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Protect the Precious!

Laptops are expensive, delicate and extremely critical to our daily lives. One splash of water in the wrong place and that could mean running to the service center.

Or what happens if your laptop suddenly goes crashing to the ground? Whether you're a hardcore gamer or a casual user or a disciplined professional, laptop sleeves can help protect your machine from accidental spills and minor drops.

The best laptop sleeves are the ones that have an attractive design and durable body. Being water-proof and padded are also equally important for laptop sleeves.

The best laptop sleeves protect your accessories from scratches and bumps and take away a huge part of your worries regarding your laptop.

From trendy laptop cases to stylish laptop cases to plain laptop sleeves, Zouk has a collection that you can’t say no to!


Different Types of Laptop Sleeves offered by Zouk

Your laptop is a valuable investment, so it is important to protect it from damage or theft. A laptop sleeve is often the best way to do so.

Gamers to content creators to video editors to professionals - all need to carry their laptops wherever they go. A sturdy case or sleeve goes a long way to keep your laptop safe from minor mishaps.

A laptop sleeve is a carrying case designed to hold one laptop in a slim, and hugging style. These cases are typically designed for visual appeal and are affordable.

If given a chance to choose from a variety of best laptop sleeves, this would be a difficult decision to make. There are too many distinct laptop sleeves to choose from but Zouk will simplify things for you -

Water-resistant Laptop sleeves - These Laptop sleeves are designed to provide a water-resistant layer of protection to your laptop in unpredictable weather conditions or accidental spilling of edible liquids. Jet Black Laptop Sleeve can be your hydrated friend!

Decorative Laptop Sleeves - These laptop sleeves come in a wide range of colors, styles, and patterns. The quality of workmanship on these types of sleeves should be good so that these decorative laptop sleeves are durable as well. Have a look at FloMotif Laptop Sleeve.

Functional Laptop Sleeves - These laptop sleeves are designed for long-term use, and they provide protection from dust and dirt. They also provide additional cushioning, in case of a minor drop or impact. Ikat GreRed Laptop Sleeve can be your best buddy!

Vegan Laptop Sleeves - Vegan leather is one of the most refined looking materials. Leather Laptop sleeves look formal and elegant and yet serve their purpose. Balanced blend of ethical and aesthetic features, the combination of vegan leather and printed fabric ensures that you get stronger, and durable laptop sleeves. These provide a greater degree of cushioning and support that also go with a variety of outfits and occasions. Ikat Wave Laptop Sleeve can be your next buy! 

When selecting a laptop sleeve, think about your planned use, the quality of your laptop and the cost to repair if any damage happens to it. 

The most sensitive part of any laptop is the screen. Make sure that your screen is protected from moisture, dust, and dirt to improve the useful life of your device. 

We, at Zouk, manufacture highly functional and effective laptop sleeves. Buy laptop sleeves online at Zouk that are durable, lightweight and environment-friendly.

Compartments in Laptop Sleeves

Buy laptop sleeves online from Zouk that are durable and diligently produced.

It has a main compartment for carrying your laptop upto 15.6 inches. Having a padded laptop in-built sleeve, it keeps your laptop and other confidential files safe and secure. 

The usage of the slip-in pocket at the back may vary from person to person. Someone may stop carrying a wallet and choose to keep the cash and cards in this inner slot or someone may carry safety gadgets and a mask to help themselves in difficult situations. Someone may choose to keep a comb, pen, note-pad, tissue and all sorts of go-to items. 

Do you know the best part? It comes with a small double handle for easy carrying.

Buy Laptop Sleeves Online at Zouk

Laptop sleeves are a great way to protect your expensive laptop comprehensively, without the addition of a bulky or boring computer bag. 

Laptop sleeves come in a range of shapes, sizes, styles and can be fun and cool and suited to your style.

Zouk is a well-known cruelty-free brand where you can shop for laptop sleeves online.

The best laptop sleeves at Zouk are -

Laptop Sleeves

Best For

FloMotif Laptop Sleeve

Best overall

Jet Black Laptop Sleeve

Best all-black

Bristel Laptop Sleeve

Best for work

Ikat GreRed Laptop Sleeve

Best for travel


Tips for shopping Laptop Sleeves

For situations where you’ll need extra protection — like putting your laptop in a packed suitcase that’ll likely get jostled in transport or hastily changing buses for reaching office on time - laptop sleeves work as a saviour.

The right laptop sleeves should have the following things -

  • An ideal laptop sleeve is the one that keeps your laptop safe, but fitting snugly without any fear of slipping while you carry it around.
  • It is essential for a laptop sleeve to have organized compartments so that you can keep your laptop and its accessories safe and untangled. 
  • Functionality and style go hand in hand. Your laptop sleeve also shouldn’t shy away from echoing your personality.
  • The laptop sleeves should be water-proof, amply-sized and made of durable material.

If you are looking for stylish laptop sleeves having all of these and more, welcome to Zouk. 

Buy laptop sleeves online at Zouk that are lightweight and trendy!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the most popular laptop sleeves?

Laptop sleeves protect your essential device from spills, scratches and drops.

Shock-proof padding of laptop sleeves can help prevent damage if you accidentally drop your device or something happens to fall on top of it.

Laptop sleeves should have abrasion resistance and water-resistance capacity, to protect your expensive device.

Best laptop sleeves should be

  • Well-organized
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Fashionable

And a million other things!

Buy the latest laptop sleeves online at Zouk with a dash of neutral colours, a pinch of class and a style that suits you well!

2. What laptop sleeves are in style for 2021?

Laptop sleeves protect your laptop from scratches, scuffs and bumps, and the sophisticated-looking vegan leather can withstand water spills. Not only are they stylish, but they are also incredibly functional. With a clean design and made from durable material, trendy laptop sleeves are perfect for work, college, or traveling.


3. What is the price of a good laptop sleeve?

Good laptop sleeves are priced between Rs. 700 to 3000. If you are searching for the latest laptop sleeves online, Zouk is a good place. Our affordable laptop sleeves will fit your needs. We often run discounts and combo offers, that will further help in adding more to your collection.

4. Is it worth buying laptop sleeves online?

Buy laptop sleeves online because it saves a lot of time. One can easily browse through different online shops and e-commerce stores to select whatever they want within the shortest possible time. In a bid to attract more customers to buy their products, sellers tend to give out more discount deals and coupon codes. Buy affordable laptop sleeves online at Zouk from a large variety of options!

Zouk bags are PETA-approved Vegan. Vegan leather is versatile and eco-friendly. Made of vegan leather, you can get rid of dust, dirt and stains by simply wiping the bags’ exterior with a wet cloth. 


5. Which is the best laptop sleeve offered by Zouk?

The best laptop sleeves offered by Zouk based on customer ratings are –


Jet Black Laptop Sleeve | FloMotif Laptop Sleeve | Bristel Laptop Sleeve | Ikat GreRed Laptop Sleeve | Lattice Lace Laptop Sleeve

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Laptop Sleeves Price List 

Laptop Sleeves

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Jet Black Laptop Sleeve

Rs. 999

FloMotif Laptop Sleeve

Rs. 999

Bristel Laptop Sleeve

Rs. 999

Ikat GreRed Laptop Sleeve

Rs. 999

Lattice Lace Laptop Sleeve

Rs. 999

Ikat Wave Laptop Sleeve

Rs. 999

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