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Article: Choose the Right Handbag for Your Body

Choose the Right Handbag for Your Body

Oftentimes you buy your favourite bags because you love them so much but when we actually go out with them, we end up not liking them that much, sometimes the pictures don’t look flattering or you think you look fatter or thinner with them, but at the same time when someone else holds that bag, it looks extremely flattering on them. Well, as much as we tend to overthink about how we’re looking, a lot of times you’re not entirely wrong. The shape of the bag plays very importantly in how you look with it overall. When it compliments your body type, it adds to your flattering features but when it is not in the best shape for your body type, it might look very boring and even unflattering at times. This is why choosing the right bag for your body is extremely crucial when you wanna look your best. Don’t worry here’s your favourite ‘how to choose a bag for your body type guidelines' list.

Small/Petite women

If you belong to the tiny girl gang and even the smallest size in the store feels oversized. You belong to this category. Going for a bulky bag will look overwhelming on your frame and make you look even smaller. Hence, you should go for something that’s smaller and makes your torso appear tall because bags that go below your waist will again make you look shorter which is not what we want. So, ideally, a medium-length sling bag would look the most flattering on you, giving you the illusion of height and curves.

Tall and thin women

If you’re tall and skinny then going for short and small bags will make you look even taller. So the best bag style would be anything that isn’t very structured or boxy. Go for something more relaxed, slouchy, something that would take the shape of your body, this will give you the illusion of curves and movement. Selecting a not very rigid tote bag, something that has to do with bold colours and prints would be the ideal bag type for tall and thin women.

Rectangle-shaped women

When the width of your shoulder and waist align with your hips you fall into the rectangle shape category. This body type is commonly known as the athletic body type and we all love an athletic body, don’t we? Always go for bags that aren’t very structured but flowy and have a natural curvature to them as they won’t give in to your boxy body frame. Avoid bags that go below your waist down to your hips as they tend to take the attention away from your upper body and drag it down below. An irregular hobo bag or tote bag would be best for a body type like this.

Apple shaped women

The apple-shaped woman has a larger bust and waist with round shoulders and a less defined waist, people don’t generally consider this the most flattering body type, but if you know how to dress well and how to choose the handbag according to your body type, nothing in the world can stop you from looking stunning. So what you wanna do is remove the emphasis on the middle part to create the illusion of a smaller waist. For that choose structured handle bags for yourself, not very rigid maybe even an oversized bag. Avoid using long cross-body bags or shoulder straps as they force strong lines on your gentle silhouette. Also, very small bags are a no go as they make you appear bigger than you really are.

Pear-shaped women

When you’re smaller from your shoulder and chest and broader from your waist and lips you fall into the pear category. What you wanna do is not drive a lot of attention to your lower half. So, bags below the waist are definitely a no-go. A duffle bag or a handbag that is up to your chest would be optimum as it would add definition to your upper half and make your overall body shape look flattering. Another bonus bag tip for you pear girls would be a nice waist fanny pack, this would enhance and make your waist appear smaller while at the same time taking away the attention from the other parts.

Inverted triangle-shaped women

An inverted triangle shape is exactly the opposite of a pear-shaped body. You’re thicker on the top and smaller on the bottom. Hence, you follow exactly the opposite of that of a pear-shaped girl. Look for sling bags that go below your waist up to your hips as it will add some structure to your lower half, and strictly avoid short shoulder bags as that would make you appear fatter than you actually are.

Hourglass shaped

If your shoulders and hips are about the same size, and you have a small and defined waist, you have a curvy, or hourglass, figure. Isn’t this a crowd favourite already!! Almost everything compliments your body. But the best option for you would be something that has a lot of structure or geometry to it. Doesn’t matter whether big or small it could be either. You can go for a structured rectangular handbag or tote bag or even a hobo bag the choice is yours! Just avoid bags that are a little too slouchy or take the shape of your body as that would make you appear slightly bulkier than you would like.

Look my teenage girls and all you working women, there is no hard and fast rule to follow while you’re shopping for your favourite bag, these are just tips that can make your better features look more flattering and make you look more presentable. And at the end of the day, all that really matters is the confidence that you carry with you. So, if you like it wear it. Doesn’t matter if anyone else likes it or not. After all, Beyonce rightly said “who run the world? GIRLS!”

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