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Article: What are the Different Types of Women's Bags - Ladies Bag Guide

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What are the Different Types of Women's Bags - Ladies Bag Guide

Bags are something that you can never have too many of these. Just ignore anyone who says otherwise (laugh!). Bags are essential accessories in a woman’s closet and daily life. The types of bags that women own, carry and love have a wide range of functionality, style, and design. Bags are essential and additional accessories that elevate your sense of personal style. A woman’s wardrobe has all types of bags needed for various purposes like interviews, office, parties, short trips, long tours, business trips, weekend getaways, family get-togethers, social events, college, grocery shopping, running errands. Whatever be your destination and purpose, bags are the must-haves that contain your portable world. Women prefer classy and timeless bags that don’t need to be changed with every season or trend. Additionally, bags with fresh and innovative designs with classic tweaks go well with their wardrobe basics and intermittent fashion. Though all the bags serve the same bottom-line purpose, that is, to help a woman carry her portable world, she still needs a variety of bags to match all her moods and needs. 

Don’t get overwhelmed by the types of women’s bags available. We will break these down into categories and list down the features, benefits, uses, and occasions associated with each one of them. Happy scrolling and happy shopping -

1. Handbags and Purses

You must not be pondering over the question - what are handbags? Because handbags are the most commonly used word when it comes to bags. 

Handbags and purses are the wardrobe staples that are the must-buy for your everyday convenience, comfort, and confidence. Handbags can be carried at hand or over the shoulders. Handbags can be closed with zippers and straps, a snap, or a clasp. This closure ensures that your valuable things are safe from theft, drops, and spills. Generally, square or rectangle in shape, handbags, and purses have multiple compartments that help to keep your things organized. Women generally look for handbags that have ergonomic handles. Wallet, key, phone, cosmetics, book, sanitizer, and many other essential items are a part of your day-to-day portable world. It would help if you had a handbag that is functional, spacious, sturdy, and long-lasting. Be it winter Long coats, spring A-line silhouette dresses, summer Cami tops - handbags will compliment everything you wear. You can be heading towards a busy office day, or a short trip with friends, or just daily running errands; handbags will keep being your companion throughout the day. 

You can simply stop googling “different types of bags” and read this blog further to know more. We are sure you will discover more about the variety of bags.

 2. Sling Bags

Sling bags are a blend of functionality and fashion. Slightly smaller than the handbags and comparatively larger than wallets, the sling bags are spacious enough to carry your cash, card, and keys. You can also have your lip balm, a tiny comb, and a small bottle of hand sanitizer. Sling bags are a great alternative to heavy and oversized bags. If you don’t want to roam around by lugging your usually large bags, you can switch to endlessly stylish and incredibly practical sling bags that can be carried to parties, dates, and meet-ups. 

Though all kinds of bags can be used to store your essential day-to-day items, sling bags are something that you will keep coming back to.

3. Cross-Body Bags

Cross-body bags are perfect while you are travelling. Weekend getaways with family, short trips with loved ones, staycation with friends, or just trekking with yourself, cross body bags will be perfect for carrying your cash, card, documents, and anything you need to access easily and quickly while on the move. 

So, from the next time, if someone asks you - what are crossbody bags? Your instant reply will be - “the best travel partner!”

4. Messenger Bags

Equipped to carry your essentials daily, messenger bags are made lightweight, durable, and most practical. Mostly made of waterproof material, it keeps your valuables safe from extreme and unwanted weather conditions. If you want to carry a messenger bag to the office or interviews, you can go for sober-looking designs and prints. For a relaxed day look, simple neutral hues of messenger bags will go best. You can choose messenger bags with quirky patterns and classy designs for a casual coffee date look and beach vacations. 

No matter how many bags are available in the market, a messenger bag is valued for its vibrancy and versatility. 

5. Tote Bags

Extra-large unfastened bags with parallel handles are mainly made with durable and waterproof materials to carry your daily essentials or to let you pack your things for a weekend getaway if you aren’t a fan of backpacks. Tote bags can be taken to the office, brunch dates, short trips, or evening parties. Folded or snuggled under your arm, the oversized tote bags are overly loved by women of all age groups. 

If you are wondering - what are tote bags? They are your “everyday” bags that carry “everything” daily. In simple words, tote bags contain your entire portable world. 

6. Backpacks

The perfectly minimal, sophisticated silhouettes of backpacks is inversely proportional to the maximum utility and space that it provides. Laptop, phone, tab, accessories, make-up pouch, sanitizer, a set of clothes, books, and many things are carried in a backpack. These can be alternatively used while going on weekend trips, family vacations, and solo pilgrimage. Packing can be a daunting task. But if you have an amply-sized bag that is durable, resilient, trendy, and classy, you can comfortably take all your wardrobe staples and enjoy your holiday. The multi-compartments and zippers keep your things organized and safe. The water-resistant inner lining keeps your things shielded from unpredictable rain, accidental spills, and incidental drops. 

Add this question to your bag vocabulary - what are backpacks? And save the answer too - something that you can pack with your favourite things and go on a peaceful and reflective break to come back fresh, with better perspectives. 

7. Office/Laptop Bags 

For the smooth functioning of your laptops, you need to protect them from dirt, dust, and drops. Laptop bags or office bags protect your precious devices and help you carry them effectively to the office, business trips, and meetings. The laptop bags should be sober-looking, functional, fashionable, water-resistant, and sturdy. 

There are different types of bags, but with attractive and amply-sized office bags, you can say goodbye to the notion that bags reserved for office purposes need to be monotonous in design and usage. You can use the laptop bags for other purposes if they are capacious, classy, and captivating.

 8. Hobo Bags

Are you pondering upon - what are hobo bags? We have got an easy answer. Characterized by a crescent shape and a slouchy posture, hobo bags blend good qualities found in handbags and tote bags. A concoction of style, statement, and serviceability, hobo bags are the trendiest ones available in the list of bags. You can carry hobo bags to family functions, movie dates, and cocktail parties. Incredibly chic with a tinge of urbanity, hobo bags step up your style game. 

9. Clutch Bags

As minimal fashion is becoming trendy and timeless, the clutch bags are experiencing re-emergence. Perfect for evening walks, romantic dinner, after-work events, or rushing to a friends’ place, the clutches can carry your cash, cards, keys, lip gloss, ID card, and your phone. Very basic yet hugely important, a clutch means expressing and carrying yourself with minimal yet elegant style. Shimmery and glamorous or eye-pleasing and sober, both evening and day clutches are your wardrobe basics. 

10. Wallets

Last but not least - wallets. There are many different types of small bags, but a dainty, compact, long-lasting, and functional wallet is unmatched. A storehouse of your cash, card, and ID cards, wallets are something that you can’t go out without. It saves your valuables from theft, drops, damage, dust, and unwanted weather exposures. 

Have you done scrolling and reading? Now you must be wondering where you will find the bags mentioned above that have the desired qualities. Don’t worry!

Zouk is the brand that has got you covered. Zouk is a 100% Vegan & Proudly Indian brand with an International essence, presence, and quintessence. The bags from Zouk are eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Functional, fashionable, and trendy, the bags are long-lasting, classy, and sophisticated in design. You can be wearing comfortable trousers and a graphic t-shirt or a silk saree; you can be in black blazers or long woolen coats; these bags match your daily style statements, moods, and needs. 

An easy guide to your daily bags -


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Let your bag be the reason for your sparkles!

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