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Article: How Purse Handles and Straps Can Define the Use of Your Purse?

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How Purse Handles and Straps Can Define the Use of Your Purse?

Glossy, matte, short, chained, long, detachable, adjustable, and what not things we see and examine for the straps or handles of the bag that we want to buy or carry. The purse handles and handbag straps, apart from being the decorative parts of a wallet, purse, or bag, serve important purposes. It defines the HOWs, WHYs, and WHENs of using a bag. The purse straps can be adjustable, detachable, or concealable. This is done by using hooks, clasps, loops, buckles, and snaps. The straps for handbags can be used in many ways - short purse strap length can be used as shoulder bags, long purse straps can make it a sling bag, adjustable purse straps help you to carry it on the go, chain handles for handbags make it trendy for parties, and dinner dates and removable purse straps make your handbag just a carry-on-hand bag that looks extremely stylish with corporate attires. If the purse handles, and handbag straps can be used in multiple ways, it brings along a tint of confidence, a hue of convenience, and shades of comfort.

Short Removable Strap

If you want to switch between professional and personal life, you need a bag with short removable straps. On your way to the evening cocktail party, or dinner date, you can just remove the short strap, hold it in hand and walk with confidence. Long straps don’t go well with pencil skirts, formal shirts, blazers, and formal trousers. So, if you take a short handle bag to the office, you can add an oomph factor to your everyday styling at your job. Transform your office bag into a party bag by just removing the short straps and carrying it with a little black dress or mauve gown. 

Chain Straps

If you are wearing fluffy tops, woolen kurtas, or shimmery dresses, chain straps go best with them. A chain purse strap is classy, alluring, and enticing. It gives an oomph to your bag and purse. It matches with your party wears, makes you look put-together, polished, and perky. Be it ripped jeans and shimmery tops, floral beach dresses, or heavily embroidered blouses with Sequin sarees, the chain handles for bags look extremely stylish and gives a metallic vibe to your style. 

Adjustable Shoulder Straps

The adjustable purse straps give you the facility to use them in a variety of ways. You can mix and match to create immensely stylish looks. Be it a Handloom saree, long pleated skirt, silk kurtas, or cotton trousers, every look can be complimented well with adjustable handbag straps. You can use it as a sling bag, handbag, shoulder bag, underarm bag, clutch, and any other way that may suit your purpose & styling. The adjustable purse straps can match your height, mood, and other preferences. While boarding crowded buses, and trains, you can hold your bag close to your body and secure it. Here, the adjustable handbag straps prove important. 

Multiple Removable Straps

A long sling bag goes well with dinner dates, cross body sling bags become your favorite while going on weekend trips, short handles provide you maximum comfort in the form of tote bags, handbags, and shoulder bags. A top-handle is chic, mystic, and urbane in look, style, and aesthetics. A bag with changeable purse straps gives you the freedom to switch from work-ready to brunch-date-look to dinner-appropriate style. Remove, adjust, or change the straps while on the move. 

Single Adjustable Strap

The single long purse straps give a unique look to the wallets, but make sure that it is padded well, ergonomic, and made of vegan leather. Sturdy, comfortable, and adjustable single straps are also loved by people who aren’t fond of multiple handles or have thin-width shoulders. They can carry the bag comfortably without the straps sliding down their hands and shoulders. You can take these bags for pre-wedding photoshoots, formal business meets over lunch, or while going on an ice-cream date in your car, with your BFF. 

Double Handles

Double handles in a handbag, tote bag, and shoulder bag are very common and add to the convenience, and comfort of the wearer. Double handles are the most known and loved if you list down the types of bag handles. They distribute the load correctly to not cause any shoulder pain. Even better, if they are padded and ergonomic. Double handle totes and handbags are best for office use, weekend trips, and staycation travels. 

Vegan Leather Handles 

Vegan leather handles are sturdy, durable, and look extremely classy. They add a fashion sense to your otherwise boring bags. Having an unparalleled elegance, the vegan leather handles are cruelty-free and add an oomph factor to your bags and everyday styling. 

Fabric Handles

Fabric handles are quite popular when you stitch a bag by yourself. You can also take these fabric handle bags for grocery shopping, and running errands. 

Wooden Handles

The wooden handles seem extremely stylish with picnic bags, snacks parties in countryside resorts, and for carrying extra clothes while going on one-day trips. The wooden handles are strong, elegant, and durable.

Metal Handles

The metal handles are best suited for party clutches and oval-shaped stylish wallets. You can take these to brunch outings, coffee meet-ups, and lazy walk dates. 

Crocheted Handles

Handmade things will always be full of love and smiles. The crocheted handles look great with cotton kurtas, handloom sarees, and khadi skirts. You can carry crocheted handle bags to day events like rice ceremonies of kids, going for parents teachers’ meetings at your kids’ school, and for casual day outs with cousins. 

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Choose the right handle to handle the parties right!

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