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Article: How to Tie a Winter Scarf


How to Tie a Winter Scarf

Whenever there’s a conversation about winter fashion, scarves can never be missed. The scarf is a subtle accessory that is both functional and fashionable in the cold season. It keeps you warm and at the same time adds to your style quotient. If you’re wondering how to wear a winter scarf the not-so-boring way! Let me tell you, you can play with scarves just as much as earrings and necklaces. They're not just for draping around your neck. Wear your winter scarf in different styles; there are endless variations when it comes to this versatile accessory. Just like going from sneakers to heels with jeans can change your look, you can also experiment with different styles for your winter scarf.

The scarves have earned their status as winter wardrobe essentials by representing comfort and warmth. The trend of wearing a coat when it's cold is nothing new, but layering with items other than coats and sweater is where the real fashion revolution has happened. So, this season here’s how to style a scarf in winter effortlessly!

The Long Stole

How to wear the long stole in winter? There are multiple ways to do that. Handling a long stole might be a little difficult to take care of and overwhelming at first but once you know how to drape it right, you’re good to go.

  • The symmetrical style: You simply take your stole, go around your neck once, and let both sides fall at the same length. This makes your fit look more formal and proper.
  • The asymmetrical style: Just the opposite of the symmetrical style is the asymmetrical one. Keeping one side slightly shorter than the other creates the illusion of more drama and texture to your overall look, something you can go for when you plan on dressing up casually.
  • The big scarf style: This could be something as simple as a double or triple knot style around the neck, or loosely folded wrap. This will get your beautiful blue scarf the attention it deserves and the warmth your body needs.

Squared Scarf

Styling squared dark printed scarves can be a little tricky but these are especially helpful when you wanna use them as an accessory more than a piece of cloth. You can use a squared scarf to style your hair in the winter. It could be like a headband, bandana, or a complete hijab style. These can also be a super stylish element you can add to your bag to match your look or aesthetic of the day.

Match It Up!

What this means is matching the yellow color shirt to the floral yellow scarf so that you look more put together. Match Your Scarf with Your Handbag and Boots and see how it changes the entire look of the show. For example, if you plan on wearing grey pair of jeans, all you have to do is to match it up with a grey pair of socks and a Fatehpur Jaali Square Scarf. What this basically does is creates a stunning monochromatic effect in the whole look. You can also put a twist on your neutral look with a plaid scarf, and much more!

Break the Monotony!

Do you know how to wear a blue floral scarf with a winter coat? The simplest way of wearing it is under the jacket around your neck or over the jacket with the two ends falling off. But, Isn’t this a little too boring? You need to break the monotony sometimes for an outfit to stand out from the crowd. In that case, you can do that simply by adding a printed scarf to a solid color outfit, or by adding a pop of color like a bright red scarf to a green color blazer. These are complimentary colors on the opposite side of the color wheel.  The color block that they will create is gonna make people go wow!

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