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Article: How to organize your Handbag?

Zouk Guide

How to organize your Handbag?

Handbags are a storehouse of your mini portable world and with enough zipper, pockets, and compartments, these keep your things safe and organized. But sometimes, it turns into a cluttered pit if you keep on storing unnecessary things. To keep your handbags and purses clean and tidy, you need to keep a check on items that can stay in your bag. To know the essential list of things to keep in your purse, you first need to have clarity of where are you going, what is the schedule for the day, what is your purpose, and what things you should carry. 

Here is a list of things to keep in your purse - 

  1. Sanitizer and Mask. 
  2. Wallet, Phone, Keys
  3. Tissues, Sanitary Napkins, and Soap Paper.
  4. A Book, Some Snacks, and Earphones.
  5. Sun Protection Lotion and Sunglass. 
  6. Scarves, Water Bottle, and Some Breath Mints.
  7. Comb, Lipstick, Lip Balm, and Scrunchies.
  8. Basic Medication.
  9. Pepper Spray and Deodorant.
  10. Some Roses and Lavender. 

We clearly don’t want to make it a disaster area but with unplanned usage, our handbags and purses become a place where you literally spend a long time to find your wallet, lip balm, home keys, or anything urgent. Zouk is here and happy to help. First, let us start with wallet organization. 

  • Keep the metro cards, credit cards, debit cards, business cards, shopping reward cards, and invoices on one side of the pocket. Keep them in a straight way, lengthwise. 
  • Empty the wallet and take a look at the torn, crumpled pieces of bills, papers, tickets, and cards so that you can get rid of them. 
  • Separate cash notes based on denomination and keep the coins in a separate pocket. 
  • Don’t store bills/invoices for restaurants, grocery shopping, or casual shopping sprees. 
  • Use payment applications to carry less cash.
  • Declutter and clean your wallet, at least once a week.
  • Minimize the contents. 
  • Always select the right kind of wallet for your purpose. 

Once you have worked on your wallet organization, you need to stop lugging around heavy totes filled with unwanted items. Neck and shoulder pain is bound to follow if you carry bags that no longer remain comfortable but have become a burden. The next section of the blog will revolve around how to keep a tote bag organized. 

How to keep a Tote bag organized:

  • When it comes to belongings that are not so necessary, please develop a practice to separate them into categories like - hair things, sun protection things, snacks, and water, electronic gadgets, books, kindles, etc. 
  • Buy a cardholder to store the metro cards, credit cards, debit cards, business cards, shopping reward cards, and invoices.
  • Keep the important things in plain sight like your mobile, home & car keys, some cash, and your sanitizer.
  • Keep the wired earphone and your sunglass in the sunglass box.
  • Use a compartmentalized tote bag. 
  • Clean out the unnecessary junk at the end of each day or every two days.
  • Buy small pouches for hair accessories, basic makeup items, and other items.
  • Cord holders help you to keep the wired things in an untangled way.
  • A handbag organizer is a good idea. 
  • Keep dedicated spaces for different things.
  • A functional wallet, some organizing pouches, and a lot of compartments within the tote always help.
  • Carry travel-friendly sizes of things.

A wallet is sometimes too small for a day, and a tote may seem too big. Here comes to the rescue - hobo bags, handbags, and shoulder bags. These are perfect to be used as everyday purses. If you are wondering how to organize a small purse, you need to have a balance between carrying beyond necessities but carrying less than the potential clutter. 

Organizing a small purse:

  • Carry a wallet that is roomy, functional, and has a separate card and cash slots. 
  • Two to three organizing pouches based on where are you going, what things are you going to need, and what is your purpose or destination - office, party, date, brunch meet, movie hall, weekend getaway, shopping mall, cafe hopping, staycation, road trip, train journey, bus journey, short trips, long walks, lazy strolling, etc. 
  • Declutter the bag at least once a week.
  • Choose and decide what is more important - a book or kindle, one set of cloth or just a relaxing pajama, headphones, Bluetooth earphones, or both, phone or tab.
  • Reduce the amount of cash and papers by downloading payment applications and e-paper tickets. 
  • Try to group things based on your convenience and keep them organized and systematically. 
  • Throw away unnecessary bills and invoices. 
  • Always carry face wipes rather than carrying bulky face washes, keep not-too-bulky water bottles, tummy-filling dry fruits, and snacks, and reduce the number of makeup items since your last wedding party or coffee date. 

With Zouk, you can buy affordable bags of different sizes to keep your things safe, and secure and carry just what is right for the day.



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Stay organized, stay happy!

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