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Article: Different Types of Men's Bags | Bags Guide for Men

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Different Types of Men's Bags | Bags Guide for Men

One of the much sought-after accessories in the Men's fashion industry are bags and the types of men's bags that have evolved over the years. Men are conscious about what bags they carry as a bag can make or break your get up especially if you want to get through that most coveted interview. A fast-paced clothing and apparel industry has pushed the bag industry to make different types of men's bags to suit a man's needs and choices. While some are informal a large portion of types of men's bags are mostly work related. For eg: one would find a large variety in the type of briefcase itself. Let us break down the types of men's bags and what they are used for: 


Today the market has different types of bags for men each with its unique design and styling. Although types of male bags are many, choosing which kind of bags for men for which purpose becomes cumbersome especially if one doesn't know the purpose of the different types of bags for men: 


The briefcase itself has a large variety of its own. Type of briefcase is many and mostly loved by men due to their versatility and their classy appearance. A typical briefcase is made of leather and has hard sides with a sturdy handle (preferably made of metal) mainly used to carry official documents or important material. They were purely formal, but the fashion industry has revolutionized the concept of briefcases to give rise to a different type of briefcase:

a. Portfolio

This briefcase is specially designed to keep all your papers in one place and a compartmentalized manner. They do not usually have a handle due to their slim nature, however, modern portfolios often come with a zipper or buckle or may even accommodate a laptop.

b. Pad folio

A miniature version of the portfolio that comes with added features like a place to keep your notepad, pen, calculator, and important sheets. Padfolio is very popular due to its small handy design and its advantage of letting you take notes on the go.

c. Attaché

The oldest type of briefcases that are available among the different types of mens bags with traditional hard sides and two compartments on each side upon opening. Usually of leather, attaché to have many internal compartments to keep your stuff in a segregated manner.

d. Travel briefcase

Helpful for men going on frequent business trips. It has enough space to store those important documents, some clothes, and even a laptop.


Yes, you heard that right! Men love and prefer totes as much as women due to their large space, sturdy parallel handles, and unfastened openings. Many totes are designed unisexually keeping in mind the growing demands of men for them.


Also known as carryalls or courier bags they are a bit large and worn across the body. Slightly smaller in size would result in them being called sling bags.


Also known as a kit bag or gym bag, duffle are large cylindrical or rectangular bags with a top closure. They are usually made of cloth but one may find leather duffle too. Largely used in the sports industry and by the military.


Very similar to duffle when it comes to their utility and the material with which they are made with the exception they are always long cylindrical bags with short handles or adjustable straps. Unlike duffle, barrels may not have external jutted compartments.


Smaller than duffle and often almost similar to travel totes, they have specialized compartments to pack in all the essentials you would need for a two or three days vacation.


Made of canvas or cloth they are usually devoid of compartments and have strings that can be pulled to not only close the bag but also to serve as straps so that you can carry it as a backpack or a side bag


Most popular among the kinds of bag for men, they can be carried at your back with two shoulder straps. Backpacks have endless variety and their use is large ranging from school, camping, and even travels and trips.


Originally used to carry bowling balls, they ended up in one of the popular choices of types of men's bags today. Similar to weekender and messenger but slightly bigger, they are a popular choice when it comes to traveling.


A Messenger bag and a briefcase crossover with a distinguishing feature: A flap as a closure fastened with buckles or even number locks. Fashionable with many compartments and a popular choice among office goers and medical representatives.


A small compact multi compartmentalized pouch that is worn around the waist and is very popular while traveling. Can accommodate keys, wallets, passports, cash, and any other small essential things.


Although there are different types of men's bags depending on where they can be taken and their purpose, one can easily modify a bag's role or carry a bag depending solely on his outfit. While bags like fanny packs and totes are usually informal, One will find leather totes that can be taken to the office when carrying a lot of stuff. Duffle and barrels are a good choice for gym or adventure trips, whereas weekender is exclusively for travel. Briefcases and type of briefcase are solely for office purposes whereas messenger and satchels can be toggled between formal and informal use.

Have a look at the features that allow men's beg to be versatile:

  • Spacious
  • Compact
  • Fashionable
  • Trendy
  • Travel 
  • Workout
  • Sturdy
  • Compartmentalized

Here’s a sneak peek of what Zouk has in store for you!

Men’s Bags


Messenger - Beige Laptop Bag 


FloLov Backpack 

office/ weekend trip

Beige Backpack 

office/weekend trip

Abstract Amaze Office Backpack 

vacation/ business trip

Ikat GreRe Laptop Bag 

Office, staycation

Ikat Arrow Laptop Sleeve 

office/ daily use

If you are a picky, choosy one do not hesitate to buy more than one! Bags are literally a man’s best fashion friend!

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