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Article: How to Wear a Scarf


How to Wear a Scarf

The silk scarf has over time gained a lot of popularity as a means of self-expression since the fabric allowed for the printing of brilliant designs and fine, precise details. With the evolution of fashion and different aesthetics, naturally, the styling pattern of scarves has also changed over time. From the time when scarves were only worn in a few restricted fashions, today there are a hundred ways they’re styled. Easy and complex you name it. Ranging from simpler styles that include wearing it as a hair accessory, or accessory for a bag to wearing it as a jacket and even a skirt.

If you’re someone who’s not dived into the scarf world, this can be a starter for you. Here's a how-to-tie-a-scarf list, for a beginner who’s open to experimenting and learning about the ever-evolving fashion world.

As an Accessory for Winter Fashion

In the winter, a scarf is an excellent item to have because it can keep you warm. A thick scarf can serve as an additional layer of clothing to help keep the cold out if you choose one made of that material. Additionally, a grey patterned scarf can give your winter attire a little touch of flare. Now if the question is how to style a scarf in the winter? You can wear it around your neck, around your arms, or even cover your ears and look fashionable doing it!

To Save Yourself from the Summer Heat

As much as the brown scarves are our best friends in the winter, they’re not far being during the summertime as well. People living in countries that are extremely hot like the middle eastern states, wear scarves to protect them from the harsh heat and keep their heads cool. So, here’s how to style a scarf in the summer season

  • Wear it over your head to protect yourself from the scorching heat
  • Tie it over your face as well as a mask to save yourself from harsh winds and pollution
  •       Style your summer dress by adding the same color to your ponytail or your wrist

Add on Accessories for Your Bags

The importance of something like a floral scarf cannot be overstated. Don't we all have that one scarf we brought because it looked amazing, but was never used after being stuffed into a drawer? You should wipe the dust off it and tie it to your favorite bag, to the corner side of the sling bag, and across the handle of your big tote bag. Wrap it completely around the handle for a super chic look or tie it as a bow along the strap. Whatever you choose, don't be afraid to experiment and keep trying new looks until you find what you like.

Using it as a Belt

Another simple way to style a red scarf is to wear it as a belt. You might think it's a radical idea at first, but I assure you, you won't need to think twice about it! If it comes to tying it, you can do it almost any way you like. You can tie it entirely around your waist or just as a ribbon on one side of your waist. Just remember keep it YOU! keep it stylish!

Hair Accessory 101

Last but definitely not the least is to use a unique designer scarf as a hair accessory. Now, this can be done in multiple ways. It can be as a hairband, bandana scarf, hijab, or a hair tie to your ponytail you name it.

Adding a scarf to your hair can instantly elevate your look without looking too try-hard. Every time you’re short of an earring or sunglasses, wrapping the scarf around is going to be a lifesaver.

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