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Sleek Wallets for Every Mood

We, at Zouk, know that all of us need a wallet. Irrespective of our daily routines— being busy at work, multitasking at home or getting groceries, wallets are necessary for keeping your cash, cards and important ID cards. Our teams at Zouk have brainstormed hard to design the best wallets for women and men on the market. 

Wallets have a reputation for dividing consumers and for good reasons. 

Some maximalists love big, bulky wallets that can store everything from their umpteen credit cards, forgotten receipts, pictures of people they love or a random item like a bottle opener. Minimalists tend to carry sleek wallets that are light to carry around and have enough space for all their essentials (cards, important ID cards, some hard cash). 

But there is a common thread between these two types of wallet keepers— both regular and sleek wallet enthusiasts would love to get compliments for their wallet choice from both known and unknown people. Be it about the quality of the wallet or its look and feel, a compliment about your wallet gives you some serious clout.

Every minimalist lover wants to grab the new best sleek wallet in town and carry it everywhere to make a subtle statement. Luckily, your voices are heard and here we are, with a brand new collection of sleek minimalist wallets. 

Benefits of Sleek Wallets

The vision of an on-the-go woman or man carrying a sleek wallet to close an important business deal or buy groceries from the local market is both alluring and inviting. The slim fit pocket version of our sleek wallets ensures that you can carry it comfortably in the back pocket of your trousers, your bag or simply in your hand.

One of the great advantages of our sleek wallets is their hands-free nature. Haven’t all of us when multitasking at work, at home or outside wished for an extra pair of hands to help us out? Sleek wallets because of their small size and lightness are virtually hands-free. It’s a wallet style that works well for everybody. 

Millenials and Gen Z are increasingly ditching cash for cards. For those of you, who prefer carrying only cards, our sleek card wallets are handcrafted exclusively for all your minimalist needs. Your sleek minimalist wallet will make a long-lasting impression on all. If you get too many queries about your new sleek wallet, it’s not our fault.

Unisex sleek wallets 

Taking from our vision of “take the rich Indian heritage in a modern avatar”, our sleek wallets are designed unisex. The Ikat, the floral motifs, the wave and the geometric patterns, and more— all the sleek wallets are designed keeping in mind the needs of our diverse patrons. 

Why go for sleek wallets?

We guarantee you that our sleek wallets are going to look super stylish on you. Why go for a dull wallet option when our sleek wallet collection checks all of your important boxes— utility, quality and design, all great details packaged into one exclusively made for you.

A sleek wallet also makes a great gift for your loved ones. Be it your partner, close friend or a family member, everyone is going to feel extra special receiving a handcrafted, 100% Vegan sleek wallet. 

Sleek wallets add a subtle charm to your personality that makes people take more interest in you. Our sleek wallets are also an amazing choice as your go-to everyday option. Be ready for a big pile of compliments when you carry it to your office, weekend plans, long travels, party evenings or special occasions.

Our wallets are highly useful and come with the guarantee of lasting for a long time without much wear or tear.

Zouk won the PeTA Best Vegan Wallets Brand Award in the PeTA India Vegan Fashion Awards 2021. 

Features that set the collection of sleek wallets at Zouk apart:

  • 100% Vegan Leather
  • Handicraft Fabric
  • Water-resistant inner lining
  • 1 main compartment, 4 card slots, 1 ID slot 
  • Very lightweight (250 gms Only)
  • Sturdy and Durable 
  • Affordable 
  • Easy access on-the-go
  • Proudly Indian Brand

Best sleek wallets from our collection: 

Zouk offers a wide range of sleek wallets for men and women that are thoughtfully designed with traditional and modern patterns. Our designs are made to complement your personality and daily routine. 

These are some of our bestsellers from the collection:

  1. WavBeach Single Sided Sleek Wallet— our buyers found it easy on the eyes and pockets. If you are a water baby and want to carry a part of an ocean with you, then this wave-patterned sleek wallet is the one you should go for.
  2. Paisley Print Single Sided Sleek Wallet— Paisley motif has been around for centuries. It has travelled to different parts of the world and has been loved by all. Fun fact: The original motif is a symbol of life and eternity. Gift yourself our paisley patterned wallet and feel loved.
  3. Lattice Lace Double Sided Sleek Wallet— Designs flowing on both sides are our favourites too! The mesh pattern in black and white set against the smooth brown 100% vegan leather is every collector’s dream wallet crafted especially for you. 
  4. Mughal Garden Print Double Sided Sleek Wallet— This floral beauty reminds you of the beautiful Mughal architecture and makes you want to carry this sleek wallet with you everywhere you go. 
  5. Ikat GreRed Double Sided Sleek Wallet— Trust us when we say that sleek wallets and Ikat patterns are a match made in heaven. Pick this minimalist wallet to compliment both your formal and casual wear.

Our sleek wallets will serve your purpose whether you are a first-time wallet buyer or you are looking to upgrade your wallet. 

Do visit our website at Zouk and explore our wallet sections to choose one best suited for your needs and design preference. Our delivery services are quick with an easy exchange and refund policy. All our sleek wallets are pocket-friendly and durable.

Buy your perfect wallet from Zouk now! 

Frequently Asked Questions on Sleek Wallets

How to properly clean my Zouk wallet?

If you have a stain on your wallet or it looks old because of long-term usage, you can wipe the wallet clean. Clean the vegan leather portion using a cotton pad soaked in any oil (we recommend using coconut oil) and wipe the fabric portion with a dry cloth. 

How to safely store my Zouk wallet?

Your primary concern while storing your wallet is to retain its shape. Do not place any heavy object on the top of your empty Zouk wallets. If you are planning to use your wallet after a few days, then keep the paper fillings received at the time of delivery intact. 

How to make my Zouk wallet long lasting?

Make it a point to keep your Zouk wallets on a shelf. Do not keep any pointed objects in your wallet that can wear and tear it. Overstuffing your wallet is a bad idea as this would cause major damage to the zippers.

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Sleek Wallets Price List

Sleek Wallets

Price (Rs.)

FloMotif Double Sided Sleek Wallet

Rs. 599.00

Paisley Print Double Sided Sleek Wallet

Rs. 599.00

Ikat GreRed Double Sided Sleek Wallet

Rs. 599.00 

Jaipur Fresco Blue Double Sided Sleek Wallet

Rs. 599.00

GeoOptics Single Sided Sleek Wallet

Rs. 599.00

SeaShell Motif Double Sided Sleek Wallet

Rs. 599.00

Note: Actual prices of products on the product detail pages may vary from prices mentioned above. Please visit the product detail pages for the latest prices.