Anniversary Gifts
FloMotif Sling Bag

FloMotif Sling Bag

Rs. 999 Rs. 2,165
FloMotif Chain Wallet

FloMotif Chain Wallet

Rs. 999 Rs. 1,850
Chittoor Red Kalamkari Women's Office Bag
New Launch
Classic Zipper Wallet - FloMotif
Mughal Motif Shoulder Tote Bag
New Launch

Mughal Motif Shoulder Tote Bag

Rs. 1,499 Rs. 3,075
Chittoor Blue Kalamkari Sling Bag
New Launch
Shobha Niwas Lotus Motif Hobo Bag
New Launch
Sheesh Mahal Jaali Motif Sling Bag
New Launch
Chittoor Red Kalamkari Sling Bag
New Launch
Mughal Motif Side Tote Bag
New Launch

Mughal Motif Side Tote Bag

Rs. 1,499 Rs. 3,075
Chittoor Blue Kalamkari Chain Wallet
New Launch
Shobha Niwas Lotus Motif Sling Bag
New Launch
Chandra Mahal Raj Gadi Motif Sling Bag
New Launch
Sheesh Mahal Jaali Motif Hobo Bag
New Launch
Shobha Niwas Lotus Motif Chain Wallet
New Launch
Chhavi Niwas Jhoomar Motif Sling Bag
New Launch
Mughal Motif Hobo Bag

Mughal Motif Hobo Bag

Rs. 1,399 Rs. 3,398
Chittoor Red Kalamkari Chain Wallet
New Launch
Chandra Mahal Raj Gadi Motif Hobo Bag
New Launch
Sheesh Mahal Jaali Motif Chain Wallet
New Launch
Chandra Mahal Raj Gadi Motif Chain Wallet
New Launch

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Anniversary Gifts

Anniversary gifts can be tricky, especially when you have to think a lot before buying a gift for your partner. Whether it is your first anniversary or tenth, it is always a special occasion, and so are anniversary gifts. They are also a way to express your love to your better half. 

Bags happen to be the perfect gifting option for such occasions, and they can never go out of style and utility. Bags are the most practical marriage anniversary gift. Bags are important accessories to carry your everyday essentials like wallet, key, sanitizer spray, books, laptop, phone, earphones, power banks etc. Be it formal attire or smart casuals, you need to have a functional and fashionable bag that becomes your best buddy in your daily life.

Anniversary Gift for Husband

To keep all his gadgets safe and sound, give him a beautiful leather bag that's just as protective as it is pretty. You can even customize it with metallic foiling. If he needs a place to put his growing stash of toiletries, a convenient sling bag is a perfect fit! 

It is not only an easy and functional option but also is the perfect anniversary gift idea for him. Sling bags are a blend of voguishness and versatility. 

A trusty briefcase is a professional’s best friend. Besides, nothing ruins that aura when it is slung over the shoulders of your husband's suit jacket. It is also a budget-friendly option and a practical one. 

You can also gift him a vegan leather wallet. Zouk’s handmade wallets have got the PeTA Best Vegan Wallets 2021 award. You will love the Men's Leather Wallets from Zouk. A blend of practicality, durability and stylishness, the dainty wallets from Zouk are the best anniversary gift for your husband. 

Backpacks are also a great wedding anniversary gift for husbands. The longevity of the backpacks and the fantastic durability also make it a great gift for 10th-anniversary for husband. A durable gift for a decade of relationship!

Anniversary Gift for Wife

Weekend getaways, short trips, work from staycations, or family vacations, bags are definitely the travel partners that you need. Bags can be carried to parties with Little Black Dress and to the office with Formal Shirt and Trousers. Your wife surely loves a bag that is trendy, functional, spacious, lightweight, weather-proof and durable. Be it handbags or purses or backpacks, the bags must be made of vegan leather and handicraft fabric. Eco-friendly bags make a happy anniversary gift that can be truly treasured. 

Also, if you tend to play on the safer side, tote bags are the perfect choice for you. Tote bags make the perfect first anniversary gift. They are multipurpose, versatile and functional. 

FloMotif Tote Bag is something that is stylish, practical and amply-sized. 

If it is your 5th year wedding anniversary, Jaipur Fresco Blue Handbag can be chosen based on the sober design and sophisticated look. This bag is a mix of functional and fashionable attributes.  

Anniversary Gifts for Parents

The best wedding anniversary gifts for parents can be something that can be flaunted with hashtag twinning. 

Ikat African Wave Three Fold Wallet for your lovely mother and Unisex Pocket Wallet - Ikat Wave for your personable father. 

If you are looking for 25th-anniversary gifts for parents, then you should go for something that is made with creativity and looks innovatively fresh. 

Mughal Art Multicolor Tote Bag is an amazing choice for your mother and for your father, you can bake him a Red Velvet cake.

If you want to buy good anniversary gifts for parents, Kanjeevaram Saree is a great choice for your mother and your father will surely love Unisex Pocket Wallet - Sea Shell to store all his essential belongings. 

Find below a list of creative ideas for mom dad anniversary gift -

  • Personalized Marble Coasters
  • Digital Portraits
  • Custom Photo Box
  • Handheld Body Massager
  • Saregama Caravan

Choose anyone from the unique anniversary gifts for parents and capture their precious smiles. Don't forget to put these in a nice Handbag

Anniversary Gifts for Couples

Roomy but dainty, durable but lightweight and functional but fashionable - bags and wallets are one of the best marriage anniversary gifts for a couple. The wedding anniversary gifts for couples need to be a perfect blend of practicality, presentability and versatility. 

Ikat GreRe Sling Bag is one of the best anniversary gifts for couples. Gift wrap two sling bags of the same print that is unisex, trendy and stylish. Flaunt them wherever you go and use the hashtag twinning for your Instagram-worthy pictures.

Different Gifts to Give on Anniversary

If you are head scratching about what to gift your loved ones on their anniversaries, you can refer to the anniversary gift suggestions given below. 

Loved Ones

Anniversary Gift Ideas

Best Anniversary Gift for Him

Unisex Pocket Wallet, Watch, Perfume, Homemade Baked Cake, His Favourite Whiskey.

Best Anniversary Gift for Her

Three Fold Wallet, Gold Jewelry Set, Indoor Garden, Zodiac Finger Ring, Her Favourite Wine. 

Best Anniversary Gift for Girlfriend

Tote Bag, Wireless Headphones, Personalized Photo Magnet, Mini Photo Book, Comfy Robe.

Best Anniversary Gift for Boyfriend

Laptop Bag, Gym Shoes, Beard Set, Customized T Shirt, Electric Smokeless Indoor Grill.

Anniversary Gift for Brother

Men's Slim Wallet, Hiking Boot, Shirt, Skincare Kit, Solo Trip Holiday Ticket. 

Anniversary Gift for Sister

Women's Leather Wallet, Hair Styling Tools, Pearl Pendant, Plants, Photo Cakes.

1st Anniversary Gift 

FloMotif - Handbag & Chain Wallet Combo, Custom Star Map Poster, Personalized Moon Lamp, DIY Ferris Wheel Photo Frame, Rooftop Cafe Date.

10th Anniversary Gift 

Tidal Wave Handbag, Personalized Wooden Clock, Wireless Earbuds, Candle Light Dinner at Home, Camera.

25th Anniversary Gift 

Ikat Print Combo - Laptop Bag & Chain Wallet, Personalized Wedding Portrait, Diamond Ring, Champagne, Homestay Amidst Hill Stations.

50th Anniversary Gift 

Mughal Motif Tote Bag, Travel Memories Photo Book, Week-Long Beach Vacation, Gold Ring, Then and Now Photo Frame.



1. Which is the best gift for an anniversary?

The best gift should be the gift of time. You can book a weekend getaway spot for the couple to spend some quality time with each other. Udaipur, Rishikesh, Lonavala, Pondicherry, Coorg, Dawki would be some of our suggestions.

2. Which gift is best for an anniversary for a couple?

The best anniversary gift for a couple should be something that can remind them of the great bond that they share. You can contact all their loved ones, collect their photos together and gift them a photo collage framed in wooden rims.

3. What should I gift my female friend on her Anniversary?

FloMotif Women's Office Bag should be the apt gift because the spacious, stylish and sober looking bag is equally functional and practical. It can be carried to the office as well as weekend parties and coffee dates.


4. What should I gift my sister on her Anniversary?

Mughal Motif Hobo Bag is trendy, classy and functional. It can be an ideal gift for your sister as she is going to love the timelessness, durability and utility of the bag. 


5. What should I give my wife on her Anniversary?

FloMotif - Handbag & Chain Wallet Combo will help her to carry the small portable world in the handbag and the mini essentials in the wallet. It will become the most useful gift that she gets because these bags are made of vegan leather and are a perfect blend of sustainability, style and sophistication.



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Anniversary Gifts Price List 

Anniversary Gifts 

Price List 

FloMotif Women's Office Bag

Rs. 1,899

Royal Indian Peacock Motif Hobo Bag

Rs. 1,599

Morbi Floral Motif Hobo Bag

Rs. 1,599

Multicolor Mandala Print Mini Wallet

Rs. 799

GreRed Women's Mini Wallet

Rs. 799

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