-have if you want to pull off your hobo bag look. Reasonably priced and has so many online and offline options of sellers, a couple of danglers, and chokers and you are good to go!

  • Bang- Bang!

A proper haircut is as important as outfits or accessories, so make sure you are experimenting with trendy hair cuts like pixies, asymmetric pixies, curtain bangs chin-length bobs and whatnot.


As we already saw, Hobo bags, especially a Zouk structure hobo bag requires quirkiest fashion outfits complement this unique bag.

Let us see what are the apparels that we have as options in our hands:

  • A different look to your saree:

Apart from conventional drapings, styling your saree like a dhoti with a waist length top or a kurti is definitely a way to complement a hobo bag like Multicolor Mandala Print Hobo Bag . It is a structured hobo bag that has adjustable slings and is perfect to complement this look.

  • A tinge of ethnicity:

 Colorful kutch and Rajasthani patterned dhoti pants with tribal or colorful short flared tops can pull off a hobo bag like Paisley Print Hobo Bag.

  • The minimalistic:

If you are less finicky about what you wear in your daily commuting, then considering buying a boyfriend jeans and a couple of oversized tees. They would blend in perfectly with GeoOptics Hobo Bag .


  • Women in corporate sectors can look for something like Jena Myra Hobo Leather Shoulder Bag as it compliments anything from blazers, formal trousers to tweed jackets and bell bottom flare pants and diana skirts.
  • White suedes jackets  or a black bell sleeved tops would complements bags like Pearl Hobo Bag White.
  • Bags like Women Brown Hobo from Lavie, pretty much goes with office wear and fusion wears.

Zouk has introduced wonderfully crafted structured hobo bags with adjustable vegan leather slings and beautiful motifs that will complement both your sarees and kurtis and your office wears and your high waist jeans.

Zouk Hobo Bags


Karur Aquamarine Floral Motif Hobo Bag 

Coffee dates

Tidal Wave Hobo Bag 

Staycation, Picnics

Ikat Wave Hobo Bag 

Office, Get together

Mughal Motif Hobo Bag 

Business trips

Lattice Lace Hobo Bag 

Art Exhibition

Buy trendy hobo bags From Zouk to bring out the unconventional in you!

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