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Article: Situations Where a Tote Bag is the Best

Tote bags

Situations Where a Tote Bag is the Best

Whenever there’s a conversation about big bags tote bags is the center of discussion. I mean why wouldn’t they be right? They’re big, they’re stylish and most importantly they’re the new fashion statement. Totes are basically big bags that can carry multiple things inside of them and are generally made of strong material. They say “A woman carries her entire world in her bag” they aren’t so wrong, are they? This is also why a tote bag needs to be extremely functional too. Just being stylish isn’t going to be enough, being able to fit all your essentials should be a top priority when looking for a good tote bag. Here are a few situations in which a tote can save the day for you without any stress of where and how to keep all your important belongings.


An office is a place that requires you to have it all. The tote is perfect if you need to carry multiple things to the office on a daily basis. You can keep a laptop in the laptop compartment, and keep the charger along with it on the side in your office bag. In the big compartment, you can carry your lunch and a water bottle without worrying about space. Other than that, you can carry a small wallet to keep all your cash and or cards and a mobile phone charger. On the side, you can hang a few pens and a pocket diary or keys for whenever you want to take down some notes, and lastly, if you’re someone who uses makeup you can carry a few lipsticks and compact for touch up and a few tissues and wipes along in a small pouch.


Vacation is the time everyone looks forward to, visiting new places, wearing our favorite clothes, shopping, and whatnot. The thing that tops this list for it all is overpacking. Let’s be real we’re all guilty of overpacking for a vacation trip. But you can’t be carrying all of your 4 big suitcases when you’re exploring places right? Tote bags are perfect for these outings. Whenever you wanna step out of your hotel room and travel around all you have to do is pack your bag with all the essentials, water bottle, wallet, munchies, and sunglasses and get going!

Sleepover at Friends’

A sleepover at friends means a pajama party, Netflix, popcorn, and lots of laughter. And for an eventful night planned you also have lots to carry along. A tote can fit it all without carrying any extra bags with you. You can keep your house keys and wallets in one corner, other than that you gotta carry a spare pair of clothes and PJs, and what if there’s an impromptu outing plan? So a pair of cute dress, your contact lenses, makeup pouch mobile phone along. Don’t worry you can fit it all in and enjoy your girls' night to the fullest.

A Beach Day Out

Don’t we all love a beach day getaway from our regular monotonous lives? As much as going to the beach means a beautiful breeze, a flowy dress, and sunbathing it also means lots of mess, water, and running around here and there. On a day planned like this, you need a bag that can carry all your summer essentials in it. You can keep all of those things in your side tote. Wallet and keys are a no-brainer of course, other than that, your SPF, beach hat, spare pair of clothes, sunglasses, and water because hydration is super important!


Every time there’s an international trip planned all of the luggage is filled with the important and big stuff. But what about the hand luggage allowance? Every airline allows a few kilos of hand luggage for you to carry all the small nitty-gritty. In that hand luggage tote bag, you can carry your mobile phone charger, wallet,  your passport, visa, wallet, shades maybe even a magazine for if your flight gets delayed you don’t wanna just be sitting there at the airport and get bored for the next few hours right?

A Day Picnic

This is the most fun of all. You know sometimes you just wanna go out with your best friends, not to an extravagant restaurant or outing place but a simple basket picnic. For those kinda days, tote bags are gonna be super useful. Gone are the days when people carried picnic baskets everywhere and honestly who even wants to carry an extra heavy box full of things anyway. So in that case you can carry a bag full of chips, your sandwich lunch box, a bottle of water, a piece of fabric that you can spread and sit on, and of course super importantly your SPF and sunglasses in your tote because no one likes getting baked on a hot sunny day of picnic!

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