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Article: Types of Purse Closures You Must Know About

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Types of Purse Closures You Must Know About

Purses and wallets have become an indispensable part of our lives. You can’t ignore them, you can’t have too many to clutter your wardrobe or to confuse you. Also, sometimes you may find a wallet attractive by design, texture, and color-wise but the wallet closure may disappoint you. Some people like magnetic closure womens wallet and some like to flaunt their zip closure purses. Some are too fond of open-top slouchy bags and some are on the verge of discarding their regular silhouette purses with clasp closure. The reasons for hugging a bag more or not-so-much liking it or ignoring it completely depends on the closure, style, texture, shape, compartments, space, durability, and affordability of the bags. Closure plays an important role in deciding how much will you carry, what items, and where you will take it. 

Despite who you are, what you are wearing, what is your purpose, where are you going - you need a bag, like a tote bag, hobo bag, sling bag, handbag, etc. For this, you should be well aware of the quality of your bag, silhouette, texture, space, material, and different types of purse closures. 

Different Types Of Purse Closures

All purse closure types have different usages, and purposes, and we, at Zouk, believe in making our virtual family aware of bags as a whole - from types of purse closures to materials, from must-have bags to types of styles that can enhance your personality, from shapes to silhouettes, from color to credibility and from sizes to functionality. 

Scroll further to know more about the different types of purse closures -

Zipper Closure -

This is the most common idea of closure in a wallet. A zipper connecting and binding the two ends of a wallet or purse keeps your things safe within. There can be a variety of zipper closures - one zip only connecting the two ends of the top of the wallet, one zip going all the way round, two zips connecting the extreme ends so that you can open it from any direction, hidden zippers, and there can be many varieties based on the manufacturer, usage, and style. Zipped closure ensures that nothing can be taken out or put in without letting the person know about it. If we talk about aesthetics, it gives a neat, clean, and nice appearance to your purse. 

Button Closure -

To lock or fasten the things in your wallet or purse, button closure is one of the best options. Button closure is a common sight in women’s wallets. Situated on the opposing ends, or on a flap, these button closures enhance the look of your wallet. Mostly found on Tri-fold wallets, Bi-fold wallets, or Fabric wallets, the button closure elevates the overall look of the purse. 

Magnetic Closure -

Magnet closures are in-trend, stylish, and have an urbane vibe. It is tactically placed around where the wallet closes. Growing popular in current times, Checkbook wallets, Travel wallets, and Card Case wallets generally have a magnetic closure. 

Clasp Closure -

Clasp closure is a cool closure for Wrist wallets, Pouches, and Embroidered clutches. The two ends of a wallet or purse can be closed using a clasp. 

Tuck or Push Closure -

From high-end wallets to embellished purses, tuck or push closure works the best. Just push the metal part in the loop-like design, and yes! The things are safe inside the purse. 

Turn or Twist Closure -

Safe, secure, and convenient to operate with one hand while on the move, this turn or twist closure looks highly stylish, and is immensely functional. 

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Close the bag tight & right!

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