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Article: Different Types of Hobo Bags and Their Benefits - Zouk

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Different Types of Hobo Bags and Their Benefits - Zouk

Bags have evolved through the ages. From a small wrist purse to the large totes, we love them all. Bags are handy accessories that not only are an essential part of clothing, especially female but also a major fashion statement, making your look go from an average 7 to a whopping 10!.

In the multiple types of bags available today, we are gonna present to you everything you need to know about hobo bags. Since this bag variant may be slightly unfamiliar to many, except a few fashion enthusiasts and influencers, they are missing out on elegant, convenient, and chic bags. In this blog, we would answer a few questions like what are hobo bags, types of hobo bags, what does a hobo bag look like, how can women style the perfect hobo bag for themselves, and so on. Happy scrolling!

What is meant by a Hobo Bag?

The word "Hobo" means a homeless person or a wanderer. A hobo bag looks like a piece of cloth tied around one’s shoulder to form an oblong space for a limited number of things. The hobo bag is inspired by this very instance. A hobo bag looks like a sack with a slouchy shape tied around the arms of the wearer. A hobo bag is a shoulder bag that has one strap designed to fit around the arm of the wearer, with its body in a crescent shape. The bag is usually made with soft fabric or leather and has a pliable structure. It is widely preferred because of its utility in containing both small and minimal amounts of things, and its elegance blend with endurance.

Types of Hobo Bags

Although the hobo bag is a whole different type of handbag, it contains many varieties within itself, suited for each style and occasion.

  1. Embroidered Hobo Purse - This type of bag has a vintage look to it, with its body covered with colourful embroidery work. It could be worn for a small party or a casual day out with your jeans and a casual top. Or else it can be worn with plain dresses to get a perfect vibe.

  1. Leather Hobo Bags - This type of Hobo bag is made with soft and vegan leather, with a soft shade like tan or baby pink. It could be a perfect accompaniment for office, college or even a casual journey. Since it can contain several things, it would be a perfect fit for everyday use, along with the great style statement in your daily life. 

  1. Canvas Hobo Bags - These hobo bags are perfect for a party or any celebration. Its plain, yet classy canvas with plaids on its body would be a great choice for middle-aged women and aged women. It would just stand out with a sober saree perfect for social events.

  1. Leather Shoulder Straps Hobo Bags - These are the hobo purses that come with braided leather straps. It could even have metallic locks and closures with the straps. It could be a minimal bag or a large one to contain your outdoor essentials. It has a very elegant touch to it, which would make it a perfect match to carry it to a date night or cocktail party.

  1. Small Hobo Bags - These are minimalistic handbags just like little clutches attached to a strap. Its length would reach your waist or your hip, but not more than that. These bags are very much in vogue these days and could be a great party night addition.

Why are Hobo Bags Popular among women?

Well, just as mentioned before, the hobo bag is a great chic accessory in itself. It can just elevate your look, when you’re wearing not-so-great clothes, to the next level. Varying on your needs and occasion, you could make this a multipurpose bag. Because of its soft body and great design, it is an excellent choice if you prefer your bags to be comfortable. Also, because of its flexible structure, even a small bag could be made spacious to carry all your goods. Larger than clutches and smaller than handbags, hobo bags are the apt size to carry today, tomorrow and every day. 

How to choose the right Hobo Bag for yourself?

A small, embroidered, leather-strapped or metallic strapped hobo purse could be a perfect fit for parties or clubbing, and date nights. It could contain your basic requirements. If you wanna go for a casual journey, beach trip, or a day out, a stylish, long, bohemian hobo bag would be just perfect. Its size, bold colours, and breezy look would best suit your floral outfit. For office purposes, simple and soberly designed hobo bags are preferred. 

Consider the below points to select the right Hobo Bag for yourself -

  • Trendy
  • Functional
  • Spacious
  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Vegan
  • Long-lasting

A quick guide to Hobo Bags

Hobo Bags


Mughal Art Multicolor Hobo Bag

Coffee Date

Royal Indian Peacock Motif Hobo Bag

Brunch Meet-up

Royal Green Mogra Print Hobo Bag

Cocktail Party

Morbi Floral Motif Hobo Bag


Mughal Garden Print Hobo Bag


Take, if you must, this little hobo bag of boho dreams. Unzip the closure, and they will wrap you round!

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