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Long ago when people did not have enough bags to carry their things, they used to tie a cloth at both ends of a stick making a hobo bindle, this was similar to a sack tied to a stick; this is how hobo bags got their name. Since the weight shifted from the hands to the shoulders, it made carrying easy and gave the person a comfortable grip.   

Hobo bags came into the limelight when the US First Lady, Jackie Kennedy carried one in the 1960s. Not only she, but also bohemian fashionistas like Nichole Richie, Vanessa Hudgens, and Sienna Miller were seen carrying the best designer hobo bags

Popular hobo bags are made in soft material. In our collection, we continue using our 100% Vegan Leather and Indian handmade fabric. So, when you shop hobo bags on Zouk, you get the best.


Hobo Bags for Women

Ladies hobo bags are of various types. At Zouk, you can browse through our latest collection of new hobo bags online and buy hobo bags for girls and women at affordable prices. 

  • Shoulder Hobo Bags - This is a classic hobo bag having one or two thick straps that can be held over your shoulder. It easily huddles under your arm.
  • Leather Hobo Bags - These are high-end hobo bags that are made with soft leather that can be compactly folded without resulting in any wrinkles.
  • Black Hobo Bags - A casual hobo bag in black goes with every outfit. A black hobo bag is one of the cool hobo bags for teens and students.
  • Canvas Hobo Bags - These are the trendy hobo bags that are mostly used by students and adolescents who love to go for an outing.  
  • Crossbody Hobo Bags - These are Stylish hobo bags that can be worn across the body evenly distributing the weight on the shoulder with thick straps. Thus, they are aptly called cross body hobo bags.
  • Designer Hobo Bags - These hobo bags are made of the finest quality material with intricate design and unique craftsmanship.
  • Embroidered Hobo Bags - This lightweight hobo bag is different from other hobo bags as it has intricate designs and thread weaving work in different colors.  
  • Small Leather Hobo Bags - There is another lightweight hobo bag that is minimalistic with a roomy compartment. It is made of very soft leather material. 
  • Black Leather Hobo Bags - This is a Luxury hobo bag that comes in black leather thus giving it a classy look.  
  • Luxury Hobo Bags - This is a category in which embroidered hobo bags and floral hobo bags fall. They have nice designs and look awesome.
  • Lightweight Hobo Bags - These hobo bags are usually compact and are always in style. They are the most preferred as they have enough space to carry essentials.
  • Classic Hobo Bags - A classic hobo bag as they are made with tough materials which have good tensile strength and durability.
  • Cool Hobo Bags - Cool hobo bags are casual hobo bags that are generally used by students and vacation travelers.
  • Floral Hobo Bags - In a floral hobo bag, the body contains a print or embroidery with a lot of flowers. They are a great fashion addition in the summer and spring seasons.
  • Stylish Hobo Bags - Stylish hobo bags can be with or without the wide shoulder strap. Sometimes the handles may have twisted braided patterns.
  • Casual Hobo Bags - These are Cool hobo bags that can be carried anywhere. Shop casual hobo bags in hobo sale at Zouk.
  • High-End Hobo Bags - The high-end hobo bag will go with every expensive piece of clothing. They have the most beautiful designs and great craftsmanship. 
  • Trendy Hobo Bags - Trendy hobo bags have very laid-back designs that you can carry for shopping, picnics, outings, and other leisure activities. They are best to carry just the essentials.  


Hobo Bags 2021 Trends

Hobo bags are always in trend and you can shop for all kinds of popular hobo bags on Zouk, the best hobo bags website. The trendy hobo bag came into the limelight in the 1960s when Jackie Kennedy was seen wearing a lazy hobo bag with many of her outfits. Be it a small leather hobo bag or a shoulder hobo bag or an embroidered hobo bag, the styling with a hobo bag is classy yet casual.

While Hobo bags are typically for women, there are also some great Hobo bags for men options. Black leather hobo bags are one such kind of hobo bags that are transformable in a way that can be carried by both men and women.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Hobo Bag?

Hobo bags fulfill the need for a cute and spacious bag. The shoulder hobo bags are very practical to carry on your shoulder. Zouk has the best collection of vegan leather hobo bags, black hobo bags, canvas hobo bags, cross body hobo bags, and other types of hobo bags.


2. Why do you need a Hobo Bag?

Having a designer hobo bag that is spacious is a dream for all girls as they want something in which they can keep their stuff and reach it in a jiffy. Buy hobo bags online as they are a great gift for every woman. 

Hobo bags for women or ladies hobo bags, come in many shapes and sizes and are comfortable to carry.

Hobo bags for girls can be used in colleges, offices, picnics, and basically everywhere. Go for embroidered hobo bags to match your outfit. 


3. Where did Hobo Bags originate?

Hobo bags originated during the time of the American sub-culture and the hobo style got its name as they are very similar to a sack. 


4. Are Hobo Bags still in style?

Yes absolutely. Hobo bags are now in vogue. Shop hobo bags for women at Zouk at great prices.


5. Why is it called a Hobo Bag?

Hobo bags got their name from a makeshift bag that was known as a hobo bindle. It was made by tying both ends of a stick with a piece of cloth. It was easier to carry as the weight of the bag was shifted to the shoulders.  


6. What is the difference between a Tote, a Satchel, and a Hobo Bag?

A tote bag is a very simple, one-pocket bag that has two handles and cannot be fastened.

Satchel bags were initially used for keeping books. They came in small to medium sizes with a flat top.

Hobo bags are recognized by their ample space and crescent shape. They are called hobo bags as they resemble a sack-over-the-shoulder. 


7. Are Hobo Bags of good quality?

Yes, the hobo bags that you buy from Zouk are of the best quality and are made with cruelty-free vegan material. You can choose from leather hobo bags to canvas hobo bags to embroidery hobo bags. Zouk has a collection of the best hobo bags online.


8. Where can you buy good Hobo Bags online?

You can buy good and affordable hobo bags at Zouk. These are made of cruelty-free vegan material. Buy hobo bags online from Zouk and we promise you that you will carry these bags with pride as they are handmade with love. Additionally, you can also avail some amazing discounts on hobo bags prices during our Hobo Bags Sale.


9. How do you wear a Hobo Bag?

A hobo style bag is worn just by swinging it over the shoulder or in the crook of your arm. Match your new hobo bags with all outfits for a different style every day.


10. How to choose the right Hobo Bag for yourself?

Hobo bags can be chosen according to the things that you need to keep in them. If you are only carrying your essentials, pick a lightweight hobo bag. You can also choose one based on your favorite color. For example, a black leather hobo bag is very popular.


11. Are there Hobo Bags for men?

Why should men be left behind? Yes, there are hobo bags for men and they also come in different materials, quality, and designs.

So, do check out our hobo style bag curation for the very best in uniquely designed, handmade pieces which are PeTA approved 100% vegan.