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Bristel Gladiator Sandals

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Can Sandals Be Formal

Every time we talk about formal footwear, sandals are never really in the discussion, are they? We talk about mules, shoes, stilettoes, and pumps but never sandals. Are you also one of those people who think sandals can’t be professional? Formal sandals don’t exist? Well, if that’s the case, I’m here to burst all your myths. You can style sandals in multiple ways to suit your formal attire with Zouk’s collection of women’s formal sandals.

Formal Doesn’t Mean Plain

Whenever you think of formal, do you just imagine plain shoes? Plain stilettos? Gurl fashion has evolved and so have workplace uniforms. Prints don’t mean unprofessional; prints don’t mean casual. PRINTS are just PRINTS. Wearing prints still qualify as formal sandals, rather when your entire outfit is plain and you wear printed sandals it adds a different kind of quirk to your fashion quotient. So get yourself the classy Umaid Diamond Gladiator Sandals or Kadapa Garden Gladiator Sandals if your style is more elegant and floral, from Zouk’s women’s formal sandals collection.

Neutrals Are Your Best Friends

When you want to style formals, having neutrals in your wardrobe is a must. Having a pair of at least one of each black, blue, beige, and grey formal sandals is good enough a starting point when you don’t know what to do. Picking formal sandals for ladies can be a little confusing sometimes, trust the process and choose neutrals.

Look for versatile designs

Whenever looking for formal sandals for ladies, try to look for designs and patterns that are versatile. Something that would look good with multiple outfits, for multiple events be it a formal meeting or a later informal afterparty. Choosing footwear that is versatile has multiple benefits. It is more cost-effective; it can transform from your day look to your night look and you don’t have to keep changing your footwear all the time.

Comfort is Key

Formal footwear is generally known to be uncomfortable as if the shoe is biting and pricking you constantly. Well, gurl if a shoe does not provide you with comfort, it’s not worth investing in. Especially when you plan on wearing those high heels, you can’t be in pain all the time. So, choosing a pair that’s comfortable, the right size, and the correct heel heighTt is significant. Our women's formal sandals are made for utmost comfort with specially designed soft insoles so that you never have to worry about your feet hurting.

We’re living in a time when fashion is ever-evolving. New trends hit the market every day, but a true sense of personal style is when you feel good and comfortable in what you wear. Formals are not limited to just pumps and shoes anymore, sandals and flats of them can be styled with your formal look. With Zouk’s collection of formal sandals for ladies you don’t have to go anywhere else, we have everything in store for your favorite formal looks!

Here are our best sellers and tips on how you can style them

This one’s a beautiful pink floral patterned design. So, everytime you wana break the monotony of plain shirts and trousers and wear something more soft and feminine this is the sandal for you. A floral shirt, plain pants, Jaipur garden and youre looking as professional and as you as it can get.

This design is made for all your western outfits and looks. It’s a beautiful diamond pattern in the most beautiful shades of blue, and every time you throw on your classic blue pant suit or even a ling kurta on jeans umaid diamond is going to be your best friend!

This is the classic footwear that will look good on almost everything. It has a solid design that you can throw on everytime “you don’t have anything to wear”

This is one of our newest prints and one of the best. This design resembles the classic snake print that you can style when you’re going for a complete brown monochrome or neutral formal look.

So get set go! you’re all set to buy the best formal sandals for all your office and important formal meetings.

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