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Article: How to Match Your Footwear with The 9 Colors of Navaratri | Zouk Blogs

How to Match Your Footwear with The 9 Colors of Navaratri | Zouk Blogs

As much as the first half of the year is full of resolutions, motivation, and work we all know that the second half of the year is always filled with excitement and celebrations because of all the festivities around the corner. Eid, Raksha Bandhan, Ganesh Chaturthi, and of course a crowd favorite Navaratri.

Navaratri meaning 9 nights is a major Hindu festival that occurs over 9 days in honor of the divine feminine goddess Maa Durga. Wherein, people dress up in beautiful Ghaghras for all the different 9 colors of the week and perform the aarti and later celebrate by dancing and playing dandiya and Garba.

Aren’t we the happiest when we have our ethnic outfits and the perfect colors on? But we all know the outfit is incomplete without the right pair of footwear. But let’s be real you can’t possibly have all the nine colors for all nine days, so if you are as confused as most of us and have a habit of panicking last moment, here’s a list of things you can keep in mind to have your perfect Navaratri outfit matched with your footwear.

Get Yourself a Staple Piece

When you’re looking for shoes to fit your festive ethnic aesthetic, having a staple piece that could be styled with multiple outfits is a must. Investing in footwear that has a golden or silver design or work would be one of them. It isn’t necessary that every Kurti or Anarkali you own has silver or golden in them, but when we talk about festive looks, you’re bound to have some glitz and glam in the design. You wouldn’t wear a boring plain Ghaghra to Navaratri would you, of course, it is going to have some mirror work, handwork, or an intricate golden border. This is when that one golden chappal you brought is going to be useful. All you have to do is throw on these chappals, throw on your big chunky earrings and get ready to rock the dance floor!

Invest in Neutrals

There are nine days and nine colors in Navaratri. Yeah, maybe you have 2 or 3 maybe even 4 of those colors to match your Chaniya Choli but having all nine colors in the right shade to match your outfit is difficult. This is when neutrals come into the picture. Get yourself a beige, black, or white pair of sandals; or a color that is closest to your skin tone. What neutrals generally do is that they blend in your skin color so well that, even if you don’t have the same shade or glitzy footwear lying in your wardrobe, you can always pair your outfits with these and they will give an equally good look if not better.

An Embellished Footwear

All those times we don’t have extra and over-the-top outfits handy for festivities, and no time to go shop from the market we think being underdressed is the only plausible option left to us. That isn’t true though, this is the story of every girl’s life which is when embellished sliders could help you dress the outfit up. What dressing an outfit up means you ask? Anytime your look is looking a little too simple or basic, adding on cute accessories like earrings, chains, watches, bags, and footwear could elevate your look in ways you wouldn’t imagine. Go get yourself a beautiful pair of Kadapa Garden Embellished Sliders and you’re sorted for all your 9 days.

Skip Stilettos go for Wedges

This one should be a no-brainer! On a regular day when we have to barely walk, sit in a cab and go out to eat in a restaurant even on those days’ stilettos are a pain to be in; so on a day when you need to dance, run around, be everywhere stilettos or even kitten heels for that matter are a no go. If you’re a girl who absolutely cannot do without some added height or just wants to look glamorous opting for a wedge is a better and more practical alternative. What wedges do is distribute all the pressure of the height evenly along your foot because of their platform and more supportive design. This helps in reducing the pain that is caused by excessive walking or dancing in heels and also reduces the chance of twisting your ankle and getting yourself bruised.

Get Your Popular Wardrobe Color

What this essentially means is that, there are 9 days and 9 different colors to wear in Navaratri, now that you can’t buy all of them, you can just check your wardrobe out, and see which color clothes you own the most or which one’s your favorite color. Knowing what color occurs the most in your style aesthetic would help you style the chappal more than just in Navaratri or with ethnic wear. Doing this firstly increases the usage of your footwear, makes it worth it for spending the extra money and also does the job of matching your Navaratri outfit. It’s a win-win, isn’t it?

Color Blocking

Color blocking means styling contrasting or complementary colors together to make each one of them pop and appear more flattering. Of all occasions, this is a trick you must know when it comes to styling your Indian wear or festival clothes. The reason is, we generally have more western or regular, everyday wear items in our wardrobe compared to heavy Indian or festive fits. These are more expensive and used comparatively lesser than a t-shirt, jeans, etc. So, a lot of times we have to do some last-minute mix and match to give a completely new look to the outfit. The exact same thing can be done with your ethnic sandals. For example, if your entire outfit is yellow, wearing a bright red jutti with intricate design work would be the cutest thing, it will make the whole outfit look even brighter and draw some extra attention to the footwear. Isn’t that what we want? So, don’t be afraid to experiment, just color block, and most importantly wear what makes you feel the best in your skin!

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