Hiring: Social Media Marketing Intern aka Zouk Growth Ninja

Online shopping has democratised brands. Today, we sell most of our products online via our website and other marketplaces. Therefore, we need social media marketing interns. Or whom we call our Growth Ninjas! 

We need some young talent, who are willing to get their hands dirty (on keyboard) and own all our social media work - planning, budgeting and implementing. Best part - we are totally fine if you have just over 6 months of prior experience doing this. 

We promise you a lot of power (with great responsibility of course), chai pe charcha with the management team and an opportunity to transition into full time roles. Also, open to giving gyaan on topics like why an MBA is good, why an MBA from IIMA is great and if 2 States is a true story. 

Interested candidates may share their CV or LinkedIn profile with us at online@zouk.co.in