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  • Beige Office Backpack
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Backpacks

Q. What size of laptop fits in these backpacks for men and women?
A. These backpacks can comfortably hold all laptops of sizes from 11 inches to 15.6 inches, given the padded laptop compartment comes with velcro. They are an ideal backpack for men and women to carry to office. 

Q. Are these backpacks washable?
A. These backpacks can be washed with a wet cloth on the fabric area and with cotton dipped in any edible or hair oil on the vegan leather part to remove any dirt. Thus, they are great as backpacks for college, office or vacation. 

Q. Are these backpacks waterproof?
A. These backpacks for girls and boys are water-resistant. This means the backpack can hold some water spillage for some time on the surface. Prolonged exposure to water will result in water getting inside the backpack. Note that they are not backpacks with rain covers, thus carrying an umbrella will help protect yourself and the bag. 

Q. Is the shoulder strap on this backpack adjustable?
A. Yes, the shoulder straps are adjustable to your height. Do note that while it is trendy to carry a backpack on one shoulder, like a shoulder bag, it is advisable to carry the backpack on both shoulders. 

Q. What all can these unisex backpacks hold?
A. These backpacks for girls, women and men can hold your laptop, charger, wallet, 1-2 books, keychain, small stationery, a medium sized tiffin box, a small umbrella, one piece of cloth and a small water bottle in one go. 

Q. What is the weight of a backpack?
A. An empty backpack weighs less than 900 g.

Q. What material is this backpack made of?
A. This fabric and leather backpack is made of vegan leather and fabrics like Ikat, Jute, Khadi. All materials are sourced from different parts of India.

Q. How many compartments does the backpack have?
A. The backpack has two main compartments, with a zipper closing.  

Q. Is this backpack unisex?
A. Yes. This backpack is ideal for girls, women, boys and men, across different age groups. 

Q. What kind of an opening mechanism does this backpack have?
A. This backpack has a press button opening.    

Q. Does the backpack come with a slot to hold a water bottle?
A. Yes, this backpack has a side slot to hold a water bottle. Therefore, they are ideal as a travel backpack, laptop backpack, office backpack, college backpack and even as a rucksack.