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Article: Ishu Raj's Superwoman is her Elder Sister

Ishu Raj's Superwoman is her Elder Sister

My superwoman is my elder sister 😍She has been facing many challenges and struggles from her childhood 😪her life would be a history if they come to know about her tragedies. Right from the day she knows this world 😑so many wrong people made her cry. she was fat but now after doing hard workouts daily she reduced her weight. 😋So many personal issues and family issues.inspite of that she studied well and got super marks and gold medals🏅she looks every living creatures with respect 💞 she is somehow different girl whom I have been seeing. 🔥she is just a fire after facing so many disappointments and to the worst stressful life, but now she is apart from me for her studies after giving so many memories together 😭I miss her much 😪I love your page 😍all your collections are awesome 💞I really like this giveaway and hope to win and gift this to my lovely sister to encourage her to grow in her life to the next step 🔥✌💗 I 💗S💗 T💗 E 💗R

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to express about my superwoman 💗😍Sisy .her name is vino 😋"


To all the wonderful and lovely sisters out there, we thank them with all our heart.


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Vishva Patel's Superwoman is her Mami

My mami, she is my super women.. I have never seen my mama.. He lost his life before i born.. Bt i saw my mami handling graceful everything.. How s...

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Vinodhini's Superwoman is her Mom

My mom is my superwomen for me.. In every persons we really need good teacher to make path for us right. In that way she guides me in a right path....

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