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Article: Shoes to Match all Your Ethnic Looks

Shoes to Match all Your Ethnic Looks

You know when you plan your favorite outfit in your head, from top to bottom, what accessory you're gonna pair it up with, which makeup look you’re going for, all of it and then you realize that you don’t have the right footwear to match the whole look. So, now you decide you’re gonna redo the whole look. New top, pants, new earrings, and then you realize the earrings don’t go with the whole look and you end up going either back to the first outfit or you make some last-minute jugaad and work with it.

But, what about when you have to do that with your Indian outfit? We all know it’s easier done with western than your ethnic look because you always have extra pants or a shirt or jacket when you wanna make last-minute changes. Sadly, that’s not the case when it comes to our Indian pieces. You barely have a few Kurtis, pyjamas; a few skirts, and maybe a total of 2 lehengas. This is when you have no other option but to compromise on that footwear you don’t have. Let’s be real! We don’t give enough credit to our footwear but we all know a good shoe can make or break your outfit. Therefore, having the right footwear to match your ethnic look is a must, and that’s not something that you can do last minute. This is why knowing what are a few must-haves when it comes to ethnic footwear is very important.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry so much about it this festive season as zouk has all that you need! Here’s a list of footwear you absolutely need in your closet to avoid that last-minute chaos before a wedding or a family function you were planning to get all dressed up for.

Classic Chappals

Chappals are something I’m guessing most of us already have in our closets. It’s the easiest and safest bet to place when you don’t know what footwear to go for. The beauty of a chappal is that it had that Indian-ness to its design something where we find our roots. Chappals have been something that has been worn by Indian men and women since time immemorial. So, when it comes to styling any Indian look, you know you can never go wrong with these. If you’re looking for a chappal for kurta pajama or any simple Anarkali set, nothing too extra, prints like Mysore Garden and Chamoli Motif are the most versatile options to go for. Whereas, if your aesthetic is more on the floral or solid side Kadapa Garden or Hooghly Marine would be perfect!

Sandals for when you’re on the run

The sandal is that one pair of footwear we trust at the worst of our days. Be it the rain or traveling on the train! If you’re planning to spend an evening dancing, running around, or continuously working you need something that has a good grip over your feet. Sandals are secure from your ankle providing you with that extra support you need to push through the day while still looking absolutely stunning. And honestly, you can choose whether you wanna go for a casual or a little dressier look.

Braided Sandals

These simple everyday sandals for kurta pajama or when you just don’t wanna take that much effort  

Gladiator Sandals

These are for when you want a little more sophisticated and chic look. It could be an extravagant wedding or a formal office event. The pointed toes just give the sandals an edgier look over the others in the group.


Well, these are just a toned-down version of our traditional mojaris. You can’t always wear an extravagantly embroidered mojari when you’re going for a more casual or a mix of Indian and western look. So, for the time when you wanna wear the fusion of indo-western Umaid Diamond Bellies is the apt footwear choice and when you want something that is dominantly Indian and still not very heavy a print like Charminar Jaali Bellies would look superb.


Mules are nothing but bellies without ankle restrictions. So if you’re someone who can’t be in a shoe for too many hours without catching a rash or shoe bite, mules can be something harmless. Not only mules are extremely comfortable without the ankle binding but also very practical when you have to keep removing and wearing your shoes often. Like outside of a temple, or when you have to go up down your house for checking if all the party preparations are going right. These are also going to be your best friends when your heels have started to bite you and you need to switch to a comfortable pair of flats.

 A Lil Pop of Extra

We’re all for the simple underdressed vibe until it's that big fat Indian event when you need to look your absolute best. You can’t be wearing something meh at your best friend’s sangeet party or your very own Diwali party. And honestly, sometimes you don’t need an occasion to look extra. You like it you wear it! Simple. For all these days when you want a little pop of extra, you must have a pair of something that’s blingy or embellished in your ethnic footwear collection. Zouk’s Embellished Sliders are just the right place to get these. These timeless fashionable sliders are blingy with the golden chain detailing yet classy with the braids on top of it,  perfect for all your favorite occasions. 

Finding ethnic footwear for ladies isn’t the easiest of all shopping tasks, but if you know what your statement style is then finding a few shoes that are versatile enough to look good with multiple outfits yet not too boring can be easy. So, remember the key is to understand your aesthetic when it comes to outfit and style, your comfort and design preference when it comes to footwear, and finally your overall look according to how you’re feeling that day, and trust me you’re ready to look like the queen that you are.

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