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Article: Things to Consider While Buying Footwear for Achy Feet

Things to Consider While Buying Footwear for Achy Feet

Having achy feet can be one of your worst nightmares when it comes to having a long day. Uncomfortable shoes are tolerable for a few minutes but we all know what happens eventually, we either throw our shoes off somewhere and start walking barefoot or kill our mood and become the crankiest version of ourselves. All of this is fine until this acute pain slowly turns into chronic pain and that is definitely a no go! Once you develop an achy foot problem, it can hamper your everyday progress, your mood, and your overall health in the long run.

We often don’t consider a lot of these factors while shopping for our favorite footwear. Getting yourself the right pair of shoes, one that is comfortable compliments your foot shape, and has the right build quality and material can save you from a lot of unwanted misery. This is why here’s a list of things that you must consider if you have sensitive or achy feet if you don’t have achy feet count your blessings and prevent the damage that isn’t already done. Girls let’s be real beauty doesn't have to be painful!

The perfect fit

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have the right size for your chappals. If you aren’t wearing the right size you are bound to invite trouble. Shoes that are too tight will bite your skin or give you a rash, whereas if the shoes are loose they’ll rub against your skin and give you blisters both of which you do not want if you want a smooth sailing day. Not only this but also considering the shape of your feet is extremely important when choosing the right pair for your feet. If you’re someone with broad but long feet, forcing yourself to fit into a pair of extremely structured bellies wouldn’t be ideal. Rather going for something that is a bit more relaxed on design and lets your feet breathe like mules would save you from discomfort and pain.

Soft insoles

How much ever beautiful your sandals might look, if the cushioning isn’t right, they’re going to turn out problematic. Checking the cushioning of the shoe and going for something that is soft but at the same time slightly thick so it provides you with the right support is extremely important. Choosing a shoe with a firm foundation, and arch support would be advisable as these shoes wouldn’t give you pain in the long run. The kind of cushioning on your shoe can determine whether you’re going to cause any future damage to your feet and I’m sorry! Taking this lightly isn’t an option. Negligence towards your foot health can cause permanent muscle and ligament damage.

Good grip

A lot of people think that the grip of the shoe has nothing to do with feet health, all it has to do with is whether or not you’re going to survive in a certain environment or surface. For eg. People think that you need a good grip for trekking so that they don’t slip off of the mountain, but knowing that grip not only helps you survive in the worst possible terrain but also keeps your feet safe from unhealthy pain caused by flat or no texture in design. Your probability of slipping, or developing severe pain due to a flat grip is more severe than you can imagine!

A slider with no grip, can almost change the way you walk and how can that ever be good? Because you know you might slip, you walk differently than you naturally would (carefree) which could also cause you discomfort and start acute pain in your feet.

Say no to tall heels

If we’re talking about what sandals to buy for achy feet, it’s a no-brainer that heels are off the charts. Of all the shoes there are, heels are the least comfortable footwear you can go for. They are at a height, causing extra tension between your heel and your foot which eventually causes calf pain, ankle pain, and a lot of other internal muscle injuries. So, if you’re someone who has sensitive feet do yourself a favor and go for short heels if not flats.

Change is necessary

As soon as you see your sandals have started to tear or have become too old, it's time for them to go. Many do not understand the consequences of wearing old, worn-out sandals and what damage they can cause to your feet. Worn-out footwear such as evidently torn or if you start to see your foot imprints in your insole it is a sign that these cannot provide you the right support they could when brought initially. So stop hoarding girls! Change is always good if it's for the better.

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