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Article: What are Sling Bags - Different Types of Cross Body Sling Bags You Should Own

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What are Sling Bags - Different Types of Cross Body Sling Bags You Should Own

One universal reason for frustration among women would be the lack of pockets in female clothing. Jeans, dresses, skirts, pants - all of them are designed with little to no pockets, forcing us to juggle all essentials on our ten fingers. Bags come in as life-savers in such situations. Tiny, hand-held, sling, shoulder - bags have become an indispensable part of the female couture. In this blog, we’ll put down everything you need to know about sling bags.

  • Sling bags 

To begin with, what are sling bags? Sling bags are shoulder bags made of fabric or leather, that are attached to a satchel, that could be worn parallel or across the body. Sling bags are usually small, portable, and sufficient to carry basic necessities like keys, wallets, bottles, and a few other small items like books or snacks. They are major style statements and go with nearly every occasion. Business, business casuals, weddings, day outs, and even shopping. They are not only convenient but also make a major add-on to your outfit, with the number of varieties and types they’re available. 
  • Cross-Body Bags

If you are wondering - what is a crossbody purse? Crossbody bags are just like sling bags, worn across the torso, with the strap beginning from the opposite side of the shoulder. However, they could be worn in a multi-purpose way. They just add a sporty or college-like touch to your look. 
  • Messenger Bags

Messenger bags are a type of cross-body bag, usually with wider and deeper storage space. It is just the perfect baggage for a college or office goer, to contain their important files, documents, and other compact necessities. 
  • Shoulder Bags

A shoulder bag is yet another type of bag, similar to a sling bag, but the sachet or strap is small just to fit around the arm cycle, like a tote. These bags are usually bigger and are spacious enough to contain several goodies. 


Now, the major differences between these bags are:

  • Size:

    Sling bags are generally the smallest kind of bag. The length, width, and height of an ideal sling bag don’t exceed 15 and 25 cm respectively. The size could range from a fist-sized to a travel-sized bag. While sling bags could only contain essential and minimal goods, cross-body bags, shoulder bags, and messenger bags can contain a lot more stuff.
  • Occasion:

    Slings bags could pretty much be worn for every occasion and event, except sports and gym. The soft edge slings are for casual meet-ups and the box-type sling bags for cocktail parties. Meanwhile, messenger bags and shoulder ones are usually for formal or work-related events. However, messenger bags could be a substitute for gym bags too. Cross-body bags can be carried to trips and tours and shoulder bags work well for parties and dates.
  • Variety:

    Sling and shoulder bags come in a wide range of varieties. Clutch sling bags, satchel sling bags, buckled sling bags, shoulder tote bags, baguette bags, hobo bags are a few of their ranges. However, messenger bags are usually uniform.
  • Usage:

    While sling and shoulder bags are usually used by women, messenger bags are used by men and children too. They have a gender-neutral look, making them just right for a college student and office professional.

Now, what are the different types of sling bags?

  • Baguette Bag:

    As the name suggests, this is a type of sling/shoulder bag, whose body is wide, long, and narrow, resembling a French baguette. You might remember Pooh from K3G rocking this type of bag with her purple top and mini skirt and her red palazzo pants. These bags were a real fashion icon back in the 90s, and today it has come back to vogue. It usually comes with a waist-length strap, making it a semi-sling and semi-shoulder bag. Since it has received a grand welcome by today’s trend, this is one type of sling bag you should mandatorily have in your closet. Pair it with your crop tops, high-waisted pants, mini skirts, summer dresses, or even clubwear, to make your outfit 10x stylish.
  • Fringe Bag:

    This is another kind of sling bag, which is made of leather or suede. With its border lined with leather tassels and fringes, this bag would give you a proper beach-like or Boho vibe. This was a signature accessory of the ‘70s which is very well suited for a playful, free-spirit mood today. You could carry it to a beach, concert, or to a casual day out with your friends. Pair it with your Beach dress, Ripped jeans, or casual Kurtis to make a perfect chic appearance. 
  • Bucket Bag:

    As its name suggests, a bucket bag looks like a small bucket made of leather, with a leather string around its opening. This string is pulled and cinched to open and close, which is why it is called a drawstring bag. Its base is usually wide and round-based, which could easily contain your daily need items like makeup, purse, books, and wallet. The best place to take this is to your brunch dates, solo trips, coffee meet-ups, or especially when you have a short day scheduled, like a small weekend getaway trip. 
  • Saddle Bag:

    This is one of the most popular sling bags in today’s trendy world. It is like a classic sling bag, with different types of straps or belts, like metals, chains, leather, quilted, etc. However, its main feature is that it comes with a horseshoe-shaped crossbody bag with a flap cover. Because of its formal appearance, wear this with an office skirt or Indian formals, with light accessories to make your monotonous office routine a bang on!


Pro Tip: Tie your scarf around the handles of sling bags for a perfect Boho look!

If they ever ask you - what is the best sling bag? 

Your instant answer will be - something that is versatile, vibrant, and vital. 

And if someone wants to know - what is a sling backpack?

The answer goes like this - This is worn across the chest or back and has a cross-shoulder style strap.

There are different types of sling bags but you should have a go-to sling bag that is your friend at every party, date, or event.  

Finally, how to choose the best sling bag for your style?

Well, this is a question whose answer depends only on you. Your mood, the purpose, your enthusiasm towards the occasion, how well you want to dress up, and so on. The classic sling bag, a wallet sling bag, a purse bag, a box-type bag (satchel bag), etc. can suit nearly every outfit. Pair it with your dresses, sarees, cholis, and lehengas, clubbing outfits, or even your jeans and casual tee!

List of Sling Bags and Their Usage 

Sling Bags


FloMotif Sling Bag


WavBeach Sling Bag


Space Chakra Sling Bag


Ikat GreRe Sling Bag

Business Trip

Paisley Print Sling Bag

Family Function

Jaipur Fresco Blue Sling Bag

Coffee Meet 

Mughal Art Multicolor Sling Bag

Dinner Party

Multicolor Mandala Print Sling Bag

Brunch Date

Mughal Garden Print Sling Bag

Weekend Getaway

Kovil Blue Sling Bag

Solo Trip


It's never about the sling bags that you're carrying. It's about the impression that they make.

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