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Three Fold Wallets

Three Fold Wallets

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Hold and Stroll!

A wallet with three folds or tri-folds has three sections and can be folded twice, providing more space than bifold wallets. It has a simple structure with an overall squarish or rectangle silhouette that makes it easier to hold in hands or pockets of trousers and bags. 

You may be wondering that the three fold wallet may take up more space but that isn’t the truth. Depending on the structure, build, and material, a three fold wallet for ladies can hold their portable world. And a three fold wallet for men can hold the bare minimum essentials like cards, cash, and bills. Also, these take minimum spaces in bags and pockets.  

A three fold wallet gives you maximum capacity and efficiency in the world of handheld clutches and wallets. If you are someone who likes to ensure that their cash is not getting folded, bills are in one place, the cards are safe and the coins are not making too much sound, then a three fold wallet is what you need. The compartments and slots unimaginably help you. 

You may be heading towards the office, catching a business trip flight, rushing to your nearest grocery store, or exploring newly opened cafes. You need to have your cash, card, and documents handy, safe and organized. A three fold wallet does the work for you. 

At Zouk, we use cruelty-free vegan leather to produce eco-friendly three fold wallet for men and three fold wallet for ladies. A three fold wallet from Zouk is a blend of practicality, style, affordability, and durability. 

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Different Types of Three Fold Wallets 

You will find an array of three fold wallets in the market but having a trifold wallet that is stylish, functional, sturdy, lightweight, vegan, eco-friendly, and affordable at the same time is difficult. 

Well-known for its quality, class, and design, the three fold wallets from Zouk have traditional prints on modern silhouettes. With a list of irresistible wallets, you may keep wondering which one to buy and when. We will make things easy for you. 

Work Three Fold Wallets -

A three fold wallet for women or a three fold wallet for men are designed to have multiple compartments, enough spacious to hold cards, coins, cash, documents, and invoices. Made with lightweight material, these wallets don’t take up much space in your trouser or bag pockets. Professionally sober, these wallets are made to deal with your Monday blues in style and complement your Friday pinks with functionality. Have a look at FloMotif Three Fold Wallet and Ikat GreRed Three Fold Wallet

College Three Fold Wallets -

Go to your college, have lunch in quirky cafes, dinner at fancy restaurants, enjoy the pizza, pay for that burger, but above all, do everything in style. Mughal Art Multicolor Three Fold Wallet and Abstract Amaze Three Fold Wallet would be our suggestion to young adults, growing teens, and people just eighteen. 

Daytime Three Fold Wallets -

You can be running out of groceries, going to your nearest gym, heading to your kid’s school, or driving your scooty to go meet a friend - all you need is a wallet that is roomy, functional, weather-proof, and versatile. Jaipur Fresco Blue Three Fold Wallet and Seashell Motif White Three Fold Wallet are good choices for these purposes because the soothing colours, tranquilizing designs, and incredible utility are what you need in your daily life. 

Evening Three Fold Wallets -

Vegan leather build, elegant texture, and unique designs would be the main reasons to use Space Chakra Three Fold Wallet or FloLov Three Fold Wallet as evening wallets. It can be a date night, movie meet-up, cocktail party, or just a quality cafe time with cousins - you need a three fold wallet to keep your essentials safe.

Travel Three Fold Wallets -

If you're going on a weekend trip, and need a trusty, spacious, stylish, and durable three fold wallet, then Paisley Print Three Fold Wallet is totally there for you. This will enable you to carry a good amount of cards, cash, and IDs for all your travel needs. If you are going for a long vacation or staycation, take something that goes well with your happy mood. Honeycomb Summer Three Fold Wallet would be our suggestion. Travel to sunny beaches with WavBeach Three Fold Wallet, astonishing hill stations with Lattice Lace Three Fold Wallet, and scenic forests with Kovil Blue Three Fold Wallet

Buy a great going three fold wallet online from Zouk that has contemporary design, classic prints, and is of maximum utility. The three fold wallets from Zouk provide royal, elegant, and timeless fashion for all having ample space for your essentials. The wallets are made of robust material and can sustain wear and tear. 

Separate compartments for keeping cards, coins, and cash, and one ID card window helps you to keep things safe and organized. 

Try these stylish three fold wallets online at Zouk that are functional, graceful, and unique. 

Buy Three Fold Wallets Online at Zouk

Wallets are everywhere and they’re not going to be going out of fashion any time soon. We lovingly call the three fold wallets “carry-all” wallets because of the space, utility, and style that it provides. Adding convenience and confidence to your daily lives, a three fold wallet is something that you can not step out without. 

Buy the three fold wallets at Zouk and carry an eco-friendly wallet, flaunt a designer purse, and keep the essentials in a sober pouch.

Tips for Carrying Three Fold Wallets 

To save your essentials from damage, drops, thefts, and spillage, you need a wallet that is weather-proof, stain-proof, and sturdy. A three fold wallet is a great accessory for your daily style and utility. 

Here is how we can mix and match and create new styles:

  • You should always carry an effortlessly chic staple three fold wallet for ladies with solid colours or minimalistic Indian prints with formal or office wear. 
  • The design with the striped fabric having all the card slots and compartments is just the right kind which you need for your comfortable palazzos or regular kurtas or ripped jeans. Such three fold wallet is essential for staying organized when you're out and about.
  • Spruce up your beach look and pair it with a glorious flared dress, peep-toe heels, a classic printed three fold wallet for women, and sunglasses to saunter around the beach right after you check in.
  • Pair a three fold wallet with beautiful colours or motifs with a dress of your choice and heels to enhance your look for a casual picnic day.
  • Practical and good-looking three fold wallet men's is roomy and durable enough to haul your cash and card. Carry it with formals or ethnic wear.
  • Club the absolute eye-catcher three fold wallet with a midi dress and pointed heels and travel to escape the mundanities of everyday life.
  • Pair a short-sleeved shirt and cuffed trousers with a simply printed three fold wallet for women for carrying out day-to-day activities.

Buy the right kind of three fold wallet and you are ready to rock the day!

Tips to Choose the Right Three Fold Wallets 

A three fold wallet doesn’t have only one purpose. You can carry it in your hand, trouser pocket, or bag pocket. They come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, so you can definitely find one for yourself.

Chic, smart and trendy, three fold wallet for ladies and three fold wallet for men are easy to carry and have become a favorite of fashionistas across the globe.

Trend-wise speaking, the three fold wallet is a win-win. Roomy, stylish, and functional, you can carry your essentials while in transit.

The right three fold wallet should have the following things -

  • Compartments for organized storing
  • Multiple card slots
  • Durable material
  • Classy and sleek
  • Affordable
  • Minimalistic yet elegant

If you are looking for a three fold wallet having all of these features and more, welcome to Zouk. 


1. Is a trifold wallet good?

If you are someone who values functionality over size or style, then a trifold wallet is the best option for you. Spacious, compartmented, and weather-proof three-fold wallet from Zouk comes with a utility blend with style. A handful of cash, many cards, and important documents can be carried safely and in an organized way. 

2. What kind of wallet is best for men?

The three fold wallet for men is best because it is amply-sized, stylish, and functional. Add affordability, durability, and modishness to the vegan wallets from Zouk, and yay! You can carry as many cards, cash, documents, and bills with you.

3. How do I choose a ladies wallet?

A three fold wallet for women should have qualities like - sturdiness, robustness, affordability, weather-proof, stylish, roomy, functional, and compartmented. Brownie points for using vegan wallets from Zouk. Resolving to have a more eco-friendly lifestyle is no longer just a trend — it's a responsibility. 

4. What is the price of a good three fold wallet?

Good quality branded three fold wallet is priced between Rs. 1000 to 3000. A key aspect would be to ensure that these trifold wallets can be carried to multiple occasions such as picnics, parties, offices, schools, and other outings. Zouk handpicks three fold wallet which provides value-for-money. Zouk wallets are PETA-approved Vegan and hence they are eco-friendly. The vegan leather also makes it easy to clean. You can get rid of dust, dirt, and stains by simply wiping the wallets’ exterior with a wet cloth.

5. Which are the best three fold wallets offered by Zouk?

The best three fold wallets based on customer ratings are –


FloMotif Three Fold Wallet | Mughal Motif Three Fold Wallet | Seashell Motif White Three Fold Wallet | Space Chakra Three Fold Wallet | WavBeach Three Fold Wallet

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Three Fold Wallets Price List

Three Fold Wallets

Price (Rs.)

Jaipur Fresco Blue Three Fold Wallet

Rs. 1,199

Abstract Amaze Three Fold Wallet

Rs. 1,199

FloLov Three Fold Wallet

Rs. 1,199

Honeycomb Summer Three Fold Wallet

Rs. 1,199

Ikat GreRed Three Fold Wallet

Rs. 1,199

Note: Actual prices of products on the product detail pages may vary from prices mentioned above. Please visit the product detail pages for the latest prices.