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Article: Most Versatile Handbags for Working Women

Most Versatile Handbags for Working Women

Most Versatile Handbags for Working Women

Working women can be juggling between a full-time career and motherhood, shuffling between college, and a part-time job, balancing marital life and freelancing, and keeping in motion their personal life and business - all they need is some love, understanding, care, empathy, and a great bag that can carry their valuables. 

Zouk is always here to sort things out for you, to make your life a little more comfortable. 

Here is the list of five bags that every working woman needs in her life - 

Totes - The best go-to handbag for the office is the “carry-all” tote that can manage to carry your everyday things with convenience, confidence, and comfort. The tote should be spacious, durable, and functional. With the main zipper compartment, it should be large enough to carry your laptop and important files. If you are not having a laptop, the totes should be enough sturdy and roomy to carry your lunch box, water bottle, umbrella, wallet, basic make-up pouch, sanitizer spray, extra mask, phone, power bank, earphones, etc. Zouk knows that you want the totes to look professional but trendy too. The Zouk totes are something that will always satisfy you in terms of quality, style, functionality, and affordability. The vegan totes from Zouk are made up of handicrafts fabric with unique prints and distinctive shapes.  

Handbags - Trends will come and fade but a handbag is here to stay, rule, and slay the day, that too in every way. You can be donning those formal skirts or semi-formal trousers, you can be carrying that brown blazer or white shirt, and you will feel confident with a handbag that is a blend of fashion and functionality. Handbags have surpassed their utilitarian features and are setting new standards with style. The Zouk handbags have a water-resistant inner lining that protects your valuables from unwanted weather conditions or sudden drops. Made of vegan leather, and handicraft fabric, the handbags have one main zipper compartment, and two pockets with adjustable and detachable straps. The handbags are lightweight, sturdy, durable, stylish, practical, and affordable. 

Office Bags - A right blend of traditional prints and modern silhouettes, the Zouk office bags are meant to be your workplace buddy. These bags are perfect to carry laptops up to 13 inches, 14 inches, 15 inches, and 15.6 inches. The bags have one main compartment with an internal padded compartment for a laptop. It keeps your device safe and secure from minor drops and sudden falls. The water-resistant lining is enough to protect your valuables from unwanted rain and extreme heat. These office bags are affordable, with a great shelf-life and impressive aesthetics. They are functional and fashionable, and have a professional look but can be carried to after-office parties, and during-office lunch meets. 

Backpacks - The oh-so-trendy backpacks from Zouk can hold laptops up to 13-inches, and 14-inches, a water bottle, some snacks, an umbrella, a phone, wallet, important files, phone, keys, earphones, basic make-up pouch, sanitizer, etc. With the post-covid scenario and offices resuming, women need to go back to their workplaces with better preparations, personal hygiene stuff, and some food items to avoid eating outside. The backpacks from Zouk are spacious, and sturdy, with an internal padded sleeve for a laptop. Two adjustable and padded straps are ergonomic in nature that don’t cause any shoulder or back pain. The durable and affordable backpacks have a unique silhouette and sober prints that look incredibly stylish and at the same, professional too.  

Shoulder Bags - Some women like to keep it simple and sleek while going to the office. The lightweight shoulder bags from Zouk have a water-resistant inner lining to protect your valuables from unwanted rain or water spillage. These bags have one adjustable strap which can be lengthened or shortened based on your requirements. The in-built pocket can be used to keep some extra cash, ID cards, ATM cards, Credit and Debit cards, and important invoices. You can just keep your minimal and basic things in these bags and commute to the office with ease and comfort. Not to mention, the unique boat-like structures of the bags will make the heads turn, always. 

Have a look at our bag suggestions - 



Mughal Motif Tote Bag

Rs. 1,499

Chandra Mahal Raj Gadi Motif Handbag

Rs. 1,599

Shobha Niwas Lotus Motif Women's Office Bag

Rs. 1,599

Ikat GreRed Laptop Backpack

Rs. 2,199

HoneyComb Summer Structured Shoulder Bag

Rs. 1,299

Choose the right bag for your daily office. 

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