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How many times have we wished for a two fold wallet that could be fashionable, could carry all essentials, and yet be used as a bling sling bag while we were at a crowded bus or a fancy party? Well, zouk finally heard our prayers and created the multiutility two fold women’s wallet, with a cherry topping on the cake: a detachable sling! No more carrying multiple bags and spoiling your Sabyasachi Saree or the Zara one-piece, or having to wear jeans all because you do not have enough pockets in your purse to manage your essentials while you are daily commuting. The Bag industry is undergoing a ferocious revolution with some retro bags coming back to fashion, and existing bags being revised to add more utility while keeping their signature fashion statements. Zouk over the years with its meticulous effort and thoughtful approach has quickly made way to the biggest online selling platforms by giving the ladies what they want most when it comes to two fold wallets, fresh and unique fashion while being multi-tasking. 


  1. OFFICE: Bags like Mughal Motif Two Fold Wallet with Sling ooze elegance and can blend in well with your office Kurti or formal pencil skirts. With beautiful Persian-styled blue leafy motifs on a pearl white background, this wallet will give off a vintage vibe with sprinkles of elegance from you wherever you go.
  2. ALL THINGS IKKAT: Why this should be a different category you ask? Because women are going berserk over this traditional pattern and are willing to buy anything with these on it. Sarees, blouse, Kurtis, Gowns, Indo western blazers, Boho skirts: You name it and Ikat has seeped in there too. The need to have matching accessories became extremely important for these apparels and zouk quickly realizing this, created wallets like Ikat GreRed Two Fold Wallet. Having beautiful patterns, these wallets have multi compartments and come with detachable chain slings.
  3. BEACH AND STAYCATION: Imagine having a compact wallet that can accommodate all your immediate essentials while you are busy frolicking on the beach or trekking up a steep hillslope on your weekend getaway. Well, Zouk has one in-store for you: WavBeach Two Fold Wallet. A beautiful and colorful tribal geometric patterned two fold wallet for women, which is pretty much an infusion of style and is multi-functional.
  4. ME-TIME: Looking for a quick but quiet getaway to a coffee date or a visit to an old bookstore with yourself?  Karur Aquamarine Floral Motif Two Fold Wallet has a cool vibe with an earthy hue that will go well with a monochrome one-piece or your daily wear jeans. You can carry your kohl, and your lip tint too apart from those loose cash and coins, or that mandatory metro card.
  5. DATE NIGHTS AND HANGOUTS: A perfect wallet can make you stand out from the crowd for him, or can make you an eye turner amongst your friends. Try out Space Chakra Two Fold Wallet. With its beautiful detachable string, multi-pockets, and compact nature, it is colorful but has a mystical appeal; perfect to make him curious about you and want to look forward to another date with you!
  6. IT’S PARTY TIME!: Come let’s accept it. Every time you get to go to an exclusive party through a special guest reservation, you have to often compromise on your dress, because you can’t carry all your essentials all the time. (ugh it’s such a pain sometimes) African Art Two Fold Wallet can smoothly accommodate your sanitary essentials, along with your favorite black kohl and a matte shade beside your cash, cards, keys, mask and, even a small tissue roll! So next time if you are afraid of showing your moves let a Zouk Bag increase your oomph factor on the dance floor!
  7. ELEGANTLY DRAPED: This is exclusively for ethnic saree lovers who just can’t imagine fashion without a saree. Be it a Friends’ meet-up, or office hustles, A quiet dinner date at a five-star hotel; saree is the answer to all their attire questionnaire. Bags like Mughal Garden Print Two Fold Wallet is perfect for pashminas while bags like Kovil Blue Two Fold Wallet are beautiful for uni-tone silks and linens.
  8. BRING OUT YOUR INNER ARTIST: If you ever felt you are more of a creative person inclined towards the finer sides of life, then  Abstract Amaze Two Fold Wallet and GeoOptics Two Fold Wallet will perfectly portray your personality to the world! So take out that beret cap, dangle a zouk two fold wallet and flaunt your creative side!


Two fold sling wallets are the talk of the town these days because first, they mimic the conventional sling bags very well, and second, they are your fashionable wallet on the go.

 You are just a click away from exploring a beautiful array of two fold wallets made with lots of care and love by Zouk; and who knows you might end up falling in love with all of them!


Since Zouk has the versatile option of detachable slings for their two fold wallets, a whole new world of new opportunities in mixing different styles open up for us:

  • You can pair it up with a sleeveless Kurti and a chiffon dupatta.
  • Bring out your elegance with a full-sleeved designer blouse, an ikat saree, dark kohl with a coffee shaded matte, and a Brown Floral Motif Two Fold Wallet.
  • Ethnic one-pieces and fusion gowns can be easily teamed up with zouk two fold wallets. An effortless yet elegant look for quick trips down the supermarket or a small get-together among childhood friends.
  • It's time to take out those off shouldered balloon sleeves and pair them up with a zouk two fold wallet and a high waist pencil palazzo or a wide leg trouser.
  • Worried that your boyfriend jeans might not go well with your zouk two fold wallets? Detach those slings and turn them into a stylish clutch bag and see it working wonders with your outfit.


  • Zouk two fold sling wallets are a perfect blend of handicraft fabric and PETA-approved 100% vegan leather, giving it a unique blend of elegance and uniqueness.
  • The two fold wallets gained popularity due to their minimalistic appeal and yet have enough space to carry cards, cash, keys, even a makeup essential or two and still not lose its structured appeal
  • If that was not enough, it even has a  back pocket to let you keep your essential cards, like an office ID card, or the metro card so that you can easily take them out without having to unflip your wallet again and again.
  • The showstopper feature is the presence of detachable slings which can change the whole vibe your two fold wallet gives and ultimately your outfit. Depending on the occasion, you can substitute the chain sling( all Zouk two folds come with it) with a leather sling or a bling-bling sling or you can simply go sling free and convert it into a clutch bag.


1. What is Fold Wallet?

A fold wallet is a compact bag that lets you carry your cash, coins, and cards all in one place. When it is unfolded it gives rise to a spacious bag where you can put in all your essentials and fold it back again and be able to carry it effortlessly.

2. How much should I spend on a wallet?

This completely depends on your need and your priority. If you are a brand-conscious person and prefer it over utility, look, or any other aspects, then such wallets are quite pricey. If you are looking more towards the cheaper side, then local markets provide wallets at a very small price; however, they do not last long and are easily subjected to wear and tear. If it's security you are looking for at a budget-friendly price, then Zouk wallets are a perfect choice. They have well-hidden pockets, are made of water-resistant materials, and are friendly for your pocket.

3. Are Minimalist wallets good?

If you are a woman, who hates the idea of having to carry a handbag everywhere you go, then minimalist wallets are an absolute yes for you! They are light on the hands and even on the shoulder and snuggly fit in a medium-sized smartphone.

4. Do minimalist wallets damages credit cards?

A well built and branded minimalist wallet like that of a Zouk is designed carefully so that all your essentials and not just cards are well kept, and not damaged either by weather factors like rain, or light mechanical afflictions like dropping your wallet or keeping it at the bottom of a heavy bag.

5. Which are the best two fold wallets offered by Zouk?


Floral Blue Pottery Two Fold Wallet | Lattice Lace Two Fold Wallet  | African Art Two Fold Wallet | GeoOptics Two Fold Wallet | Karur Aquamarine Floral Motif Two Fold Wallet 


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Two Fold Sling Wallets for Women

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Space Chakra Two Fold Wallet 


Mughal Motif Two Fold Wallet 


Abstract Amaze Two Fold Wallet 


Jaipur Fresco Blue Two Fold Wallet 


Kovil Blue Two Fold Wallet


HoneyComb Summer Two Fold Wallet


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