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Article: Types of Women's Handbags to Carry With Ethnic Wears

Types of Women's Handbags to Carry With Ethnic Wears

We have a ton of accessories, and bags related to our western outfits. Be it for formal, party, or casual, when it comes to ethnic events, we always fall short of these. On a festival day when you’re wearing an ethnic outfit, traditional bags for ladies is like added beauty for their overall look. Even holding that simple traditional purse can add to your look in ways you cannot imagine. So, here’s a list of ethnic bags you must have in your wardrobe to rock the Indian traditional aesthetic.

The classic clutch

I don’t even think I needed to mention this one, because I’m sure this is one thing we all have in our closet. And if you don’t what are you waiting for? Traditional clutch bags are a must-have in your traditional bag collection. It is versatile, it can carry all your basic essentials and most importantly it looks extremely stylish and elegant. Colors like golden, silver or embroidered pieces would be investments that you definitely won’t regret.

Swing that sling!

On days when you don’t want to be constantly carrying something in your hand or you wanna just eat or dance, you can’t always be worried about your bag, traditional sling bags become your best friend. You can hang it on the side, wear it like a cross bag or juggle between both sometimes. Sling bags are also more spacious and can carry more things than just your mobile phone, lipstick, and cash. So, when you want to carry that extra something and still wanna look glamorous sling or traditional side bags are something you should always have.

Tote bag

For all my girls who cannot manage without carrying the entire universe in their bags, traditional tote bags have to be your go-to. No matter how glamorous and stylish a designer clutch would look, some of us need to carry more than 3 things in our bags, and who said big bags have to be boring? A classic Mughal motif and you’ll look effortlessly ethnic function ready and for when you wanna glam up your look you can always pull out that blingy clutch on yours!

Potla bag

Old is gold! we have seen our grandma and other elderly ladies at wedding ceremonies or other grand occasions carrying their potla bags in their hands. But now that we’re going back to our roots, looking for inspiration from our old tradition and culture, Potlas are back in trend. Be it Bollywood divas and other known celebrities, potli bags have marked their presence in the fashion world and has turned out to be a crowd favorite. In fact, these should have a sacred spot in your heavy collection of traditional bags. A nice shiny sequin potla bag with heavy work paired with your favorite saree and chandbalis uff! What a diva you’d look like.

Handcrafted piece

A bag that is intricate, detailed, and handcrafted is a statement in itself. Ethnic prints and designs have a beauty of their own. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a small, party bag or a glammed-up bag. It can sometimes just be a traditional backpack for when you’re feeling a little indie and boho, you can just throw on that simple kurta, jhumkas and carry your backpack to college feeling like the ethnic princess that you are!

The everyday handbag

For all my ladies who wear traditional to work, it could be as simple as a salvar kurta suit having traditional handbags or two should be a no-brainer. You don’t want to carry that boring black/beige leather bag when you can have fun and throw on your favorite indie bag. Here are a few traditional handbags for ladies that love experimenting with color prints and styles.

Ethnic wallets

Last but definitely not the least, If you have a traditional handbag, backpack, and clutch then why not have ethnic wallets? There are days you just want to carry your mobile phone and wallet in your hand and sometimes you need to take a break from work so you pick your wallet up and get going keeping your bag at the desk. So, go ahead! invest in a cute traditional wallet as you don’t want to kill your Indian aesthetic this festive season carrying a super boring wallet when you’re looking all dressed up and pretty.

Whatever the event may be, if you’re wearing Indian you gotta have the right bag to carry with you because you know even the simplest of things can make or break your look when it comes to fashion!

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