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Article: How to Take Care of Your Feet for Open Sandals

How to Take Care of Your Feet for Open Sandals

Sandals come in all shapes, sizes, and patterns. But most of them have one commonality: they’re all either open toe, open back, or both. All of us love the classic open sandal, although let’s be real it’s not the best feeling when it gets dirty on all the exposed areas of the feet is it? But that doesn’t mean we stop wearing our favorite sandals because of some minor inconveniences we face, after all, fashion never takes a back seat!

There are a few things that could trouble your feet and a few simple steps you can take to keep them fresh and take good care of them. The first category can be taking general care of your feet and the second category can be taking care of your feet in particular situations and seasons. Don’t worry I’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of things you can do for better-looking feet for all your open-design footwear.

What you can do to make your feet look more flattering in open sandals.

A compulsory monthly pedicure

Pedicure always doesn’t mean extravagant and expensive salon appointments. If you really want your feet to look flattering and beautiful on your open-toe sandals, you can have your very own pedicure routine at home in a few simple steps. Just remove your nail paint with acetone and a cotton ball and soak your feet in warm water diluted with gentle soap, now let them rest in there for at least 10-15 mins. If you feel fancy you can even add a little bit of your favorite essential oil and a few rose petals for a more therapeutic experience. Next, apply a foot scrub to your soft soaked feet and exfoliate to remove all the dead skin cells. Lastly, dry your feet with a soft towel, cut and shape your nails and apply hydrating moisture to soak in all the goodness. Voila! Your very own home pedicure routine is complete.


This is extremely important if you want their feet to look as stunning as the rest of you. Grooming means everything that needs to be done to maintain them; keeping them clean, filing them regularly, re-paining the chipped polish, and applying the proper medication if they feel too dry or cracked. If your grooming routine is sorted your feet will look forever flawless and you know it!

Sun Protection

Last but extremely important is protection. We often get worked up the day we leave our house without our SPF because how can you right? But most of us almost eliminate our feet when it comes to sun protection. Sun protection and moisturization are the two non-negotiables, especially in summers when you wanna wear sliders and take a long walk on the beach. Never forget the SPF!

How can you manage the run inconveniences


If you’re someone who has sensitive feet and often gets themselves a shoe bite, keeping a few band-aids is a must. Every time you try on a new sandal whether or not you think they’re going to give you a blister, just apply a band-aid to the sensitive part and you’ll prevent any chance of developing a blister in the first place. If you’re someone who wears high heels often tying your third and fourth toe with a band-aid can also help with reducing the foot's pain considerably. So, just carry a band-aid or two in your bag and you’ll thank me later!

Sweaty feet

For people who sweat excessively, there’s a chance they can develop a bad rash or foul smell both of which are something we don’t want for ourselves. This is why I’d you’ve been in your chappals for more than 4 to 5 hours removing them if possible and letting them breathe and dry would be ideal. If not then spraying an antiperspirant spray could save you a lot of time and still keep your feet fresh and filth free.

Mud and dirt

How much ever you try at the end of the day the pollution gets to you. Walking on all kinds of surfaces will naturally make your feet and nails a little dirty. There’s no way you can entirely prevent that from happening, but you sure can protect your nails from staining by just painting a coat of clear or just any regular nail polish. This way you will not stain them and on the plus side, they’ll look gorgeous. Another important thing is to not grow your toenails too long so that you don’t break or turn them whenever you trip or hit any surface. As much as beauty is important taking care of your feet and making sure you do not get yourself hurt is also important.

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