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Article: Top 5 Footwear for this Festive Season

Top 5 Footwear for this Festive Season

You know it's festival season around the corner when marketplaces are more crowded than usual, all the ethnic clothes shops are busier than usual and mums in the house have started to panic about cleaning the entire house. Well, with this absolutely delightful season incoming, there’s all that stress of what to wear and when. We generally pay a lot of attention to planning the dress that we wanna wear, the pants we want to pair it with, what accessory will we style it with, and often forget to think about the footwear. And the last-minute panic gurl! It’s such a mood off when you look like an absolute princess and then realize that Cinderella’s shoes are missing.

So, this time prepare yourself beforehand. Here’s a list of 5 footwear you need to have in your wardrobe to get through all the festivities of the season.


Chappals are one of the most Indian-looking footwear you can ever have your hands on. They are something I’m guessing most of us already have in our closets, I mean they’re the safest and most appropriate designs to go with when your aesthetic is towards the Indian side. The beauty of a chappal is that it had that Indian-ness to its design something where we find our roots. Chappals have been something that has been worn by Indian men and women since time immemorial. So, when it comes to styling any festive look, you know you can never go wrong with these. If you’re looking for a chappal for kurta pajama or any simple Anarkali set, nothing too extra, prints like Wadiyar Diamond can be the most versatile options to go for. Whereas, if your aesthetic is more on the floral side then Sanjan Jaali would be perfect! 

Embellished Footwear

We’re all for the simple underdressed vibe until it's for Ganpati or Navratri function, that day there is no compromising your look. Wearing something meh isn’t acceptable when your mum says get ready and sit for pooja. And honestly, sometimes you don’t need an occasion to look extra. You like it you wear it! Simple. For all these days when you want a little pop of extra, you must have a pair of something that’s shiny, festive, and party in your ethnic footwear collection. Zouk’s Embellished Sliders are just the right place to get these. These timeless chic sliders

are blingy with the golden chain detailing yet classy with the braids on top of it, which is perfect for the festive vibe.

Mojari or Jutti

The classic mojari. Ahh! Every mum ever wants you to have a pair of mojaris in your cupboard and I don’t blame her honestly. They’re classic and have the most unique design to them. These generally have an m-shaped front curved from the center and softly rounded back like that resembling bellies. You can style these with almost everything you name it. It can be an Anarkali suit, a simple kurta payjama, or even an extravagant ghaghra choli. These have such a rich historical heritage from the Mughal and Rajasthani background that wearing them instantly makes you feel more dressy and elegant.


You can’t possibly make a list about festive footwear without talking about heels. Heels are that one footwear that every girl has a love-hate relationship with. Like I love wearing them because they look stunning but I hate wearing them for how much pain they cause me. But you know in the race between love and hate who wins right? So, you don’t have to actually have a stiletto, heels can be as tiny and as cute as kitten heels. The motive behind getting heels isn’t to be uncomfortable but is to look chic and stylish. As long as your heels are doing that for you they can be any size it doesn’t matter!


These are the most underrated but one of the most essential footwear in your shoe rack. Wearing heels is all fun and games until the real task arrives, the heel pain. You can’t be living in your heels forever can you? 2 to 6 hours are understandable and advisable but when the clock starts ticking so do your feet. And honesty why would you want to put yourself through all that pain really? Who told you you can’t look absolutely stylish and gorgeous in them flats? Sliders are the perfect footwear to make that subtle transition from heels to flats without throwing away your whole look.

Just like there is no hard and fast rule in western fashion, the same way there is none in ethnic as well. This isn’t a compulsion to have in your wardrobe, if you’re someone who likes wearing bellies on all of your outfits you wear them gurl. But if you were confused as to what to invest in these are the 5 safe bets you can place and trust me you won't regret it.

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