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Article: How to travel light and still look good

How to travel light and still look good

Packing in itself is a task before any long vacation or adventure you have planned. There’s always last-minute shopping, finding the right bag, making checklists etc.  And in the middle of all of this chaos, you end up overpacking. Guilty! Don’t we all tend to hogg everything into our bag packs and then can’t decide what to get rid of? Well, how to pack light for 2 weeks worth of adventure trips? I got you covered.

Here is your favorite how to travel light and still look fab guidelines so that you’re not carrying a mountain full of luggage everywhere you go.

Choose the right bag

Here’s where most people make their biggest packing mistake. They do not choose the right bag. Knowing what bag you need to carry for what occasion is extremely important. You don’t need to carry those bulky suitcases everywhere. 1 big bag does the job rest you should focus on carrying more functional bags. For e.g. If you’re going on a safari or bike tour, then carrying duffel bags makes a good choice because they’re durable and can carry all your necessities in them, but if you’re just planning to roam in town or to a local tourist flea market sling bags would be the right choice.

Pack the essentials first

Always pack what you know you will need and not what you think you will need.

Items like a wallet, passport, cash, toothbrush, undergarments, medicines, sports shoes, a comfortable pair of PJs or outfit, and necessary makeup are absolutely necessary and you can’t do without them. Then move on to Important clothing items, and toiletries and save all of the less important items for the end.

Use packing organizers

To avoid any unnecessary mess inside of the suitcase or bag pack always invest in light packing organizers, so that it doesn’t add on to your bag weight but also helps everything be in place.

Roll and pack technique

The most efficient use of space is vacuum-sealing your clothes, but no one ever has the time for it and the worst is standard folding. So the best you can do to save space is to roll your clothes or stuff them in bigger items. For e.g., you can stuff all of your socks inside of your shoes themselves, you don’t need to occupy any extra space for that. Just roll your clothes into little tubes and start cramming them into your bag.

Carry versatile/ neutral items

Carrying clothes and shoes that go with more than one outfit or for more than one occasion is the single smartest way of ‘how to pack lightly’. Just carry your favorite neutral tops and pants and heels that you can wear more than 2-3 times and just carry a few statement pieces or footwear. That way you don’t overpack yet end up looking stylish.

Carry items that require the least maintenance

No one likes to go on a vacation and sit all day ironing or dying their clothes. Carry fabrics that are light, easily dry and don’t need much of ironing or extra work. This way you save your time and don’t kill your vibe just trying to fix your outfit all day.

Carry lightweight garments

This is a no-brainer! You must carry all of your lightweight clothes if you’re trying to pack light. Don’t carry that extra heavy coat and trainers if you absolutely don’t need it. Carry items that are light, easily foldable and won’t increase your bag weight because let’s be real no one likes paying extra money at the baggage counter.

Carry travel-size items

Yes, you don’t need to carry a 100ml perfume bottle if you can carry a 15 or 30 ml pack. Travel size packs come as a lifesaver to your rescue when you’re trying to go light. They do the same job, take up lesser space, are lighter and you can easily carry them in the sling bag that you use for your local everyday tourist rides as well.

Accessorize more

The only time overpacking is good is when it comes to accessories. You know that even a simple accessory can elevate your look from a day look to a night look, from a casual outfit to a dressy outfit. So, carry those extra pieces of earrings, bandana, glares, cute head wraps, scarves, and floppy hats rather than hogging on another 3 to 4 extra pieces of clothes. You’ll save up that extra space and won’t end up overpacking.

Wear your heaviest item

Always Always Always! Wear your heaviest piece of clothing or outfit or shoes rather than carrying all of those kilos in your bag. If you need that coat or sweatshirt wear it, if you absolutely need those heavy sneakers, wear them. If you can skip it, that will be the best idea possible but if you can’t try layering on as much as u can and keep your luggage light.

Pack light for 1 week

Last but an absolute pro tip is to only pack one week's worth of things. Not 2 weeks, not 3 weeks, not 1 month, just 1 week. Planning for every possible contingency on a long trip is impossible, and we tend to overpack anyway. If you’re traveling for 2 or 3 weeks you will have to do your laundry, and buy toiletries there, so pack accordingly. You can’t just carry everything if you’re going out for a week or a month or even more!

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