Zouk love from Assam - more to come soon

Today, we got an order from Assam. It is a high point for Zouk since we are super happy to shout out loud and say Proudly Indian.

Everyday, we work very hard to get the best designs from across India and give it a contemporary twist. We love it even more since we do it 100% Vegan style.

Every time we get a customer’s message saying they loved our product — we become happy.

A happy customer’s 5 star happy review on the Zouk facebook page
A happy customer thanking us via Instagram


Every time a customer asks why the delay — we work even harder to make their experience more superior.

We are a young company. A young startup for a young India. A very Proud India, which should carry that pride around.

We hope to soon become wise. With experience. With hard work. With continuous delight. Will improvement. With feedback. Most importantly, with support from all of you, who carry a Zouk product with you every day.