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Article: Five Types of Handheld Clutch Bags You Should Know About

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Five Types of Handheld Clutch Bags You Should Know About

Before we get to the details of clutch bags, do you know what are clutch bags?

Clutch bags are hand-held small bags that are classy and sassy. It has a precise shape and size which makes it very easy to carry and can also be styled gorgeously with anything you prefer to wear. Clutch bags are the thing these days, with influencers endorsing them and making them a trend everyone loves to follow. The best features of this bag are that they are hand-held and are small in size, which makes them even more eye-catching and popular among youth and even older people. These clutch purses speak of the style quotient of women more than anything else.

The basic difference between handbags and clutch bags -

Handbags are purses with non-detachable straps and are also bigger in size. Handbags are not so easy to carry when compared to clutch bags. Clutch bags or clutch-type purses have detachable straps and are the best when it comes to carrying something of great value and minimal size. Handbags carry your mini portable world while clutch bags carry your minimal essentials. 

Let's now talk about the different types of clutch bags.


Minaudière bags are essentially metal bags that come in square or oval shape and are used especially to hold cosmetics. Not only cosmetics, but these bags also come with compartments that allow keeping even other items like a watch or maybe keys. It is highly used by make-up enthusiasts which keeps all their things in one place and also gives a classy look like an accessory to carry. The aesthetic that it carries remains unmatched to date. 


This is more like a wallet kind of purse. You can easily differentiate this purse from other clutch bags. A wristlet purse has a distinct feature with it which makes it very unique. There is a wrist strap that has an attached loop to it which makes it so much easier to carry. This loop has its added benefit, that is your hands can be kept easily free while you're still holding your purse. Can we stress on this enough that how convenient it gets when we use a wristlet purse? 


Handheld bags are super attractive to the eyes mostly because of their precise shape and size. These bags have been very desirable by many for a long time now. They can be styled with any kind of outfit and are super easy to carry. They also add a style statement which is like a cherry on the cake.


Pochette is a French word that means pouch or envelope. Pochette bags are mostly shaped like envelopes and are great handbags to carry. These bags come with mainly two options - with a strap or without a strap. Widely popularized by Louis Vuitton, they are now used frequently by fashion bloggers and influencers. 


Boston bags are barrel-shaped leather bags that are bigger as compared to other clutch bags. They have been used while traveling as they have compartments that can easily hold a lot of items together. It has two handles which make it easier to carry on the shoulder. Boston bags are oblong at the bottom  and they are held together by two handles.

All these clutch-type purses are desired by women from all over the world. These bags are undoubtedly great fashion accessories and are also very classy in appearance that adds to the vibe.


  • Style of its own:

Clutch type of purse is very unique in its style, providing comfort and compactness at the same time.

  • Pair it fashionably:

Clutch purses can be paired easily with different attires ranging from sarees to jeans, making it an accessory that can be paired easily in the most hassle-free and trendy way.

  • The classy vibe:

When you carry a clutch purse with formal attire instead of a bulky bag, it automatically adds to the confidence of the person, an unmatched classy vibe to say the least.

  • Effortless look:

Clutch purses have made it to the effortless clan and how! It's the easiest to carry and handle, be it at a party or an office meeting.

Essentials on the go

Clutch purses can easily hold the most important things that we need to carry with us like cash, cards, keys, and phones. 

    Consider the below points to select the right Clutch Bag for yourself -

    • Trendy
    • Functional
    • Compact
    • Stylish
    • Durable
    • Affordable
    • Vegan
    • Long-lasting

    A quick guide to Clutch Bags

    Clutch Bags


    Kovil Blue Chain Wallet

    Coffee Date

    Seashell Motif White Chain Wallet

    Brunch Meet-up

    Morbi Floral Motif Chain Wallet

    Cocktail Party

    Ikat Wave Chain Wallet


    WavBeach Chain Wallet


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