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Article: How to Clean Your Fabric Sandals

How to Clean Your Fabric Sandals

For any outfit to be complete be it for the spring winter fall or summer, you have the right shoes and almost as important as the right shoes are, they need to be clean. And of all footwears sandal is the most overused footwear for the summers anyway, with all the dust, heat, pollution and sweat they tend to get dirty quicker than usual, let’s be real no one likes to roam with a filthy, stinky pair of sandals around. But, what do we do right? We can’t be cleaning our footwear every day, can we? It’s time-consuming and boring, especially if they are made of fabric or delicate material.

Washing something like plastic or rubber clogs, flip flops or formal shoes is easy. All you gotta do is run them down flowing heavy water and brush them up, no stress of tearing the fabric, ruining the shoe none of that. For formals, you don’t even need to wash them rally, dust them with a cloth, and polishing them every once in a while, does the job. The real test of your patience is when you have to wash your fabric sandals, it gets the worst of most of us. We either completely ignore cleaning them or stop wearing them because they’re too dirty and stinky to wear. Well, both options aren’t the brightest of ideas, are they?

This is why for all those of y’all who want a more straightforward and more practical solution to this problem. Here’s an easy guide on how to clean your fabric sandals without spending hours on them.

Brush off the dirt

First and foremost, you have to get rid of any dry dust on your sandals, doesn’t matter what material they are made from. Whatever powdery, dusty, muddy surface you notice on the footwear, gently brush it off using a not very hard bristled brush. Brush all the surfaces off, the skin, the insides, the soles all of it. You do not want any dry dust on your shoe before you go ahead.

Know Your Fabric

Understanding what fabric your sandals are made of is extremely important in the cleaning process. Different materials require different techniques and different solutions to clean it with. What might work for canvas material wouldn’t necessarily work for suede material.

Make a Solution

Now that you know what material your sandal is made of you can decide what solution you wanna use for the deep cleaning of the sandal. Generally, if it is a canvas or related material cloth you can just take a baking soda containing detergent, dilute it in water, remove all the dirt, stain, and marks with a toothbrush and finally rinse it with water clean. Similarly, if the fabric is leather, you can use vinegar and water solution, if the fabric is suede you don’t have to use water rather just slightly grit the surface with fine sandpaper.

Dry It Off

Last but not the least, is the drying process. You don’t need to rush the process by artificially drying rather leave the pair alone for a day or two in the sun to air dry. Doing this will prevent it from stinking and help kill all the germs or bacteria sitting on the wet surface.

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