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#InvestInHer is more than just a campaign; it's a movement that celebrates the ones who believed in her, invested in her dreams and nurtured her talents to help her become the woman she is today.

At Zouk, we're thanking these incredible individuals for the impact they've had on the lives of countless women. We celebrate some of these women, our beloved customers, who have achieved remarkable things, all thanks to the unwavering belief and support of those who invested in their dreams.

Devashree Naseri, 29


"Zouk is my go-to for both personal indulgence and thoughtful gifting, thanks to its unique and stylish offerings."

Devanshi Trivedi, 32


"Tote-ally in love with this eco-conscious accessory! Not only do I get endless compliments, but it also reflects their commitment to sustainability. The Women's Day photoshoot was equally amazing; I felt pampered and special throughout."

Pooja Galgali, 35


"Zouk fan since COVID! Loved their designs, top quality & endless compliments! Makes me proud as an Indian - a true design & quality package. The Women's Day shoot was amazing! Kudos to the team for organization & connection. Bonded with incredible women, boosted confidence, and felt like a star."

Ruchita Anam, 21

Assistant Producer

"Not only are their bags comfortable and handy (life saver!), they also look amazing with any outfit. Talk about hitting the sweet spot of style and function. My experience with their photoshoot was smooth, filled with dedication, and brimming with love and respect. They truly know how to make their customers feel special."

Ruchi Gandhi, 21

Marketing Professional

"Zouk's originality & vibes win me over! From products to brand, it's amazing! First-ever shoot & the Zouk team made it unforgettable! Huge thanks to each & every one."

Paramjeet Kaur, 44

Sales Manager

"Zouk delivers on promises and treats customers like family, making every interaction heartfelt. The crew's kindness and smiles made the journey smooth."

Aishwarya Ponnan, 21

Graphic Designer

"I'm hooked on Zouk's crazy prints and diverse bag collections! My first modeling gig with Zouk was unforgettable. Surrounded by confident women, united by the brand, made it extra special. The shoot was flawlessly coordinated, making the shoot a smooth success."

Remya Ajit, 37

Food Safety Auditor

"At Zouk, customer is king, with products that are sturdy, elegant, stylish and inspired by vibrant Indian culture. The recent shoot was superb fun, thanks to the commendable hospitality of the Zouk crew. The photographers and videographers made us feel incredibly comfortable throughout the shoot. Kudos to the Zouk team! Keep up the fantastic work."

Veena Srikrishnan, 56

Self- employed

"Their name says it all: Zhakass designs, original prints, unbelievable range, killer looks! Being part of their shoot was a dream come true! Felt like a model for a famous brand. Thanks Zouk."

Suvarna Naik, 41


"My experience with Zouk has been fantastic - smooth ordering, top-notch service, and fast delivery made it a joy. The product quality, design, and utility is A1. Participating in the Women's Day photoshoot at Zouk was surreal. It was a day dedicated to pampering, care, and love. Grateful for this unforgettable experience."

Pushpa Sonawane, 44


"Zouk blends tradition with modern elegance flawlessly, crafting intricate pieces that reflect individuality. Their excellent craftsmanship and customer support ensure a seamless experience. The recent shoot was amazing, with attention to every detail, and the team's warmth and professionalism were commendable."

Additi Bhardwaj, 42


"My everyday Zouk pieces always get me compliments! The Women's Day shoot was unique & new for me (my work's opposite!). Just a fun & chaotic day. Felt great contributing to Zouk."

Twinkle Bauva, 35

Youtuber / Instagram Influencer

"Obsessed with my Zouk bag - it gets me constant compliments. Being part of their Women's Day shoot was amazing! The location was gorgeous, & the team made me feel so comfortable. Such a fun experience."

Banhee Bose, 44

Business Owner

"Zouk's fashionable and culturally rooted bags are truly authentic. My first brand shoot with Zouk was amazing! The team was incredibly helpful and kind, making the day extra special. The shoot was well-coordinated and organized, thanks to the team's efforts. Looking forward to more opportunities like this."

Mitali Patil, 37


"Zouk seamlessly blends contemporary and traditional elements, adding subtle elegance to your lifestyle. Emotions ran high during the shoot – happy, excited, energized, tired, sore, elated – the rollercoaster of feelings was endless."

Archana Radhakrishnan, 42

Marketing Professional

"I've only used Zouk bags and the experience has been good. This is a brand that understands the Indian's woman's need to carry multiple items and love the big size handbags and laptop bags also. It was wonderful being part of the shoot, meeting other women and getting to meet Zouk's team. It was put together with a lot of thought and detail and yet it was a fun & interactive day."

Supriya Pai, 36


"Zouk's Indian-modern fusion is remarkable, and I hope it goes global. The Zouk shoot was flawlessly organized, with exceptional care and respect. The team's professionalism and attention to detail made us feel truly special."

Shaila Parbatani, 37

Canine Psychologist

"Zouk has truly become my go-to brand, offering not only premium products but also a commitment to vegan leather and innovative designs. Attending their Women’s Day shoot was an absolute delight. From the warm welcome to the pampering sessions, every detail was meticulously arranged. Zouk, you've truly won my heart"

Muskan Arora, 24

Data Scientist

"I have always been a fan of Zouk for their unique prints & design. During the shoot, the cameraman and crew kept our spirits high, making me feel great. I particularly enjoyed this year's campaign, focusing on who invested the most in you."

Amrita Karmokar, 28

Fashion Stylist

"Zouk offers fantastic quality products with trendy prints that elevate any outfit. My experience as a customer has been exceptional; the recent shoot made me feel like I owe this brand as much as the brand owes its clients."

Archana Pandey, 31

Media Professional

"Zouk seamlessly blends Indian aesthetics with western flair in their captivating products. Exceptional quality and style make them wardrobe staples. Their professionalism and customer-centric approach ensure every experience is awesome. I admire their marketing style and dedication to retaining customers."

Meghana Joshi, 40


"Zouk bags have been my trusty companions for four years now. They're durable, comfortable, and effortlessly stylish, making them perfect for the office. Plus, being vegan and showcasing Indian culture, they align with my values. And the fact that they're pocket-friendly is the cherry on top! I simply adore Zouk bags."

Tanvi Bhamburkar, 34

Home Maker

"Zouk bags: comfort + chic! Love the Indian fusion prints, spaciousness, and comfy shoes. The Women's Day shoot was magical! Made me feel special as a homemaker, meeting inspiring women and just having fun."

Deepavali Rao, 29


"Zouk is my go-to for both personal indulgence and thoughtful gifting, thanks to its unique and stylish offerings.
My first-ever photoshoot experience with Zouk was a mix of excitement and nerves, but the crew made it incredibly smooth and fun. It turned out to be one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Thank you, Zouk, for always considering your customers so important."