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Article: Women Power Series: Natasha - Product Designer and Comic Artist

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Women Power Series: Natasha - Product Designer and Comic Artist

Natasha Goodwin aka @messybun_comics has a unique superpower - an ability to convey so much using her doodling skills. She indeed proves that a pen is mightier than most things in life. 

Natasha Goodwin

For us, Natasha truly symbolizes #WomenPower and inspires others to believe in #eachforequal. 

Here are her answers to our three questions:

Question 1. What do you do for a living?

Answer: I am a Product Designer for Roundglass, a wellness company and I also am a hobbyist comic artist. Creating comics is my refuge from reality and I like to spend at least an hour at the end of a day for drawing comics or learning new art forms. My webcomic series, Messybun is a platform for expression of all things unsaid in real life. For now, I do not monetise my work, but I wish to make a living out of it soon :)

Question 2. Which is that one thing about being a woman that has helped you achieve success in your life?

Answer: The ability to be more perceptive and look beyond the obvious. A quality that is the basis of my art. However, as I grow everyday - engaging and empathising with different people - I no longer believe such a quality is limited to women. If nurtured, this habit can help both men and women achieve wonders

Question 3. Zouk's theme this Women's Day is #EachForEqual. What is the one thing which you feel should be equal for everyone, but is not for women?

Answer: It is often seen that, even if women are not frowned upon for having a full time job like the husband, it is the woman who is expected to be the homemaker in a household, the one responsible for the household chores. Similarly, it is sad to see that men are looked down upon should they choose to be stay-at-home husbands and do chores that are 'expected' of a woman. This is something that needs to change and it can begin at home, between the husband and the wife themselves. I don't believe in a 'table turning' solution but I do believe both should have equal opportunity in choosing their role in a household and their responsibilities.


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