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Article: How to Choose Bags For Different Occasions?

How to Choose Bags For Different Occasions?

Bags have gone beyond their functional aspects to increase your style quotient on a daily basis. But you have to buy a few varieties of bags for different occasions like school, college, office, trips, parties, daily running errands, hiking, trekking, etc. Zouk has always been prompt and quick to resolve your issues, enhance your fashion statement, and be the guide to having a perfect wardrobe full of bags.

Scroll down to know how to choose different types of bags for ladies -

Clutches - Tempting & tiny with oh-so-stylish vibes, the clutches are something that is always in-trend and has a voguish appearance with extremely classy aesthetics. Perfect with your embroidered Banarasi Saree, pastel Sharara cut Lehenga, hand-blocked Angarkha Salwar Suit, and designer Phulkari Dupatta that complements your grace, clutches are an absolute must-have for wedding parties, family cocktail parties, birthday parties, and social events. Super-convenient to carry in hand, clutches have enough space to carry your mobile, lipstick, sanitizer, tissue, keys, and mask. You can also carry your cards, cash, IDs, and business cards. Clutches come in various shapes, sizes, and designs. You can have one or two clutches that go well with your embellished clothes, and embroidered attires. Too many glitters or shines in clutches won’t go well with formal clothes. And sober colors and nude colors of clutches won’t match your heavily worked Lehengas, Skirts, and Sarees. So, you have to own clutches with vibrant colors, not-too-much sparkles, and fabulous designs that look universally great with whatever you wear. 

When to carry a Clutch: Dinner dates, Cocktail meet-ups, Weddings, Friday parties, Monday movies, and all sorts of formal and family functions.

Totes - Totes are lovingly called “carry-all” because you can carry a lot more than what you call “necessities.” Card wallets, IDs, lip balm, comb, sanitary napkins, sanitizer, book, earphones, phone, power bank, snacks, water bottle, umbrella, sunglass, scarf, sun protection lotion, tissue - you can carry anything that you want if you have an extra large bag in your collection. Totes have perfectly minimal, and sophisticated silhouette with classy aesthetics so that you can carry it wherever you want - be it gym, while running errands, going to your workplace, weekend girls’ trip, or long drives with partner. The super spacious bag with multiple compartments keep your things safe and organized. 

When to carry a Tote: Yoga & Gym classes, Long drives, Take it to work, Carry your books to college, Grocery store, Weekend trip, Airport, Train & Bus journeys.

Slings - The oh-so-elegant and go-to slings need to be spacious enough to carry your mobile, wallet, keys, lip balm, comb, sanitizer, and mask. The main motive of carrying slings is to be hands-free - be it to the nearby store, rooftop date, coffee meet, movie plan or just traveling with your friends. It can be any time of the day and you may be in an unplanned rush or with a great schedule, just throw a sling bag over your body and slay the day.

When to carry a Sling: Wear it for a girl’s night out, Friday date, Running errands, Monday after-work drinks, Wednesday coffee dates and many more.

Duffels - When you are looking for different types of bags for ladies, you can not forget to list duffel bags in it. Packing for a short hike, long trip, much awaited Goa plan, or sudden Kasol plan, going for cousins’ or best friends’ wedding, or simply heading towards a staycation with your girlfriends can be a daunting task. You need to carry things that are essential and something that are beyond being necessities. 

When to carry a Duffel: Weekend trips, Long holidays, Business tours, Short hikes.

Handbags - Handbags are timelessly alluring. A woman in her 40s managing career and family, a woman in her 30s hustling to reach her goal, a girl in her 20s who is going to college and a woman who is in her 50s, having witnessed tons of fashion trends come and go - all of them have that oh-so-trendy handbag that actually has a versatile color, minimal design, maximum compartments, too much space, and great functionality. Handbags are something between extra large totes and extra small clutches. 

When to carry a Handbag: Office, Family trips, Running errands, Grocery store, Offline shopping, Kids’ school, Family function, Business meets, Lunch dates, Dinner parties and anywhere you like.

Have a quick look at the table for better guidance -



Classic Zipper Wallet - Royal Indian Peacock Motif

Rs. 1,099

Mughal Art Multicolor Shoulder Tote Bag

Rs. 1,499

WavBeach Sling Bag

Rs. 999

Mughal Garden Print Medium Duffel Bag

Rs. 2,199

Chittoor Red Kalamkari Handbag

Rs. 1,899

Choose the bags for daily use from Zouk!

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