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Article: How to Wear a Summer Scarf


How to Wear a Summer Scarf

Scarves are generally people's go-to when it comes to winter fashion, they’re never really a part of the conversation when summer fashion is concerned. Often times a lot of us mistake scarves to be extremely limited with their styling options. But, trust me it isn’t just a winter accessory, there are a lot of easy ways you can style a dark summer scarf. So, here’s how to wear a summer scarf effortlessly this hot season.

The Material

The material is of utmost importance in the summer season. You can’t possibly be wearing a scarf in summer only to feel hot in them. The classic and easy cotton scarves should be your first preference in the hot season. These are available in an array of weights, weaves, and prints that make them suitable for any occasion. Cotton scarves are a staple fabric because they can be laundered, they are durable, and most importantly breathable. The second best for the season would be silk or art silk fabric. These also add a little dressy look to your overall aesthetic. Fashion designers use silk to craft luxury fashion scarves because it is a sought-after fabric. This fabric is light and breathable, making it ideal for hot weather.

Sun Protection

How can we not talk about sun protection it’s the summer season after all. Floral Scarves or simple ones all of them have been used to protect skin from the heat in multiple countries that face harsh, like the men and women in the middle east often cover their heads with scarves to keep themselves cool. So, you can definitely wear it over your head to protect yourself from the scorching heat. Another way how you can wear a scarf on the face in summer so that you have complete SPF protection is by tying it over your face as well as a mask to save yourself from harsh winds and pollution.

Scarf as an Accessory for a Summer Dress

A bandana or boho turban placed around your messy hairdo would be the ideal accessory for a casual summer dress look. In the summer, it's important to maintain comfort without appearing too ordinary. Use a scarf with big prints or fringes for an instant texture boost to your basic jeans and t-shirt combinations. Try can even try color blocking by wearing one around your neck or wrist or tying it up to your high ponytail.

Scarf as a Belt

If you're unsure what to do with your statement blue scarf, try wearing it as a belt! It might seem strange at first, but you won't regret it! You can tie it almost any way you want; whether as an entire ribbon around your waist or as a ribbon on one side. You can also use it as an extra accessory to your existing belt. The possibilities are endless, do whatever makes you feel the best!

Scarf as an Airy Summer Jacket

Did you know that you can make a summer jacket out of your scarf? Something that you can wear to the beach or even a brunch date. How to make a neutral or grey scarf into a jacket you ask? It is a simple 3-step process

  • First fold the scarf into two equal parts
  • Now take the two loose ends and tie them into a tight knot
  • Lastly all you have to do is open up the scarf where you’ll find two open sleeves in which you can place your hand and wear it as a jacket or shrug.

So, the next time someone asks you how to tie a summer scarf? What should they do with their boring old scarf? You can teach them how to tie a large scarf into a jacket and give it a completely refreshed look altogether!

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