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Dainty Duffels

Some of us are really punctilious about what bags we are buying. It is good to be ultra-careful about the material, fabric, closure, space, color, shape, and purpose of bags. A smart duffel bag is something that best goes for weekend trips, short road trips, bus & train journeys, carrying wedding ceremony clothes, storing extra food & clothes for a staycation, and keeping groceries & food items while going on a day-long picnic. 

The best duffel bag for travel is a great alternative to heavy suitcases, weighty trolleys, or hefty handbags. Though a black duffel bag is something that goes best with every outfit, mood, and place, you can also consider the best travel duffel bag with traditional prints, vegan leather, and quirky designs. 

A vegan leather duffel bag from Zouk can be your summer special buy and winter special gift. You might want to carry the sweaty gym gear in summer or go to hill stations for a relaxing week, might want to experience jungle safaris, or just want to go visit your grandparents on summer vacation - you need the best duffel bag for travel. 

For winters, you will have to carry your jacket, stoles, thermals, hot water flask, electric kettle, and many items making you comfortable in winters. A duffel bag with shoe compartment would be the best choice for winter. 

At Zouk, we use cruelty-free vegan leather to produce eco-friendly best duffel bags. A duffel bag from Zouk is a blend of practicality, style, affordability, and durability. 

Dive deep into the duffel world!

Different Types of Duffel Bags

A near-perfect travel bag should be stylish, functional, sturdy, lightweight, vegan, eco-friendly, and affordable at the same time. And even better if the travel bag for women and the travel bag for men is ergonomic. It won’t cause any shoulder pain or backache while going on long walks, tiring treks, or staycation traveling. 

Well-known for its quality, class, and design, the vegan genuine leather duffel bag from Zouk has traditional prints on modern silhouettes. With a list of irresistible prints and classy designs, you may keep wondering which one to buy and when. We will make things easy for you. 

Travel Duffel Bags -

A travel duffel bag is designed to have multiple compartments, enough spacious to hold a water bottle, umbrella, snacks, some clothes, cards, coins, cash, documents, and sanitizer. You can also carry a book, power bank, charger, earphones, and any other important thing in a duffel bag. Have a look at Mughal Art Multicolor Medium Duffel Bag which is made with lightweight material, and doesn’t cause any pain or ache. Take this bag to beach vacations, hill station staycations, forest resorts, and business tours. 

Gym Duffel Bags -

Fitness is of utmost importance in this busy and hectic life that we are leading. Carry your exercise clothes, towel, water bottle, sanitizer, phone, cash, umbrella while going to the gym, Zumba class, yoga class, or dance class in Jet Black Medium Duffel Bag. It is your fitness duffel bag in jet black color that is sober, spacious, and simply designed. 

Sports Duffel Bags -

Jaipur Fresco Blue Medium Duffel Bag can be taken to your badminton, boxing, tennis, volleyball, basketball, football, cricket, and any other sports classes. Zouk understands the value of your time and the passion you have for sports, so it has manufactured a smart duffel bag that is sturdy, durable, functional, and fashionable. 

Trekking Duffel Bags -

Be it Kunjkharak Trek, Binsar Zero Point Trek, or Rajmachi Trek - it can be a few hours long trek or a day-long trek, you need to keep the essentials with you, carry them in a bag that won’t cause pain or ache. Multicolor Mandala Print Medium Duffel Bag can be your trekking duffel bag with water-resistant inner lining, one side shoe pocket, one backside zipper pocket, two slide pockets, one inside zipper pocket, and a lot of space to carry while exploring nature. 

Daily Duffel Bags -

You can be running out of groceries, going to your nearest picnic spot, heading to your kid’s school, or driving for a short road trip - all you need is a vegan leather duffel bag that is roomy, functional, weather-proof, and versatile. Royal Green Mogra Print Medium Duffel Bag can be your daily duffel bag. 

A handmade leather duffel bag with soothing colors, tranquilizing design, and incredible utility is what you need in your daily life. 

Buy a great going duffel bag with shoe compartment online from Zouk that has contemporary design, classic prints, and is of maximum utility. The duffel bag for women and the travel bag for men from Zouk provide royal, elegant, and timeless fashion for all having ample space for your essentials. Each duffel bag is made of robust material and can sustain wear and tear. 

Buy a duffel bag online at Zouk that is functional, graceful, and unique. 

Buy Duffel Bags Online at Zouk

Adding convenience, comfort, and confidence to your daily lives, a vegan leather duffel bag is something that you can not step out without when you are going for the gym, sports classes, weekend traveling, just staycation, or spending a long weekend at your friends’ place. 

Cylindrical in shape, a weekend duffel bag, gym duffel bag, trekking duffel bag, or an airport duffel bag needs to have a sturdy exterior, water-resistant interior, and should be made of durable material - preferably vegan leather, and handicraft fabric. Strong zips, ergonomic handles, and high-quality stitching are added benefits along with multi-compartments, quirky prints, and classy design. Shop for the best duffel bags online at Zouk. 

Tips to Choose the Right Duffel Bags

Approximately 17 x 8 x 11 inches in dimension, a leather travel duffel bag from Zouk can be carried as a handbag in airlines. A fitness duffel bag should have a water-resistant inner lining to carry your sweaty clothes. A gym duffel bag can be carried to the gym which is a mixture of functionality and fashion. A tennis duffel bag can be carried to your sports classes so that you can focus on your dreams without any hassle. An airport duffel bag is ideal while traveling, and a trekking duffel bag is perfect to carry your essentials while going on short treks and long hikes. 

The right duffel bag should have the following things -

  • Compartments for organized storing
  • Durable material
  • Spacious
  • Strong and ergonomic handles
  • Classy and timeless design
  • Comfortable and convenient to carry
  • Sturdy
  • Stylish and functional
  • Affordable
  • Minimalistic yet elegant

If you are looking for a branded duffel bag having all of these features and more, welcome to Zouk. 


  • Why is a duffel bag called a duffel bag?

Well, that is an interesting story. Duffel is a town in Flanders, Belgium. Back in the 17th century, thick duffel cloth was used to make the bag. Hence, this name. 

  • What is the correct spelling for duffel bag?

Duffel and duffle - both the words are correct but Duffel is the proper spelling, and over time, it got changed to duffle. Though both the words are correct and commonly used, the preferred spelling is duffel since the Second World War.

  • Which material is best for duffel bag?

A duffel bag should be sturdy, durable, and able to endure daily wear and tear. Polyester and nylon are the two most commonly used materials but at Zouk, a duffel bag is made of vegan leather and handicraft fabric with quirky designs, modern silhouettes, and a traditional soul. The duffel bags from Zouk are a mix of durability, style, functionality, and eco-friendliness. 

  • Are duffel bags good?

Duffel bags are a traveler’s first choice because of the sturdiness, easement, and comfort that it provides. Having plenty of room, water-resistant inner lining, weather-proof outer material, and a pair of ergonomic handles are everything that a Zouk duffel bag has, making it the best duffel bag for travel. 

  • What color duffel bag should I get?

Though a black duffel bag is a common thing to buy, you can definitely try out quirky prints, uncommon designs, and colorful duffel bags. However, the colors that go well with everything are - black, navy blue, beige, maroon, tan, and olive green. 

  • What is the price of a good duffel bag?

A branded duffel bag is priced between Rs. 2000 to 5000. A key aspect would be to ensure that a duffel bag can be carried to multiple occasions such as picnics, weekend getaways, short hikes, long treks, and other outings. Zouk handpicks duffel bag with shoe compartment which provides value-for-money. Zouk duffel bags are PETA-approved Vegan and hence they are eco-friendly. The vegan leather also makes it easy to clean. You can get rid of dust, dirt, and stains by simply wiping the duffel bags’ exterior with a wet cloth.

  • Which are the best duffel bags offered by Zouk?

The best duffel bags based on customer ratings are –


Kovil Blue Medium Duffel Bag | Paisley Print Medium Duffel Bag | Tidal Wave Medium Duffel Bag | Jet Black Medium Duffel Bag | Royal Indian Peacock Motif Medium Duffel Bag

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Duffel Bags Price List

Duffel Bags

Price (Rs.)

FloMotif Medium Duffel Bag

Rs. 2,499

Kovil Blue Medium Duffel Bag

Rs. 2,499

Space Chakra Medium Duffel Bag

Rs. 2,499

Mughal Garden Print Medium Duffel Bag

Rs. 2,499

Royal Green Mogra Print Medium Duffel Bag

Rs. 2,499

Note: Actual prices of products on the product detail pages may vary from prices mentioned above. Please visit the product detail pages for the latest prices.