Mini Wallets
Mini Wallets
FloMotif Women's Mini Wallet

FloMotif Women's Mini Wallet

Rs. 799 Rs. 1,175
WavBeach Women's Mini Wallet

WavBeach Women's Mini Wallet

Rs. 799 Rs. 1,175
FloLov Women's Mini Wallet

FloLov Women's Mini Wallet

Rs. 799 Rs. 1,175
Gwalior Weaves Women's Mini Wallet
Sold out
Kutch Gamthi Women's Mini Wallet
Sold out
Mughal Garden Print Mini Wallet
Sold out
Kovil Blue Women's Mini Wallet
Sold out
Jaipur Fresco Blue Women's Mini Wallet
Sold out
GeoOptics Women's Mini Wallet
Sold out
Brown Floral Motif Women's Mini Wallet
Sold out
Abstract Amaze Women's Mini Wallet
Sold out
Ikat GreRed Women's Mini Wallet
Sold out
Ikat GreRe Women's Mini Wallet
Sold out
Ikat Arrow Women's Mini Wallet
Sold out

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Mini wallets - A Must-have Accessory!

A mini wallet is primarily a compact wallet used by women to carry the most basic essentials (Cash, tickets, papers, cards, etc.). They are small in size such that they can be easily held in the hand while traveling during the daily commute. 

A mini wallet or a small purse has become an integral accessory in today's world for a number of reasons, mainly for thousands of working women in metro cities. It becomes pretty handy and convenient to access cash, cards, tickets, or any paper pass at hand’s reach while commuting in the rush hours. Moreover, the commute becomes very comfortable given the mini wallets to occupy very little space and are lightweight.

Grab the Most Stylish, Durable, and Trendy Mini Wallets from Zouk

We realize that women need the best small wallets that complement their casual and formal outfits and also helps them organize their essentials. To fulfill this need, we have come up with an extensive range of stylish and good-looking wallets that are made out of traditional fabrics and vegan leather. Moreover, these mini wallets are handcrafted with an intent to blend the essence of traditional Indian culture in our collection.  

We offer sturdy mini wallets that feature:

  1. Three dedicated card slots
  2. Inner chain to keep paper or cash
  3. Dedicated ID card window
  4. Zipper closure
  5. Two main slots, particularly for sorting cash

We highly recommend you to check out our complete collection of new mini purses to help you find the right choice.


1. What are small wallets called?

Small wallets (also known as mini clutches) are often called using interchangeable terms like small purses, a mini purse, mini wallets, small clutches, or a mini clutch purse. These terms are often used interchangeably by specific brands for marketing purposes. They do so to stand out among their online or offline competitors.

2. What is a mini wallet?

As the name suggests, a mini wallet is like a small purse or a mini clutch purse used to carry the daily essentials like cash, coins, debit, or credit cards during a daily commute.

Mini clutches or small wallets are quite handy to carry as they occupy minimum space and are lightweight to carry essential items. Mini clutches or fashion purses have become an integral part of women's accessories, particularly in today's modern world.

Grab exclusive mini wallets and small clutches online at Zouk.


3. Which are some popular mini wallets offered by Zouk?

We offer a wide range of mini wallets (like cute and fashionable mini purses) made using traditional fabrics like Ikat, Jute Khadi fabric, and vegan leather. Besides, all our mini designer purses are handcrafted by highly skilled artisans. The best part about our mini wallets is their traditional prints that can complement any attire, which will set you apart.

Listed below are some of our best mini wallets handcrafted intricately for you:

  1. Flomotif's Women's Mini Wallet
  2. Mughal Motif Women's Mini Wallet
  3. WavBeach Women's Mini Wallet
  4. Tidal Wave Women's Mini Wallet
  5. Space Chakra Women's Mini Wallet
  6. Ikat African Wave Women's Mini Wallet

Our wallets are manufactured with the idea of combining modern-day functionality with the essence of traditional Indian culture. Besides, all our products are made out of 100% PeTA approved cruelty-free vegan leather. So, you're indirectly contributing to keeping the globe happy while adding to your weekday wardrobe!


4. What is the price of a good mini wallet?

As with every product, the price of a good mini wallet varies typically based on the brand, quality of materials (like fabric, leather, prints) and artisanal work involved in manufacturing the best small wallets. However, the price of a mini purse online could range anywhere between INR 400-3000/- depending upon the quality of the product.


5. Is it worth buying small wallets online?

Yes. Purchasing small wallets online is worth it, provided you are making the purchase from a trusted and reputed online seller. Customers must check the product description (material, color, dimension, warranty, etc.) in detail to ensure whether the product meets their choice. 

A significant advantage of buying small purses or clutches online is customers get to choose from an extensive collection of small wallets at reasonable rates. Moreover, customers also get extra discounts during the festive sale on small purses.


6. How do women match a small clutch to a dress?

Women typically tend to buy small clutch purses that have traditional and stylish handprints embedded on them that match the color of their attires. Women highly prefer handcrafted wallets having timeless and classic prints as they make them stand out easily and go with all types of outfits. Moreover, they serve the purpose of organizing the key essentials in one place in an aesthetically appealing way.

7. Why prefer Zouk for purchasing the best small purses or mini wallets?

Zouk has been the preferred choice for 40,000+ customers for purchasing the best mini wallets or and other lifestyle products for multiple reasons. Listed below are a few:

  1. Our mini wallets, clutches, small purses are made from high-quality fabric and water-resistant inner linings to provide an enduring all-weather experience.
  2. Our accessories (like handbags, small wallets, purses, clutches) are handcrafted by skilled artisans using traditional fabrics.
  3. We offer numerous varieties of products to ensure you get the perfect product of your choice. 
  4. As mentioned earlier, all our products are manufactured using 100% PeTA approved vegan leather.
  5. Our shipping policies are customer-friendly.
Explore our complete range of stylish and trendy mini wallets today!